The Waves Apartments
9000 NW 9th St
Plantation, FL 33324
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Jon Holden
a month ago
This is by far the worst apartment complex I've ever lived in. The property manager, Autumn Bernal is totally useless and the same goes for the assistant manager who just looks at you with a blank stare. The office staff changes constantly. You can put in a work order and nobody ever shows up, you can send Autumn 20 emails and she doesn't respond to any of your emails. The grounds only look nice in front of the leasing office. The rest of the complex looks terrible. Do yourself a huge favor and prevent yourself from major headaches and move to a different complex. I thank the lord we are moving out of this dump in 17 days. I'm counting the minutes!!!!!! If you do come here to check out this property go around and ask people who live here about the useless manager, Autumn and most everyone will tell you the same things I'm telling you in this review. Good Luck
diana degitz
2 years ago
We have lived here 3 months. We really like the friendly staff and how well the grounds are kept.The only suggestion i have is 3 to 5 days a week there are Alot of people that Do Not live here and i have watched them come in the afternoon with several others and swim and take showers and change clothes then leave on foot and some in cars. These people are young and very loud and cuss horrilble to the point of my family having to leave. I have a big problem with this since we pay to have these luxuries and they do not. I would suggest you put a lock of some kind that only people that reside here have to scan a card or something that will onlyl let us in and not them. I realize they would jump the fence but maybe if personel could ever see this they could make them leave,or after hrs someone needs to care enough about this situation to c that it stops. Please look into this for it is a problem and it matters to us that pay to enjoy all the things this complex offers. They do not belong here,and our grandchildren came to c us this week an we had to leave due to the vulgarity and loud yelling and we didnt appreciate this at all. Plz look into this i beg u. Thank you,
Nadine Reid
a year ago
The manager at waves will try her hardest not to give u back your deposit, and they will also charge you for Re-Grouting and it does not matter how long you live there .... the rent is VERY HIGH!!!! for a place that does not security and not much to it, the closets has MOLDS and the windows has leaks....
Johnny Wolfe
2 years ago
Regular apartments.
A Google User
3 years ago
Im currently having a huge problem with mold. When I reported it, two hrs later they sent painters to simply paint over the mold. Ive had work done for a leak three times in one room! Getting ready to hire a lawyer. Mold and leaks! And VERY high rent!!!!
Sasanga Amaratunga
a week ago
Josh LaRue
2 weeks ago
Suleymi Ostolaza
a year ago
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