Carlton Arms of Bradenton
5200 Riverfront Dr
Bradenton, FL 34208
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Eric Donawick
a month ago
The buildings are old and you will have workers in your home weekly fixing their issues. They will also charge you an arm and a leg upon move out as they replace the carpet and charge you for it once you leave. The management changed at least 3 times of my stay there and the place is falling apart. Cops were outside my place weekly as well for all the domestic issues caused by tenants.
Denny Cortes
a month ago
Very comfortable. Staff is friendly and respectful. Clean and well organized apartments. I could retire here.
Magdette Gonzalez
2 months ago
This is my first year at Carlton Arms. It is a quiet neighborhood, nice landscape, beautiful views. I had and issue with the a/c, but it was and old unit, so they installed a new one. My only concern is the laundry facilities, sometimes are more machines out of service and the ones in service, some residents didn't pick up their clothes, making the rest of us wait. The staff is really friendly and I'm very satisfied living at CAB. 🌻
2 months ago
My family and I have had an issue with the AC every single summer for the past five years... The AC stops working every single time it gets warm. We complain to the complex every six months or so, but they only put Freon in it and call it quits. Two years ago they made an attempt to fix it, climbed into the attic, couldn't find a problem, and call it quits. They REFUSE to take my family seriously with the AC problem that we complain about every single year. Also, one of the works also will stare me down, asked me where I lived, and for my phone number. Overall wouldn't live here because the maintenance workers refuse to take your problems seriously, and some of the workers are plain out creepy.
Janet Vossburg
3 months ago
Quiet and peaceful place. The laundry rooms are in need of a redo. Cable through Bright House has been a nightmare, but Carlton Arms staff are doing what they can to resolve the issues.
Chelsea Burg
9 months ago
I really enjoy living at Carlton Arms of Bradenton because of how peaceful and quiet that the apartment complex is. It is so great to live in a place where you always feel relaxed. I would highly recommend others to live here as well.
Ryan Yockel
a year ago
The staff at Carlton Arms is very accessible and approachable to the needs of any tenant. The maintenance is when it comes to repairs that are needed in the apartment are done in a timely manner, and is only needed for minor things such as a air filter change.
a year ago
The apartments are nice, and the property is gorgeous and excellently maintained. It is a very quiet, lovely place to live. What really makes CAB stand out is its first rate staff. I am always treated with professionalism and warmth whenever I speak to the office staff. They've hired great and friendly maintenance staff here too. They often see me carrying heavy boxes to my car and offer to give me a lift on their golf cart. On the rare occasion something does not go quite right the CAB staff goes well above and beyond what my expectations had hoped for to address the issue. There is plenty of parking and the river front pool is amazing. In short, I give them 5 stars and they've earned every one. I hope I never leave.
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