The Waves Apartment Homes
9000 NW 9th St
Plantation, FL 33324
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Bryan Vargas
a month ago
I wish I could give zero stars. I currently live here and I am slowly awaiting my lease to be up so I could bolt out of here. The AC in my unit is constantly breaking I had to buy a room ac just to sleep at night. The management staff are so rude they never want to help. And you can call and leave messages until late your face turns blue. Please don't rent here!!
Yanira Vargas
a month ago
AC has not been working properly since 7/5, they stopped by to check on it and left us a note to inform us that they will be back on 7/13 with a contractor. Mean time we are calling to see if there is any way they can come sooner because the temp outside is 100 degrees and it unbearable to be inside the house and they can't answer the phone. We've been calling for hours and no one answers. This place sucks!!!!!!!! Can't wait for my lease to be up.
Luciano Melendrez Barcelo
a week ago
I lived there for 5 months and I can't complain in any way. Neighbors are quite and respectful, the management is quick to solve any issues. The apartments are pricey, yet I do believe is worth it.
Sateesh Velaga
3 months ago
We had very bad experiences living in this society for 1 year mainly rats problem which is horrible and suffered for long time, no proper maintainance of house premises like grass cutting due to which u can see all kind of lizards...with kids it makes much more difficult....another big prob wall looks sick after sometime....and after completion of each year u should be prepare to change house even if u want to live in the same society due to sudden Increment of price for which they offer low price for the same like apt... Kind of torturing people I say who live there...worst apts simply
lauren marguerite
6 months ago
If you're looking for a beautiful apartment in Plantation and you're considering living at The Waves... One word of advice... RUN THE OTHER WAY. The Leasing staff, office, maintenance team are USELESS. Not to mention, they violate Fair Housing Laws in which case I will be complaining to the BBB. I work in the business and I've never been so disgusted with the way these people treat prospects and residents. How they have a job or get through life is beyond me. ZRS management has some nice properties, you'd figure they'd have a staff to match. Nope! Additionally, if you're looking for a nice, clean apartment upon moving in, you won't get it here. Roaches, mold, and an unsanitary apartment is what you'll get. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.
Pavithra Moorthy
4 months ago
If there is a zero star I would rate this that way. Been living here for almost 9 months. The day I stepped into the apartment I saw a big hole /gap between the dishwasher and kitchen cabinet and behind the stove, here in a cat or a different can easily crawl in n come. was looking scary. after many follow ups they closed it half way n not fully. I hav had cockroaches problems, n now rats. They caught 7 rats from my house..n again I asked them to close all the holes n they did that with one foam which wil solidify in a few min. Thought the rat problems were solved after that as I didn't see any rats . one day morn, mY kitchen was stinking. Some dead rat or some other horrible smell. When I raised a complaint, as usual , their temporary solution, they came with one room freshner. Now the room freshner smell and rat smell combined n giving a horrible smell. The supervisor was giving advice that it's cos of me keeping my windows open. If I close it, i wont be able to stand in the kitchen. And he said that unless they bring the whole kitchen down tgey cannot see or find the reason for the smell. Still wondering why do i pay so much n live in this wonderful place. I have had even millipedes crawling into my house. But management says thwy are harmless. I have a two yr old daughter at home. Don't know when she wil be curious to find out about more insects. The rent they now quote for even single bedroom houses are exorbitant. Wonder why would ppl move in here, its not even a proper gated community. Unless u follow up regularly, u won't get any work done, even if u pay rent on the 1st of every month.
Rajarshi Roy
3 months ago
AC not working since last 2 hrs.. Called up emergency maintenance.. Room temp now is 82F.. Surprised to hear "HEAT" is an emergency service not "AC".. Are you kidding? We are in florida not in Minneapolis..Paying premium price for such an awful service..
tomy mishali
5 months ago
Can't get any worse then this place. Not worth a penny living there just so u don't have to deal with the leasing office. Every year they jack up ur prices or tell u to move to a different apartment which is the same one for cheaper just cuz they know u will agree to stay and not deal with moving again. If u actually end up living there don't bather calling them for anything cuz it won't get done!!! Wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy
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