Carlton Arms of Bradenton
5200 Riverfront Dr
Bradenton, FL 34208
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Ryan Yockel
a month ago
The staff at Carlton Arms is very accessible and approachable to the needs of any tenant. The maintenance is when it comes to repairs that are needed in the apartment are done in a timely manner, and is only needed for minor things such as a air filter change.
a month ago
The apartments are nice, and the property is gorgeous and excellently maintained. It is a very quiet, lovely place to live. What really makes CAB stand out is its first rate staff. I am always treated with professionalism and warmth whenever I speak to the office staff. They've hired great and friendly maintenance staff here too. They often see me carrying heavy boxes to my car and offer to give me a lift on their golf cart. On the rare occasion something does not go quite right the CAB staff goes well above and beyond what my expectations had hoped for to address the issue. There is plenty of parking and the river front pool is amazing. In short, I give them 5 stars and they've earned every one. I hope I never leave.
Beth Carpenter
in the last week
I had a relative live at a Carlton Arms apartment complex and that is what got me interested in the location. Ever since I started living at the Bradenton location I have absolutely loved it. It is a wonderful place to live and I recommend anyone I know to come here if they are looking for a new place to live.
Weda Gonzalez
3 months ago
absolutely love it here. everyone here is so nice. we have a beautiful view of the manatee river. looking forward to july 4th fireworks on the river. property always well maintained. all the staff is always so nice and helpful pretty much all the staff has worked here a long time. that says alot! we pretty much gave up the thought of buying a house. cause living here sets higher standards for a house. cant leave the view. getting ready to renew our lease and plan on staying a long long time.
Laura Morton
3 weeks ago
I have been a resident here at Carlton Arms for nine years now, I've been here this long because of how comfortable I feel in this location. I truly feel at home.
Jenna Greene
3 months ago
The landscaping is amazing and they really take good care of the area. The staff is great and everything is handled so quickly and efficiently. All the staff are so excellent I have not had an issues.
Mickey Bennet
2 months ago
Wonderful place to live. Surprisingly very affordable and the front office is the nicest group of ladies ever.
Marylin Dublin
10 months ago
I am very satisfied with everything at Carlton Arms Bradenton. I have lived here for a years now and I am still very happy here. I love that they keep the community clean. Everything is always kept in good condition, I have had no issues. I love it here. The staff is friendly too, it is nice that when I need something they are here to help me, I never have to wait for things to be done and I really appreciate that.
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