Country Lake Apartments
335 Woodlake Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84107
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Courtney Muir
in the last week
Communication between the office staff and maintenance can be sketchy. But once maintenance gets any issues, it's done in a reasonable time frame and done well. The supposed security gate has been broken for a few months now, so most cars just drive in the wrong side with the open gate and don't bother with the passcode or key. *Edited to add, the day after I posted this review, the gate was fixed. It has now been working about 4 of the 6 months we've lived here so far. Laundry on site requires paying $10 for a card from the complex, and refilling it through them. We choose to go to a different offsite laundry instead. Mail is nice, Fedex and UPS will either deliver to your door, or leave it at the office. No having to chase them down. The mailroom has decent hours, and is available through a key. It shares a space with the laundry room. The complex is pretty decent, and the location is convenient. It's a quick 5 minute drive to the nearest Trax station, and downtown is easily accessed from this location. The library is very close, and this neighborhood can take advantage of both the County library system and the Salt Lake library system. gThe neighbors are fairly quiet which is great. There are a lot of dog owners here. And some of them are good, some of them are not good. I noticed a lot of the dog owners did not pick up after their dogs in the winter with the snow. But I don't expect the complex to be able to control people, so I don't hold that against them. I don't find the duck pond to be a swamp. It's a pond and ducks live there. The ducks keep the mosquito and other insect populations down. They are friendly. The green space in the complex is nice, and the playground is fenced in which is a huge plus!
Elvera Gifford
3 months ago
I absolutely love this place.... I work in customer service and know peole only leave comments when they have a bad experience. I would like to say that the staff here is amazing. I have developed actual criendships with the maintenance and office manager. I can see why there are so many people who have lived here for 15 plus years. All my neighbors are happy and have no complaints. And the master bedroom closet is amazing. Its the only apartment I have ever found that has enough space for all my clothes.
Kyle Miller
a month ago
This place was great, the neighbors were friendly, the place was well kept and everything was hunky-dory... until AMC took over. Soon after, the place went to trash. Maintanence is a joke. One of the men us a heavy drinker and has been spotted stealing stuff from apartments before selling it. I don't know if this has been brought to the attention of the management staff, but it will when my family moves out. However I don't think this would be effective because the management staff just doesn't care, and they're renting to anyone, and I mean ANYONE, which is why the place is full of drug dealers and criminals. The police visit on a regular basis and we've even been paid a visit from the SWAT team on various occasions, from a fatal shooting to a live grenade being found within the complex. Safe community my ass. The security gate is there for no reason because it doesn't even close all the way! There were 3-day notices being crammed down our throats due to damages they never came and fixed or rent that was "never paid fully". This place is a real beauty gone to waste and I wouldn't recommend you looking into it.
Cee Gorman
2 months ago
I lived here a few months ago and I absolutely would not recommend to anyone I know. When I first moved in they had given me a deposit amount plus rent which is pretty normal except when I moved out they said the deposit I paid wasn't a deposit it was a fee. So I lost out on $250 for move- in costs. They said this was mentioned during me signing my contract which it was not. Had this have been emphasized I would have kept looking. I cleaned up the apartment before I left and still ended up with a fee of over $600. Maintenance seems to take care of things asap except for when I complained about the lights walking down the stairs were all out... My four year old son fell down because it was dark walking down. I informed staff in Dec and I moved out in April and this was still not taken care of. Also something needs to be done with parking because it always full and if you park where you aren't supposed to be they will tow or put a boot on your car real quick. Cars are constantly being towed away. When someone was parked in my paid for parking space I was given a sticker so "I" can put a sticker on that person's car. This was outrageous to me because why would I do it?... you are Apartment Managers for a reason. The staff who is helping is always changing and I don't know why they have such high turnover, but the only familiar face I always see is the guy (I think his name is Skyler) He does try his hardest and was always friendly and handled issues asap. This place has pretty bad reviews I strongly suggest looking at reviews before moving into a place and this place's reviews say it all. This is my first bad review I have done on any place of business, but I felt very strongly about writing a review about my experience here.
