Westchase Apartments
3810 Metro Pkwy
Fort Myers, FL 33916
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Joel Santiago Valentin
a year ago
I was curious living there at first, I decided what the heck let me try it out, after they have told me this place is very safe to live. Once I sign the contract for my first free month promo, and ready to live my first night in this nice apartment look inside, I realized this is the worse place to live. Because one guy got shot in our front of my apartment. As I'm moving away I saw people selling drug, couple gang group and prostitute woman asking me if i wanted some uhhh. as i'm moving really? This not a Place for people who have family.
Monee Ellane
2 years ago
I have lived here. I must say if you are looking for something to lower your bills go here. You barely need to open any lights in your house because there is so much natural light coming into the windows. The view is nice and the area is well kept. HOWEVER! Be ware when you get there of the MAGICAL fees that pop out of no where. When I first moved there they showed me the fitness rooms and laundry rooms and pool with no problem. They failed to tell me I would have to pay a certain amount to have a key to access these rooms in order to have 24/7 access. Security wise? Good, but please tell someone what they will have to pay before they even sign the lease. Children walk and run around these apartments alot. The walls are thin. So if you plan to move here with a lot of children this is not a good idea people will complain. The place seems quiet. However there are people who smoke a lot and sometimes you will smell the scent. Walk around yourself and talk to someone whose lived there to get the info about the apartment. Some of the information they give you is misleading.
Evelyn Collazo
2 years ago
Not a safe place to live. It is a ghetto. Lots of drugs and addicts. A man was killed 7 months ago.
Minin Escalante-Torres
a year ago
The Apts Need Improvement .. 2 Old Inside More Than 14 Years; This Kitchen & Bath Cabinets Need To Change .. Nice Place To Live ...
Tiffany Wheelen
4 years ago
You get what you paid for. Apartment was okay for the area. Some people would play their music loud while driving during the night but again its the city....
ivelisse Rodriguez
2 years ago
Nasty guetto and trashy tons of people smoking weed and snoring cocaine not a safe place where to live or visit..
A Google User
3 years ago
Very bad I live in building 7 someone got shot on first floor under steps , kids run wild with no supervision, loud music at all times of day and night, a lot of hations, and thugs , think there's prostitutes towards front of apt , lots of drug dealers can find any drug of choice.
Aixa Ramos
a year ago
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