Country Lake Apartments
335 E 4050 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
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Candy lynn
a month ago
We are taking this place to court due to their hidden and erroneous fees. They will do everything possible to keep your deposit, and charge you on top of that. We have pics showing the place immaculate when we moved out. Then when you call they "attorney" the receptionist says you can have papers served there. You can't. They will tell the constable no. Then he has to find the representing agency. They don't want to answer for their actions. Rude staff, duck pond is actually a duck swamp. Absolutely the most horrible, shady, manipulative, scandalous management company that I have ever dealt with. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only people who give good reviews either just moved in or worked there (look at the review for CJ Oetinger) she was the front person in the office until last year. She noted herself as being awesome not knowing it records your google name for these reviews, lololololololol. Truth.
D Chan
a month ago
MUST READ!!!!! This apartment complex has the shadiest people working for them. I wouldn't recommend living here even to my worst enemy. There's so many things wrong with this place I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll start with the most absurd and outrageous thing. Upon moving out I received a bill for nearly $300 in "cleaning costs" for moving out. After months of back and fourth phone calls for trying to get the receipts and proof of payment for all these "services" turns out they upped my bill to over $500. $500 to move out?!?! I have never heard of such an outrageous out fee in my life! I left this place cleaner than when I moved in. This bill consisted of the following: $120 for partial paint.. and by partial they mean they repainted the whole apartment even though there was absolutely no need. $65 unit cleaning fee, I called a professional cleaning service and said they would charge around $30 for a job like that. $35 carpet shampoo. $280 for turf/patio damage. Now here's the thing, the patio was damaged before I moved in and also there is normal wear and tear from the weather. Basically they are going to rip you off anyway they can and redo the whole apartment at your cost. Also it being a "gated" community you think you would feel safe right? Wrong. The gates were broken about 90% of the time and also the police basically lived there. Yes there was even a resident shot and killed in one of the buildings. The laundry facility is a joke. Half of the machines are broken while the other half that are working are so dirty and disgusting your clothes will probably come out even more dirty than they are going in. Their duck pond looks like a swamp the water is so thick and dirty you can't even see anything in it, a couple of times I've seen dead ducks floating in there which I am not surprised since it's so dirty. The dog park is more like a few patches of grass and poop everywhere you try and step, not only is there crap all over in the dog park but all over the property anyway. The pool is always filled with duck feather and duck feces as well as it is never heated so it is freezing cold even in the summer time. The walls and floors are so thin you can hear everything that is being said around you. They charge you an extra $25 a month for "valet waste" where they come pick up your trash outside of your door, which half the time they didn't even come. There are dumpsters located very closely to each building, I would much rather take my own garbage out but there is no way of getting around that cost. They also charge an extra fee for your parking spot which in every other apartment I have asked, it is no extra fee. Dogs barking all the time people yelling or blasting music, there is never any peace and quiet. The maintenance consists of basically one guy who never even finishes the job. Also for the "emergency maintenance" the guy lives on the property yet it took him 3 hours to get back to me when I have my toilet flooding because there was a malfunction in the shut off valve. You would think the people who work here actually have a heart and would like to try and help their residents out and try and do whats best for them, but they are just shady and will do anything to rip you off. Oh another thing, after receiving the recipes of all these services they had done, I called those businesses and asked them about the charges and they responded with they are not allowed to talk to me about them, because the apartment management forbid them to. Obviously they are trying to hide something. On one of the receipts they sent me it showed the cleaning costs for other units that had been done that week which was a total of TWELVE move outs in one week! That's a big red flag right there. I filed a complaint against them with the BBB (better business Bureau) and of course they didn't respond. EVERYONE READING THIS SHOULD FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THEM WITH THE BBB!! let's give them the bad rep they deserve. Oh and their 'attorney' they have is just as shady and dirty as they are. Stay away!
Taetum Koncar
2 months ago
My boyfriend and I lived there for 3 years and honestly don't know why we stayed as long as we did. The management that was there when we first moved in was absolutely awful. The managers were fired/quit twice while we lived there. We placed multiple maintenance requests that were never done. We asked to be sprayed for spiders and ants on multiple occasions and it was never done. During our first summer, our air conditioner broke, we paid a horrendous power bill, but were promised that it was completely replaced with a new model. The following summer, it broke again. When I asked about it, they told me that it must be me "overusing it", but that they would send someone to check it out. 2 days passed, nothing. Called again and was told that I had never called in. I then had my dad call in the following day, just to have them tell him that I had never called in to explain my issue. The parking is horrible, I would get off work and have to park across the complex. We were forced to pay monthly for "Valet Waste", which is essentially an excuse to be lazy and leave your garbage outside of your door for someone to pick up. When I asked if I could opt out of that, they told me it was mandatory. What kind of complimentary service (that isn't free) is mandatory? Police are constantly there arresting people for drug use, trespassing, etc. You are charged for "Common Area" gas/electric/water, essentially paying for the lights to be on in the laundry room/mail room as well as their rental office. Such a joke! You will be charged a horrendous bill when you leave for things that you shouldn't have been charged for. My advice, do not live here if you want a pleasant place to live.
Sarah Languein
2 months ago
I recently lived in these apartments and loved it! The people in the office are great! It was nice to be able to talk to them on a personal level and know they care. Also I was impressed with how quickly the maintenance took care of the few issues I had, I have never had that at any other apartments I have lived at. If you are look I recommend this location!
Sara Marshall
2 months ago
I just moved out of these apartments. The staff was so great and helpful to me when I was going through a difficult time. They have been so flexible and easy to work with. My apartment was big and had nice flooring (So much easier to clean than carpet!) Whenever I had a problem maintenance would come out same or next day. Everyone here is so friendly and they always had dog treats for my dog when we visited the office. I can't think of one unpleasant experience in the almost year I was here. Even in the hectic change of management, the new office people were so professional and willing to help. When my friends are looking for apartments I always refer them to Country Lake. The only complaint I have was the gate sometimes would not shut at night like it was supposed to which would take a few days for it to be fixed.
Dogar Flores
2 months ago
1. extremely noisy aprt. 2. police arresting people all the time 3. old apt 4. the pond stinks and there is duck shit everywhere 5. extremely bad customer service. they like you to wait to make a payment. 6.the model apt is nice but yours will look entirely different. it will never be as nice. Conclusion is that country Lake are NOT an option to consider when choosing apt. Remember, here you will get what you are paying for. Good luck if you decide to live here.
Lindsey Mathis
a month ago
This place will take you for every cent you have! Its a terrible place to live and the management is awful! Don't move here. I hate hate hate HATE this place!
Jared Davis
5 months ago
The entire apartments are made to believe that they're a lot nicer than they actually are. Our first month moving in we had somebody break into our rented garage in broad day light. They have it gated, but it obviously still didn't stop somebody from breaking into our garage in broad day light. From there we were made to believe tons of misguided information. The marble counter tops were simply just painted with spray paint to give it a "marble" look. The hardwood floors are a fake hardwood and linoleum type substance that's suppose to imitate wood. Poorly made drapers occupy all of the apartments and if any of those pieces fall down they simply just repair it with some scotch tape and put the same failed drapery piece back up only to have it fall off again in the future. Overall these apartments are a bit nicer than most of the apartments in this area, have an awesome dog park and pool, but there are a few things that could be done to make them as nice as they are originally presented.
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