The Crossings Apartments
1414 Eastport Dr
Grand Rapids, MI 49508
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Kelsey LaCelle
a month ago
It pains me to write this review but I'm so apaulled at the lack of professionalism of the office staff at this place. I WILL never live nor pay rent to a company who has such blatant disregard for what I would consider the bare minimum of customer service when inquiring about leasing. The woman I spoke with on the phone, Erica, single handledly made the decision for me to not rent an apartment in this complex. Sorry for the PSA but sheesh, if they don't hire/train their employees to be the least bit helpful/kind/PROFFESIONAL, I'd hate to see what the apartments are actually like. (Also, it should be known it was not an option to give zero stars).
Theresa Rigoni
7 months ago
Took 4 times to say my moon window had a leak when it rained allowing a lot of water to drip on the inside. (That's the structural crew). Between 7-10p (prime time I know) in the winter, I take cold showers because there is never enough hot water. The maintenance crew is awesome and work long hours to try to fix everything they can from small stuff (needing a screw) to the big stuff (appliances). Jason is super knowledgeable and has great customer service.
Jenny MacDonald
a year ago
My fiance and I are very happy with our time spent at the Crossings this past year. The staff has always been amazingly helpful; even when I accidentally broke my key off in my mailbox on a weekend! We have a single bed end (expanded layout) apartment and the amount of room is perfect for us. The walk-in closet and washer/dryer in the units were the biggest selling points for me here. Some reviews complain about security and I agree there is none, but that is because you don't need it! All parking lots and stairwells are well lit and the complex is in a nice neighborhood. I only have two complaints about the Crossings. The first is the massive amount of geese. Any complex with several man-made lakes is bound to have some geese. What bothered me was that we were told upon signing our contract that we weren't allowed to feed the ducks/geese because the Crossings pays to have them removed. That was a flat out lie. Unless their version of "removal" is to allow them to fly south for the winter, they have done nothing. The geese occasionally cause traffic back-ups when crossing the street but the most annoying issue is that they poop on everything!!! We can't even use our walk out ground level patio and surrounding grass area because it is covered in goose poop. Sidewalks are also littered with goose poop. As an adult I can get over walking around it, but I would have been really mad if I moved here with children and the only outside area designated for play was covered in animal feces. Second complaint about the Crossings, and essentially the reason we are moving, is that they don't allow dogs. Cats only. Other than those two things I would still recommend the Crossings to adults without children.
Robert M Worth Jr
a year ago
I've been here 18 years in the same apartment location. Wonderful. While I'm not liking the winters, this management keeps the walks clean multiple times a day for the handicap who live here as well as for others. They are always maintaining something either painting, new roofing, high speed deck washes, cracked windows, torn screens, whatever needs fixing it gets done promptly. Even removing those huge icicles which form in the winter months. Grounds always are manicured giving the look of a country club setting yet the cost to live here is quite reasonable. Many social security recipients live in the complex and thus receive a nice discount which helps greatly.
Becky Broersma
2 years ago
Super happy living at The Crossings! I rent a top floor apartment and it is nice and quiet (of course you will hear some noise now and again, expect that living in an apartment complex... but really, it is not bad at all living on the top floor!!) and the space is just great! Spacious rooms with big closets with great built-ins, tons of natural light, super clean upon move-in and they do an awesome job keeping up with snow removal. (Winter of 2013-2014.... TONS of snow this winter and they are on top of it!) Office staff is great... the office manager Rebecca is super nice to work with. The added bonus of having your own washer and dryer and heat included is the icing on the cake here.
Lorraine Woodward
a year ago
I have lived here for six years now. Washer/dryer right in the apartment is awesome; staff is relatively responsive; pool is a plus, clubhouse is really nice and renting it (the clubhouse, that is) is affordable. I should say also that the Internet choices are awful. Their internal Internet is unreliable (think "unplug and reboot" a few times a week), and AT&T will send you invitations to sign up for Uverse even though the phone wiring in most of the apartments is not equipped for it. The AT&T DSL was good when I had it, but I'm reluctant to go back to it because I know they (AT&T) are going to start investing less in DSL as they push Uverse. They are always tweaking the rules and the leasing terms. You can't get much better at this price, mainly because of the washer/dryer and the location. However, the price keeps creeping up...
Justin Jewell
2 years ago
We have been living at the Crossings Apartments for four months now. The staff has been pleasant and always takes care of any issues/questions ASAP. We enjoy living here. The scenery is beautiful and it's surprisingly quiet, even though it's an apartment complex and our apartment is right next to the highway. The only downfall is the internet. It can be slow and gets disconnected several times a week (you are required to use their internet). Overall, so far so good! Cannot find anywhere better for this price.
Jamison Russell
2 weeks ago
Very friendly!
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