Royal Pointe Apartments
1749 Lacrosse Dr
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
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quita bee
a month ago
I've been living here for a month and so far so good! The office staff is wonderful and has made my stay enjoyable. They are very prompt when you reach out to them and I appreciate that! The area is quiet, feels safe and well kept and I have not seen any bugs in my home which is a blessing as I am afraid of any and every bug. I hope the next months following are a great experience as well! Best Regards all!
Lynn Benson
a month ago
WORSE PLACE I HAVE EVER LIVED!! 2 weeks after I moved in my son's room had black mold half way up the wall!! I called the office. They pour a bleach chemical on it and it came back. I was sick the whole time I lived there my hair fell out I had skin rash and allergies due to the mold. Bugs.. bugs.. bugs.. always between the roach, spiders and ear wicks they took over! My electric bill was close to $200 a month because the apartment was freezing in the winter and the heat had to run constantly. In the summer the ac was down to 68 but would never go down less then 74. The told me to put a curtain over my front door to instalate. But here is the kicker. I was sitting on my couch and the ceiling fan fell from the ceiling and landed when it was on about 2 inches to where me and my dog were sitting on the couch!! I paid $200 for pet deposit my dog had peed on one part of the carpet and they charged my to replace the CARPET IN THE ENTIRE APARTMENT.The front office Manager was very rude!!! I can go on and on. The only one good thing I can say was.. the maintaince guys were nice. Overpriced and rude neighbors!
Va Local
5 months ago
Once my boyfriend and I were approved and have not heard from the leasing staff we have stressed numerous times how we had a short timeframe to get an apartment due to having to put our 60 day notice in at our current apartments. I have called and emailed several times only to get ignored whereas my boyfriend calls within the same hour and immediately gets responses. This alone frustrated me. Not once has this leasing staff followed up with us, if we need information or communication we have to hound them. After being told they should have an apartment by the end of the week, to the end of the month, to nothing at all they finally decide to tell us they run on 30 day notices as opposed to 60 days. It felt like they did not want us to even lease with them. After expressing our frustrations to the ladies in the office each one of them gave us an attitude. We feel a bit screwed over because now last minute we have to go find another place to live. I sent in an email requesting to be taken off the waiting list and have our security deposit refunded to us and after days of no response I called in to see if they got my email or not and all of a sudden Karen offers to wait a few weeks to see if anything comes available. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Once those weeks were up I once again never got a phone call following up with the situation or to let me know they did not have anything available nor an apology. I feel the leasing staff represent the management company and since they put a bad taste in our mouths we will not now nor ever lease with Clark Whitehill. Tried reaching out to the Vice President and of course have yet to hear a response. This is not how a leasing company should act whatsoever. You people are a JOKE but hey thanks for doing us a favor. UPDATE: since the Vice President of this place refused to speak with me about my issues I went to someone else who basically called me a liar and backed this crappy staff. Maybe when people here learn how to communicate, and communicate properly this company would actually be worth leasing with. I have a hard time understanding how people lack basic job functions, especially something as easy as leasing.
Monique Robinson
8 months ago
Quite neighborhood, management and maintainence respond with sense of urgency. Ladies in leasing office are very pleasant and approachable. Safe place and never felt uncomfortable no matter what time I get in. No bug problems and in close proximity to just about anything. Neighbors are nice and everyone minds their own business. I'm pleased.
thomas neal
6 months ago
The apartments are very small and the floor plan is laid out very poorly.
Kristen Allsbrook
2 years ago
I hate living in this neighborhood that is not zoned for landstown.
A Google User
7 years ago
My husband and I lived at Royal Pointe for one year and it was just fine. The complex is quiet convenient to grocery, red box and restaurants. The neighbors are friendly and quiet. The management staff is very helpful and professional. The pool is a great place to spend a weekend.
Kevin Miller
in the last week
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