Resort at Pembroke Pines Apartments
11801 Pembroke Rd
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025
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John Sirus
2 months ago
This place is a joke. Just stay away from this dumpster. Management has no professionalism. I am disgusted by everyone in the Leasing Office. They are ALL rude except for Diego. Don't get used to the smiles and manners when you're signing the contract because literally after that, you're on your own. Maintenance is horrible. They don't speak English. You're left to guess what they're saying and on top of that, they do a half a$$ job. One told me he would come back because he had to get something from the golf cart and never did. I literally saw him drive off. All you can expect from them is to ride around the neighborhood racing like little kids and blocking traffic because they love to linger around in the corners talking. I have been calling for over a month now because I need a simple light bulb replacement and I have yet to receive an answer. They have this system where as soon as you call, the recording says that all representatives are busy attending other customers. LOL. They can't even hire someone to answer the phone calls so you're left to hope that someone responds to your voice mail. There's always kids and teens on the streets at night screaming and running and disturbing the neighborhood. I'm surprised their parents let them out after midnight, beyond irresponsible. This "Valet Waste" service is ironically garbage. They only pick up small garbage bags. The rest, you're supposed walk 15 minutes to the containers right by the entrance and throw it there. The large containers house rats, ants and cockroaches, disgusting! I'm not surprised there's always garbage by where the smaller containers used to be. Who in their right mind is going to walk half a mile to throw out garbage? Also, this Valet service hires teens who leave the garbage cans you're supposed to bring inside on the floor, so even more ants make it home, yay. I guess the pest control people (who show up only when you call) spray water or something because ants and cockroaches still get in my house even though I vacuum everyday and leave no food outside. Lastly, lawn services cut the grass once a month, that's it. Don't be fooled by the pictures or models of the apartments. This place needs class. The management needs to fire their employees or go ruin some other community. I mean, you have been warned. If you don't belive me, read the other reviews (March 2015.)
Kim Davis
5 months ago
New Management is horrible trash everywhere, valet comes and leaves trash, I feel very unsafe. If your are a person that loves peace, quiet and tranquility, don't move here it is horrible. I have experienced an attempted robbery and a lack of caring management to take care of issues in a timely manner. If your are a person with character beware.
Elicia Sacharow
8 months ago
The new management is HORRIBLE. They've enacted a bunch of ridiculous changes like valet trash service that only comes 5 nights a week, is no bigger than your kitchen trash can, you're expected to bring the can INSIDE YOUR HOUSE, the trash doesn't always get picked up, and oh yeah---as told by the front desk, if you have to get rid of trash on one of the two nights they don't pick up, you should "put it on your roof and drive it to the compactor" (yeah, someone in the main office really said that to me). We weren't even informed of this! But more importantly, my car is not a trash vehicle. I am NOT going to put it on my roof and go over speed bumps. I WILL walk it to a dumpster...that you took away. This is DISGUSTING. Trash should be kept in DUMPSTERS, not NEXT TO YOUR DOOR. Way to not speak to your residents or give a s***. Furthermore, when I've called and written to complain, you get spoken over and are given ludicrous suggestions (see above). They take down your information, promise to call or email back, and don't follow through. Typical from this crappy management. Good luck getting maintenance out too---it took four calls to get someone out to fix my ice machine because I was blown off (they said a dog was loose---yeah, sure, IN HER CRATE, but the didn't bother checking). If it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, I would leave this place due to the management alone because in all honesty, I do like the size of the apartment and the location. We were happy here until the new management came along. The rates are low because no one running the place cares.
DJ Luna
6 months ago
11/1/14 Arium Resort has put in place a garbage concierge service where they pick up the trash from your front door everyday. To this end they have removed all large garbage containers from the grounds. This new system which was forced on all tenants has only led to smelly hallways filled with ant and roaches. People who obviously don't care about the service, leave trash bags on the ground where the containers used to be. Now cats, mice and squirrels spend all day ripping bags and spreading garbage all over the parking lot. Sincerely, A Tenant
Prakash Patel
a year ago
Current new management is crap, JUST WANT TO REMIND THAT YOU WILL BE CHARGED for huge amount of money as damage when you leave your apartment, so pls be prepare for it. I was staying in this community for more than 4 yr. And I have changed couple of units. When I moved out on 31st Dec 2013 from this community after handing over over my apartment in very clean status. But this new apartment management have charged me $600 as carpet damage where I was staying more than 26 month. I cant believe this they have done even after keeping my carpet so clean. It seems it has became habit for them to charge amount no matter how much you keep your carpet clean. This is ridiculous, I have called the management to discuss but no one is ready to discuss and returning my call. Such an unprofessional behavior they have. Also I came to know that they have charged damaged to three of my friends as well. SO RENT THIS APARTMENT on your own RISK..
Willy Gonzalez
2 years ago
A NIGHTMARE for 2 YEARS.. 3 months before i moved out.. Had my toilet over flow randomly in master bedroom,enough water to soak-up rug in room called maintenance they were clueless n lazy.. Just cleaned it, did not bother much trying to figure out what caused it, next day my whole master bedroom was flooded with urine and feces water. Maintenance supervisor admits all they had to do is run a snake and this could have been avoided.. Now i have my whole place up/side down cuz they have to put new carpet and it smells like HELL. I had also told the guy i saw water coming out from bottom of bowl he said there was no way...Guess what right now they are fixing the rim at the BOTTOM OF BOWL. This could have been avoided but they have a bunch of un-experienced scum working here.. The gate to get in n out of complex always broken. To get in theres always people with to card to get in blocking so theres always lines to get in. Numerous robberies. Loud music in parking lot at like 12 or 1 am.. Appliances constantly breaking. Water pressure/heater in bathrooms are a constant problem. Maintenance people are careless and have no experience.. I have told office i don't want them in my apartment when im not home and i have had them walk in on me.. They have all kinds of fees all they care about is $$$ Water bill ridiculously high.. This place is no Resort. This is a NIGHTMARE.
Edge Goodrich
3 years ago
FULL OF CRIME. You will be robbed. Hopefully they just break into your car and not your house, but there is no guarantee that they won't do both. The place is GHETTO, with people hanging out in parking lot at all hours of the day and night. Management does not care about you once you sign the lease, they have your money and complaning about things does not matter to them. The amenities suck as well.
Daniel Mitchell
2 years ago
This place will nickel and dime you to death with fees. Each vehicle= $50 for a parking pass. Trash= $20 a month. Gym= $100 per key (seriously, what apartment complex charges for the gym???). And my on the ground floor= $10 or $15 bucks more a month! And when it came time to renew my lease..they wanted $100 more a month. Goodbye and good riddance!! Also, if you come to look at the model apartments insist to follow the path a little further and check out the normal apartments beyond. You'll notice that the perfect landscaping, manicured hedges, new mulching, and flower beds end as soon as you are out of sight of the model apartment units. Everything else is left to pretty much grow wild and the mulch is neglected until it turns to dust. About the only landscaping they do is to mow the grass once a month. It is pretty flagrant bait-and-switch tactics. Beware!!!
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