Rebecka Jeffs
2 months ago
I'm so sad about my apartment. I'm trying to have a positive attitude about it & I can usually always pull something good from a bad situation, but from the day I moved in I've been sad & have felt defeated. Little things like being fee'd for everything including parking, being charged for insurance even though I told them twice I already had it, the quality of the apartment vs the one I was shown. To really BIG things, like having forensics at my building the second week of living here, to domestic disputes & men driving around with bullet proof vests last night. I don't want to let my kids out of the apartment. I haven't lived her for a month and I'm ready to move. :/
Taetum Koncar
3 months ago
We were shown a "model" apartment with the same floor plan and were told that we would be getting the updated model with new stainless steel appliances as well as updated cabinets and countertops. We were rushed into signing our lease agreement and the receptionist told us that the model was exactly the same as our apartment, so we shouldn't worry. Stupidly, we agreed. Our apartment had spray-painted white cabinets, spray-painted black counter tops and all white ancient appliances. When we raised concern, we were told that our apartment was not in the updated tier and that we weren't paying for that nice of a place. (When we really were.) My boyfriend and I lived there for 3 years and honestly don't know why we stayed as long as we did. The management that was there when we first moved in was absolutely awful. The managers were fired/quit twice while we lived there. It was a rare occurrence when we actually had a member of the staff treat us with kindness and respect. We placed multiple maintenance requests that were never done. We asked to be sprayed for spiders and ants on multiple occasions and it was never done, especially when a crack in our wall brought in hundreds of ants that we had to take care of ourselves. During our first summer, our air conditioner broke, we paid a horrendous power bill ($275.00 for a 2 bedroom apartment), but were promised that it was completely replaced with a new model. The following summer, it broke again. When I submitted another maintenance request, they told me that it must be me "overusing it", but that they would send someone to check it out. 2 days passed, nothing. I called the management and was told that they had no record of my phone call or maintenance request. I had to have my dad call in the following day and he was also told that they had no records of my multiple phone calls and they had no idea what I was talking about. When someone finally came by to fix the unit, they told me that it needed to be replaced as it was one of the oldest units in the complex. (Funny, considering it was "replaced" the year prior) I was also told I would get reimbursed for my electric bill and it took three months to get my money back. The parking is horrible! You are given one covered stall and access to their open spots, but would end up parking across the complex because they were all taken. We had other people park in our covered stall regularly and management wouldn't do anything about it, even when we gave them license plate numbers. We were forced to pay monthly for "Valet Waste", which is essentially an excuse to be lazy and leave your garbage outside of your door for someone to pick up. When I asked if I could opt out of that, they told me it was mandatory. What kind of complimentary service (that isn't free) is mandatory? Police are constantly there arresting people for drug use, trespassing, etc. Our next door neighbors regularly dealt drugs outside of their apartment and on their balcony. People would always be in the pool after hours, be really loud and obnoxious and would end up having to be broken up by police. There were many times that I feared for my safety just walking to my car in the early mornings. You are charged for "Common Area" gas/electric/water, essentially paying for the lights to be on in the laundry room/mail room as well as their rental office. Such a joke! You will be charged a horrendous bill when you leave for things that you shouldn't have been charged for. Even if you take pictures and are detailed on the "damage" sheet when you move in, you will get charged for everything. There were maybe one or two dents in our walls after we left and we were charged $150.00 for paint and spackle. We were charged for a set of blinds that were broken when we moved in. I just bit the bullet and paid it because I knew that the fight wouldn't be worth it. My advice, do not live here if you want a pleasant place to live.
Crystal Wells
4 months ago
DO NOT RENT HERE. This place is nothing but a bunch of scam artists. We moved in from out of state, sight unseen, and were told that we would be getting the apartment from the picture, hardword floors and updated. Our apartment when we arrived had carpet and was complete trash. Not only that, there was dried up food still on the kitchen floor - they never even cleaned the apartment. But this was just the beginning. We had several things breaking constantly including the AC in the summer which went a week without fixing and the heat in the winter which went 3 weeks without fixing, making our apartment uninhabitable. We always paid our rent on time and never caused any problems, despite new ridiculous and random charges being added to our rent every month. When we moved out we cleaned our apartment spotless and when we asked what company to use for carpet cleaning, they said they would do it for $60 and not to bother because they would be remodeling the apartment anyways. Little did we know they would try to remodel it on OUR dime! We received a bill in the mail for $1200 including $860 to REPLACE carpet that was perfectly fine and they were going to change to hardwood anyways and $200 for PAINT when we never so much as put up a poster with tape. This place is a JOKE and they WILL rip you off and take advantage!
Rosey Rincon
4 months ago
Lmao I love the bad comments they r halarious I'm only rating this 5 bc my friend works here n he's very nice. The reason he sometimes takes a long time is bc he has other thing to do lik help other ppl that asked first so wait ur turn .now back to the bad comments they made me laugh really hard probably bc it's not that bad sure bad stuff happens here but it happens every were n ppl barely come out I say it's a really quite neighborhood well exept in the summer bc the kids go to the pool but they r not that noisy they can be but that's bc they r kids no one's kid ever is quite all the time. All in all its a good place to live
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