Country Lake Apartments
335 E 4050 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
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Kylee Bennett
2 weeks ago
Love how spacious the apartment is. management is a joke.... We've had more maintenance issues then anywhere else & nothing is ever fixed properly. Everything they replace or try to fix (tub/stove/garbage disposal/dishwasher) is only replaced with another broken appliance or done very poorly. Very disappointed... Hopefully things change if management cares.
Raul Cuevas
2 months ago
Shady place to live. My neighbor has been robbed twice already. Staff has been nice until the end of the lease. They tried lying to the new apartment complex we applied to saying that we still had another 6 months on the lease. Had to show the new complex my lease agreement showing it was going to end this month. Have had a leaky faucet since day one has not been fixed. If you do decide to move take plenty of pictures because I'm sure they'll try to screw you out of your deposit.
Mister Larson
in the last week
DO NOT RENT HERE!! They used bait and switch on my son. Showed him a model that was great and quoted him a price but wouldn't let them see the actual apartment until they moved in. It was dirty, the cabinet doors were coming off. The floor plan was different AND it was going to be $200 more than they had been told. We packed up the truck and left!
Keisha Jones
3 months ago
Not a good family place.... My neighbors have the police called at least once a week. A lady had a gun pointed at her head.... Drug dealers and crack head everywhere.... They have no let anyone move in. I have lived in the projects in another state and i would rather stay there. The rent is too high... mgmt and rent office is rude and they dont care what is happening... I wouldnt move back here if my life depended on it
Chuck H
3 months ago
Have been in better.. When we signed our lease we had been scrounging for an apt ASAP, and at the time it was one of the few complexes that wasn't owned by AMC. So, less than a year later AMC comes in and takes over, and then the complex goes further down the drain. Only reason we stayed as long as we have is b/c we want our next move to be our LAST one (into a real house instead of a small 2 bedroom place like we have now) Also, watch your step when walking around; they have several rules for the dogs that I have never seen enforced regarding leashes and "landmines " that seem to be all over. I will say that the office and maintenance people are very friendly, but I get the impression that the main reason they work in the office is so the complex owner wouldn't have to hear how mad some people get over their actions (for example, while they are repaving the streets and parking areas without even worrying about where anyone can park at)
Sky B
5 months ago
Though I dislike writing negative reviews, I feel like a warning is prudent with this place. We were about to move in to these apartments based on how pretty it was at first glance and how very kind the female receptionist Autumn was to us. However after a few days, close reading of the previous reviews, and the very unprofessional behavior of the male receptionist Skyler, we have decided to stay away from this place. I'm of the firm opinion that no matter how you feel about a situation or a customer, you're getting payed to act mild as milk and very cooperative and to do your utmost to make your customer feel welcome even if they're declining. They will not refund your down payment to hold an apartment if it's after three days, and they're quite vocal about it when you try. While I do appreciate the good attitude of Autumn and it does seem like they're putting effort into cleaning up the community, I cannot recommend this place at this time. I have hope that things will be better and more professional in a year or so however, so it's a fifty fifty for you if you decide to live here.
Jimmy Hansen
8 months ago
I hate this complex, they charge a rate that seems good but when you see how crappy it is you will regret being here. I just went out side and leaned on the railing, guess what? It broke and I almost fell. I was told that it would be fixed when I moved in but nope, all lies to SELL you. Don't believe me then rent it and see what happens lol. I was a fool, are you too?
Tiffany Smith
8 months ago
We lived here 5 years ago. It was somewhat normal then, but the new tenants they were letting in were not the sort of people you want anywhere near your kids, home, car, self. They let anyone rent, but never check to see if the nice single person renting a 2 bedroom is the only one living there. There was a whole gang that moved in that way. Just after we moved out a woman was beaten in the back lot by the 2 secluded buildings to the south east. She ran to my friend's apartment and they let her in and called the police. Over the next week they received constant threats from her attackers and they were forced to move for safety. The two buildings that are secluded attract a lot of theft and break-ins. My friend surprised a burglar in the middle of the day and had a fight with him. Management did nothing. Wouldn't even let them out of their contract.
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