Abberly Green Apartment Homes
117 Abberly Green Blvd
Mooresville, NC 28117
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D Libs
4 months ago
Worse Year I've ever spent in an apartment. They will be so nice to you when your interested in the apartment and as soon as you sign the contract they treat you like garbage. I had to deal with black mold the entire time in the bathroom on the walls and in the shower, my dog never had seizures ever and he had two during the time I lived there. The person above us would be extremely loud during the night that we called the office and as I said before, as soon as you sign that contract you no longer matter to them so they said I needed to call the cops and have a report filed. I did this 3 times and within the contract it says that if a tenant has a noise complaint filed against them more than three times can be subject to eviction. Well following what the front office said by filing these complaints they did nothing. So 11 months in my wife and I moved out and terminated our lease early. We had the whole place professional cleaned and everything was perfect which I have the receipts to prove yet they harassed me for 2 weeks asking for money for a new carpet and paint. Please, please as someone who has a heart do not rent from here it is not worth it at all I promise you will regret it and I am saying this so maybe I can prevent what happened to my family to another family. This is a horrible place and do not be swindled by there so called deals or anything they try to say to captivate you into signing because they only care about their commission
3 months ago
I moved into the complex after a couple friends from school asked me to. We lived in a middle apartment with noisy upstairs and annoying downstairs. we literally couldnt luagh out loud on a saturday night without them coming up and complaining we were being too loud yet could hear thier duaghter crying at 2am on week nights yet we didnt complain. When out lease was up they said me and a friend could renew our lease after we expressed our displeasure with treatment by the community. They did say however that our third roommate could not due to complaints against the apartment from before we moved in. As Veterans we valued our brotherhood bond so we all told them we declined. After that everyplace we went to rent from were told by Abberly Green that we had been evicted and had numerous complaints against us personally. Which was complete BS. This is not the first i have heard about this place doing this to people that refuse to renew at the inflated price. If you want a nice place to live try Talbert Woods Apts they have been awesome to us and work with thier tenants when issues arise unlike Abberly Green(basically ignored or complained when our water heater went out they tried to make us pay for fualty equipment).
Carol Wilfong
11 months ago
We are very happy with apartment. We want to thanks all the ladies In leasing office for all their help. We never seen Abberly green till the truck brought us here. We hope to enjoy a few good years here.
Arun Sidhan
a year ago
I Stayed in this community for almost 2.5 years until my job took me to a different city . Abberly Green sets really high standards and its is not easy to match . The apartments are big and spacious, the community and the amenities is very well maintained . The staff is very friendly and courteous and knows most of the residents by name...
Moriah Marion
a year ago
It is not so bad it has its flaws but for the most part it's really good
a year ago
My home
Mlc">A Google User
6 years ago
Started staying here since month & have already started loving it, facilities and neighbourhood is amazing. Love this place as it's best apartment just next to my work place.
Von Tilley
a year ago
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