11801 Pembroke Rd
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025
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Jessica Rizzi
3 weeks ago
I am a current resident here who moved in last May. I have tried to get in contact with the leasing office (which by the way is an over the top office space with about 5 leasing rep desks who NEVER answer the phone) for almost a week because they are trying to charge me "Cable Collections" when we pay cable through a 3rd party vendor and we are timely with our bill. Their website doesn't allow you to do partial payment which is extremely inconvenient. I should have guessed when signing the lease and my leasing agent very rarely followed up or did anything she said she would (i.e. let us know about the rug flooring, send us a welcome package by a certain date, send us an electronic copy of our leasing agreement etc.). Our leasing agent didn't even have the right keys to our new apartment at move in. RUN AWAY!!!! The rent price may not be a bad deal but if there are cockroaches in a newly moved in apartment, drain pipes busted and flooding the parking lot, and a lack of commitment to customer service (they do not answer the phone or e-mail)... it is not worth it. Once my lease is up, I am out of here.
Mariella Aldave
a month ago
Do not move in! This place is not worth the money or your time. The leasing center people are rude and obnoxious.. They are not helpful at all, never answer calls or emails and if you go in person they treat you badly!! is awful.. The place is always dirty, parking lot full of garbage, "green areas" are nasty full of trash everywhere. Lots of police movement inside the condominium .. The other day I was walking with my kids to pick up the mail and the police was arresting a guy in front of us, not mentioning the shootings and fights in the pool!!! Very ghetto and unsafe!!! I can wait to get out of this place!! They sell you one thing and at the end it's all a lie... Starting with the pricing.. They offered us an apartment for $1350 and two days later rent was $1465! Then they charge us for "trash" and they don't even pick it up daily .. We end up paying $1550 per month for a place that is worth maybe $1000! the worst place to live in!! DO NOT MOVE TO ARIUM RESORT!!! IT SUCKS
Lysander Martorell
in the last week
Been here over a year now and cannot complain. Get to come home to some beautiful grounds surrounded by palm trees, jogging trails and quiet neighbors. Close to everything, including one of the best parks in South Florida right up the street. Any time i have an issue i call it in and it gets taken care of fast. Wish they had a guard at the back gate too but security is visible enough to add some peace of mind.
Christopher Nordone
2 months ago
The buildings and living conditions aren't bad, but trying to get something done through the office can be a real pain. They are unresponsive by email, they never answer the phones, and don't give you all the information you need at once so you usually have to follow up with them multiple times. Security is becoming a big issue at this place, people are always sneaking past the security gates or breaking them down so they can enter. Security is barely available once it's dark out, especially at the entrance gate where its actually needed to prevent people from sneaking in. And don't forget about the shootings, within the last few weeks there have been two fatal shootings within the community. No idea why rent is so high, it definitely is not going towards keeping the place safe.
David Simeon Dixon
2 months ago
Place is a joke. Do not bother calling because no one EVER answers the phone. They do not respond to customer service emails either. The only way to get help is to come in the office and RAISE HELL. The actual living experience here was beneath satisfactory. The rooms look nice, but everything is made cheaply and will break if you stare at it too hard. The neighborhoods are full of trash bags because they removed trash cans. You pay a lot for nothing here. The washer and dryer units are tiny and ducks from the nearby pond crap everywhere and ruin plants. My biggest issue is how the idiots in the office sent my refund check to the wrong address and MONTHS later they still have not sent me a new check after calling everyday and emailing weekly. They've done this to other people as well, I hear. I will be taking legal action very soon, so I can get my money. Do not stay here.
Samira Monteiro
a month ago
This is the worse placed I've ever lived it. Let's see where to begin. No security. Trash outside poor grounds, pool is dirty I'm afraid to walk to and from my car at night. The apartment finishings are cheap everything breaks all the time not to mention the rent being too high for this,crap. My lease expired no one from the office contacted me to renew. But they sent me an extra $300 a month fee for a month to month basis. Horrible I can't wait to move out in a few weeks. Lots of crime also. Two people murdered in the past 2 months stay away from this place
Fresh figure
4 months ago
I wouldn't let even my dog rent from this apartment. Total craphole. I left their apartment in pristine order on move out. Had 3 weeks left on my lease and took that time to clean it. Yet they still tacked on charges for carpet damages and moisture clean up. Bunch of crooks. I asked for a walkthru which they said no need for one and refused me one. I wish we could all join together and do a class action lawsuit against them. No wonder they have to keep changing names.
Susan Agudelo
2 months ago
Let's just say this place is horrible. We should sue for false advertisement because this place has absolutely nothing luxurious about it. Rent went up a ridiculous price. For what?? Please explain because I'm lost. There's roaches, spiders, maintenance is horrible, the place looks like a low income development... And yes, I can't even use my bathroom with out worrying if it's going to overflow. I've had maintenance come and "fix" the problem and nothing gets resolved. They have no clue what they're doing. And just to get them into your house or a hold of anyone is nearly impossible. And let's talk about the pool area. DISGUSTING! Walls are gross, food in pool, kiddie pool.... Oh my goodness, the water is green.... BEWARE. This place is a dump.
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