Country Lake Apartments
East, 335 Woodlake Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
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Austin Gines
a month ago
I have lived here for almost two years and have enjoyed it! Great community and great neighbors! The office staff is always so nice and helpful with whatever needed, the maintenance upkeep is great too! In the time I've been here I haven't experienced any sort of problem with my apartment either! Very clean.
Tyler Riggs
3 weeks ago
We just moved in recently excited for this place at first. It has the potential to be an awesome 5 star apartment complex but I'm sad to say that it's not meeting that potential right now. The staff seems to not care at all. I have called in 4 times about the cigarette odor in our apartment and they have yet to do anything. Doesn't seem like they did a very good job cleaning it. The duck pond is a great idea, but it's so full of duck crap and mold that rather than being peaceful it's just disgusting and rarely gets cleaned... they need to get a filter for it. The gazebo that hoverhangs the pond needs work... theres a bench bolted to the floor that is in shambles and just asking for an injury should anybody ever try to sit in it. A major reason for choosing this place was because it is a gated community, but we have lived here for 3 months and the gate has never been functional. The parking situation sucks if you have more than one vehicle, but I guess there's not much they can do about that due to lack of space. Many of the air conditioning units are ill maintained and extremely loud. The maintenance crew does do a good job of coming in and fixing something if it goes wrong, if you're lucky enough to get a hold of them after 50+ calls have gone to voicemail. But that just makes them a repair crew... they're not actually maintaining any of the property, such as the lawn, pond, air conditioning units, etc. What's the point in having a maintenance crew if the only thing they do is fix stuff AFTER it's broken, rather than maintain it to prevent everything from going to crap?
a month ago
I have lived here for almost a year, and the people who work in the office are amazing! They are so friendly and go out of their way to make sure you are happy! The only things that really bother me is parking, and there are a ton of spiders no matter how many times you spray they are everywhere! I also wish the owner would replace the carpet in our apartment or get the hard floors! They were horrible when we moved in and they really need to be done. But, I actually really enjoy living here as well as the location is great! I would definitely recommend my friends here!
frustrated customer
3 weeks ago
This complex recently decided to remove all of the dumpsters from the complex, but one (which remains locked and can only be accessed by the trash pickup company). This sounds great, but in reality it isn't. There aren't enough dog waste receptacles throughout the property and they aren't emptied often enough, so now that there are no dumpsters everyone puts their dog feces in a garbage can in front of their front door to rot in the sun all day and build up a nice stink bringing more pests and unpleasant smells. The company that picks up the trash sucks. They require you to use their small receptacle to hold your trash. They won't take things over 25 lbs. If your bag leaks, they won't take it, they photograph it and fine you and now you have no way to actually take care of it yourself. "Trashy" apartment complex forcing it's residents to be even more "trashy". I can only imagine what guests think walking up flights of stairs seeing bag after bag of trash. This is only the latest on a long list of reasons as to why I'm disappointed and embarrassed to have to call such a place home. There isn't enough parking. There are constantly police in the general area of the complex because the whole surrounding area is ghetto. The local gas stations are crawling with hookers and drug deals. Their gate is always broken, and when they do fix it 90% of the residents without any disregard drive through the exit. I can't even explain the absurd number of near accidents I have seen entering this place. There was actually a time where someone wasn't fast enough and hit the gate head on as it started to close. Rent is constantly going up and quickly reaching similar costs of some of the much better surrounding areas a little further East. Renters beware, I suggest you start your search elsewhere.
Cee Gorman
a month ago
I lived here a few months ago and I absolutely would not recommend to anyone I know. When I first moved in they had given me a deposit amount plus rent which is pretty normal except when I moved out they said the deposit I paid wasn't a deposit it was a fee. So I lost out on $250 for move- in costs. They said this was mentioned during me signing my contract which it was not. Had this have been emphasized I would have kept looking. I cleaned up the apartment before I left and still ended up with a fee of over $600. Maintenance seems to take care of things asap except for when I complained about the lights walking down the stairs were all out... My four year old son fell down because it was dark walking down. I informed staff in Dec and I moved out in April and this was still not taken care of. Also something needs to be done with parking because it always full and if you park where you aren't supposed to be they will tow or put a boot on your car real quick. Cars are constantly being towed away. When someone was parked in my paid for parking space I was given a sticker so "I" can put a sticker on that person's car. This was outrageous to me because why would I do it?... you are Apartment Managers for a reason. The staff who is helping is always changing and I don't know why they have such high turnover, but the only familiar face I always see is the guy (I think his name is Skyler) He does try his hardest and was always friendly and handled issues asap. This place has pretty bad reviews I strongly suggest looking at reviews before moving into a place and this place's reviews say it all. This is my first bad review I have done on any place of business, but I felt very strongly about writing a review about my experience here.
Courtney Muir
2 months ago
Communication between the office staff and maintenance can be sketchy. But once maintenance gets any issues, it's done in a reasonable time frame and done well. The supposed security gate has been broken for a few months now, so most cars just drive in the wrong side with the open gate and don't bother with the passcode or key. *Edited to add, the day after I posted this review, the gate was fixed. It has now been working about 4 of the 6 months we've lived here so far. Laundry on site requires paying $10 for a card from the complex, and refilling it through them. We choose to go to a different offsite laundry instead. Mail is nice, Fedex and UPS will either deliver to your door, or leave it at the office. No having to chase them down. The mailroom has decent hours, and is available through a key. It shares a space with the laundry room. The complex is pretty decent, and the location is convenient. It's a quick 5 minute drive to the nearest Trax station, and downtown is easily accessed from this location. The library is very close, and this neighborhood can take advantage of both the County library system and the Salt Lake library system. gThe neighbors are fairly quiet which is great. There are a lot of dog owners here. And some of them are good, some of them are not good. I noticed a lot of the dog owners did not pick up after their dogs in the winter with the snow. But I don't expect the complex to be able to control people, so I don't hold that against them. I don't find the duck pond to be a swamp. It's a pond and ducks live there. The ducks keep the mosquito and other insect populations down. They are friendly. The green space in the complex is nice, and the playground is fenced in which is a huge plus!
Elvera Gifford
5 months ago
I absolutely love this place.... I work in customer service and know peole only leave comments when they have a bad experience. I would like to say that the staff here is amazing. I have developed actual criendships with the maintenance and office manager. I can see why there are so many people who have lived here for 15 plus years. All my neighbors are happy and have no complaints. And the master bedroom closet is amazing. Its the only apartment I have ever found that has enough space for all my clothes.
Kyle Miller
3 months ago
This place was great, the neighbors were friendly, the place was well kept and everything was hunky-dory... until AMC took over. Soon after, the place went to trash. Maintanence is a joke. One of the men us a heavy drinker and has been spotted stealing stuff from apartments before selling it. I don't know if this has been brought to the attention of the management staff, but it will when my family moves out. However I don't think this would be effective because the management staff just doesn't care, and they're renting to anyone, and I mean ANYONE, which is why the place is full of drug dealers and criminals. The police visit on a regular basis and we've even been paid a visit from the SWAT team on various occasions, from a fatal shooting to a live grenade being found within the complex. Safe community my ass. The security gate is there for no reason because it doesn't even close all the way! There were 3-day notices being crammed down our throats due to damages they never came and fixed or rent that was "never paid fully". This place is a real beauty gone to waste and I wouldn't recommend you looking into it.
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