Montage Embry Hills Apartments
1000 Montage Way
Atlanta, GA 30341
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Steve Francis
8 months ago
The location of the complex is not bad. Located walking distance to Kroger, Post Office, Pool-hall, banks, restaurants and much more including major highways. The apartment itself could be rated 3 to 4 stars consisting of most common amenities desired by most occupants. The parking deck is great but they have no parking outside the deck. Signal is pretty good throughout the complex. Both dish and cable are available. Things don't get fixed right away but tell me a place where it does. Crime is low or unheard of. A SWAT team member lives at the facility. He is a courtesy officer. Other officers and soldiers are here as well. My only concern is the staff. If you find somebody available during normal business hours, you might not get the best info about the facility...i'm guessing you understand what im saying. Other than that, you'll enjoy!
Michael S.
8 months ago
Maintenance here can be better, much better. I went an entire weekend without access to my bathroom. The guy came out.. fixed it and left. Shortly thereafter my toilet clogged again. He came back out and explained he couldn't do anything until Monday. The whole idea of having to go across the street to Kroger to use the bathroom is crazy. Especially when I'm paying 1000+ for 1 bedroom. Communication with the front office is OK. Things would be much better if people actually kept their word, "Sir, I will call you back within 24 hours with an answer". Well 24 hours usually turn into 3 days without a word. Eventually someone will call back. I take people at their word.. just keep quite if you can't deliver. My place need a major upgrade. I asked for new carpet and TOUCH UP PAINT. The carpet was NOT NEW when I moved into my unit. I have been there for 3 plus years now. I was told I can get new carpet but I can't get the touch up paint. Where is the reasoning behind this? If I move out the carpet will be replaced and the place will be repainted for a new tenant. Why not keep me (Your current tenant happy with an excellent payment history) happy by giving me new carpet and touch up paint? Overall the place is OK- not too bad. I will give 5 starts to the ground keeper - good job!
Harold Silva
10 months ago
Place is upkept. Lots of security features. Flop key to enter, gated parking, etc. Not ideal to have family or guests over due to secuirty access. Might be a good thing, though.
Camilya Cruz
a year ago
I've been living here for a year now with no major issues until now. My husband and I are now going 4 days without air conditioning and management could care less about it. Instead of hiring a professional to fix it after the first day they continued to allow the maintenance man to work on it without any success. It's completely unacceptable that we pay $1,500 in rent and have to put up with this for this long in this heat!! It's ridiculous!!
C.Monique Laughlin
a year ago
This is the best place of all ever to live. I Love it
Jared Williams
a month ago
Georgette Johnson
5 months ago
Kevin Barnett
11 months ago
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