The Hamilton at Turman Farms
4375 US-51
Horn Lake, MS 38637
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Aubrey Greer
2 months ago
Definitely not the worst place to live. But also, definitely not "luxury". The people they let live here are questionable, to say the least. It makes you wonder if the approval process involves throwing a dart at a board with words "yes" and "no" scribbled on it. My neighbors are loud, rude, and dirty. The manager doesn't care. Our floors were uneven and had to be repaired twice. Cigarette butts litter our breezeway. The gym is rarely cleaned or stocked with sanitizing wipes. The trash compactor has been broken so many times over the last few years the time it was out of service is actually measured in weeks. My neighbors moved out and didn't pay their rent, so the cops stapled a court order to their door (which was covered in vomit). My neighbors smoked pot on the street behind our building. And it goes on and on. All of which I reported. And for demanding what was promised to me in my lease they asked me to leave. Mind you, I've paid this place $52,000 over the last 5 years in rent. So come on down to the Hamilton, where you can live next to trash and pay a heap of money for the pleasure.
Evan Wiley
6 months ago
The Hamilton places the almighty dollar over the safety and well being of it's tenants! The apartment I moved into was to have floor work completed before I was to move in. That work was not completed, and I moved into my apartment. Shortly after moving in, I noticed soft spots and dips in the floor. I immediately notified the staff and they communicated that work would be completed ASAP. 21/2 months later, and after an unacceptable number of visits to the office, they finally sent a contractor out to fix the floor. What he found was shocking-- missing joists, cracks, and most alarmingly, large holes in the sub-floor. One high-traffic area of my living room was held by nothing more than the carpet and prayers! The contractor had to fix a 6x2 area just to make the floor structurally sound. I am horrified by the failure to react to a BIG issue within my apartment, and I question what other issues the staff may be hiding "underneath the floorboards."
Chris Leigh
7 months ago
There is nothing luxury about this place. Been here 10 months now...... The sink has spray hose, no ceiling fans, thin ceilings (and no consideration about putting 25+ lb dogs above someone, and the sinks, tub, etc are from a hotel fire sale or something. Just like the ones you find in a less expensive hotel...... The practice green is carpet........
David Justus
a month ago
@ Aubrey Get over yourself. Spoiled b****.
memphis dank
9 months ago
lived here for two years. quality of people who they let in is disturbing. car break ins and home invasions are starting to happen on a regular basis! turning into the hood. look somewhere else for peaceful living!
7 months ago
Just got here. Ok so far.
Nelson Acosta
2 years ago
Is a great place to live. Staff is awesome
Brandon Coleman
3 months ago
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