Park At Briarcliff
1491 Druid Valley Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
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Danielle Canterbury
2 years ago
I've lived here for nearly a year, and I will not be renewing. Management does not care about residents. Management hung up on me when I called to report that the water had been cut off during my shower this morning. Previous issues include: They gave us less than 24 hours notice of water pressure washing and then pressure washed over our outside belongings at 8:30 AM before we had time to move them, ruining our decorations. They routinely "upgrade" by replacing windows, spraying with pesticides, etc and leave notes on the door instructing us to move our furniture, food items, etc, with very little notice. (Way less than 7 days, which I feel would be acceptable) This is a huge problem for folks who travel because they only communicate by leaving notes on residents' doors. I'm just done. They pretend to care with fake responses to online reviews, but they never correct the problems. Very corrupt.
Evelyn Burttram
3 years ago
I have lived in the Park at Briarcliff for about a week now. My husband and I moved here from Birmingham for a job at Emory University. You cannot beat the space for the price- this was the only 2 bedroom apartment in the area within our budget! The Emory and Marta shuttles run right out of the lakeside entrance so I take the shuttle to work every morning (we are also one of the early stops, so you always get on the shuttle before it gets crowded). When we first moved in we have some cobweb spiders, but my husband sprayed the outside of the apartment (we are basement level) and the inside for bugs and we have yet to see any more. Saw one baby roach the first night but no more as of yet. The apartments are old, I blew the kitchen circuit by running the coffee pot and the microwave at the same time but my husband flipped the breaker and it was all good. The walls are a little thin and we can hear our neighbors upstairs walking around but we run a fan in our master bedroom at night so that we are less likely to hear them at night. I like the dog run, I can take my dog out there to use the bathroom and they keep bags out there for you to pick up the poop (some people ignore this, but what do you expect... some people are not as considerate as others). The pool has been open with people out there every time I pass it, but I have never used it. I also see people using the gym, but I have not (it looks fairly small, but adequate for the amount of people I see using it). I have not used the laundry facilities yet, but will update once I do. Unbeatable price per square foot of space, but may take some maintenance on your part (keeping the place clean, sprayed for bugs and little odds and ends- like knowing where your breaker box is located).
Sheena Brown
3 years ago
Warning: DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!! This is the worst community in Atlanta. Roach infestation, apartment floods, maintenance is horrible, water comes out brown very often, gates never work, walls are paper thin. Please save yourself a lot of time and stress and dont even consider.
Mike Kohlmeier
a year ago
Just full of roaches and rat's and management does nothing about it grounds are dirty and not kept up
A Google User
4 years ago
terrible experience. the apartments are old and not appropriately cared for. very low budget. also, the management will try to charge you fees when you move out that you don't owe. for example, my roommate and i submitted written notice that we would not be renewing our lease 60 days prior to the end of our lease, and a year later on my credit report is a collections from the complex for a few damages, a cancellation fee of $1500, and a month's worth of rent! i've had the same cell number for years, and i was never once contacted. i lived in a disgusting apartment for a year, and i'm still dealing with the b.s. don't move in.
A Google User
5 years ago
Worst community I've ever lived... Be advise, it is 40 years old complex... It is somewhat cheap but is not appropriate place to live because you MUST deal with roaches, spiders... It has a lake which is cause of disease and insects. If you're not convinced, not a problem : Welcome to mexican community!!!!!!
A Google User
6 years ago
0 ratings...(-F) Please don't make mistake like me..i moved out 3 and half months ago and still couldn't retrieve my deposit yet. Leasing office runs by two bitches on the front desk. They will literally insult you for nothing and on top of it the attitude. When my wife was pregnant I called management office to fix my heating system. No one showed up. So many incidents....Its just not the right place for anyone unless they fire everyone in the leasing office and hire new ones.
A Google User
5 years ago
This place is very very bad. The customer service is horrible. They are nice before you sign up but once you do, you are in for a ride to hell. They really are ruthless people. They will say anything to get you in and then treat you like crap. There's always weired people walking around. The so called security gates are never working so they're always open. I have been here about a month and I am already looking for another place. Look around..there are so many places nearby.
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