Autumn Chase Apartments
3717 Piermont Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46227
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Destenee Dickason
5 months ago
My boyfriend and I have been here about amonth now and so far we've really enjoying it. i love the location because It's so close to Walmart, the mall, the new cosco, and two different fitness gyms. The layouts aren't the most spacious you could find but they're very nice quality for the price. All apartments have the washer dryer hookup which is great! The water bill is a flat fee each month based on how many bedrooms you have so it doesn't fluctuate each month Since it's not warm enough yet, the pool isn't open but there's also a tennis court and beach volleyball court which is where I'll spend many of my summer days. So far I really love it here and don't have many complaints except for the occasional low flying loud plane. There's a small airport nearby but this doesn't happen often and it's nothing the complex can fix. I recommend it to everyone!
Eric G
4 months ago
Quiet, clean well lit at night and just minutes from Greenwood Pk Mall. Quick access to 65 and 465.
Michelle Spencer
a year ago
It's your typical apartment, nice layout of the 2 bed 2 bath. The things they don't tell you is that there are tons of ducks/geese in the ponds. They have had multiple break ins and did not notify their tenants. My place was broken into and it took 3 weeks to replace my door that was damaged. I was excited to move into this place, but was way more excited to leave.
devon barnes
a year ago
Rude office workers.
A Google User
5 years ago
We have been at autumn Chase a year now and have signed another lease. Only reason we will move is when we have our home built. If its not next year, we're moving into one of the 2 bedroom floor plans. I love it here.... Office staff and maintenance are very knowledgeable and friendly. The amenities are great and its a very safe place. The location is PERFECT... very convenient yet nestled within neighborhoods and away from Tue just streets of greenwood. I love it here. Not leaving anytime soon.
A Google User
6 years ago
Ive been looking for an apartment for 2 months now in the greenwood area. Ive looked everywhere and I do mean everywhere. There were a few that I liked but none that I loved. One was always missing something that I needed in my home. Then I came here..... They have everything! They have a playground(Ihave two children), TWO garden tubs, walk in closets with the organizers already in them,patios,storage, and most of all I FELT SAFE HERE. So I am signing my lease this weekend and I will keep you updated! I hope that this helps you with your search for your home!
Mark Cantrell
a month ago
Caleb Drake
4 months ago
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