Ashford Retreat Apartment Homes
2121 Windy Hill Rd
Marietta, GA 30060
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StacIE Jackson
3 weeks ago
I have lived in this community for 5 years and have been a very happy resident! The rent is very reasonable and the location is great. It is close to 285, 75. Hwy. 41, Cumberland Mall, Vinings, etc. The grounds are well maintained and the neighborhood has always been a very safe and quiet place to call home. The new management company, Radco and in particular Crystal Vidal is great! Crystal always makes sure my questions are answered quickly and maintenance issues are attended to. I would highly recommend this apartment complex to anyone thinking of moving into the area!
Melissa Palencia
a week ago
I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! It is so quiet and the staff is so nice!! they are always ready to take care of my needs . My current one bedroom apartment is so beautiful and so spacious!! I love that it is so modern with all new appliances so glad the leasing agent Sayed helped me move in With no problems at all it was a quick move! Maintenance is amazing!! always a loving smile when they come to help with something around the house! and I always get a friendly hello when I see them on the property I am very satisfied with these apartment's!!
Chris Kennard
in the last week
Work with Arianna, very helpful and nice. Do not live here YET, but planning on it. Apartments seem nice and reasonably priced, and in a decent area.
Therman Robinson Jr.
2 months ago
Every since new management came in, things have gotten better. Whenever we call in needing service someone normally comes within the next hour or so. Our heater went out in the winter and they brought us space heaters and then how shower knob broke and they sent someone to fix it. (I believe it happened on a Saturday), so that was good. However, since the new management no complaints. The new customer service experience is a lot more pleasant as well.
a week ago
Hello! I just leased an apartment from Ashford Retreat. Working with Sayed has been great. He's experienced and answers all questions and concerns fully. The staff here really get to know you by name and greets everyone who comes in. I've met a lot of the management team, and I think my stay here will be a good one!
Valerie Martin
a month ago
The office staff (Leasing Specialists) are outstanding, professionally dressed, and knowledgeable. The laundry facility is really nice, as well as the fitness center, which includes more than one elliptical machine, and other brand new equipment! The lake views from the units are breathtaking. I really appreciate that every ethnicity is represented here.
Rachael Cevere
3 weeks ago
I wish I could give negative stars. It started when we signed the lease move in day came and when we went to go to the apt we were told we would be moving into we were told someone had already moved in there a week prior, we would have to take this new spot but it was not the s the layout we were told we were going to get and planed for. They were still working on it as we were moving in! hanging doors and cabinets, painting trim and fixing things in the water closet. I noticed my closet doors would not open in the room or hall way. I told the workers who were there, they said it was due to the carpet and there was nothing they could do. My dress draws will not stay shut and you can feel the hole you stand in while picking out something to ware from the closet. Not even a month in, I heard something coming from the bathroom, I had a WATERFALL coming from my roof. I called the EMERGENCY line it was 9pm on a Fri, no response. MON after work I had to go to the office to tell someone. All they did was come put plaster over the hole, 2 days later. After that water came spilling out of my hall water heater closet. I put in a work order, 9 days went by still no one. I had my towel rack fall off the wall while I was brushing my teeth, hitting me in the foot, my kitchen doors could not stay shut due to them just painting over the magnetic hardware, and my bedroom door was now sticking and would not shut. 3 weeks after putting in all these work orders, two different times each, I went to the office to let them know what was going on, they said “sorry we we just closed out all work orders to start a new slate.” I put in all the work orders again and after being told it is no more than a 2day turn around on all work orders, still no one came. I informed the office for 3 months straight that I could not take a true shower do the the water temp. I would hardly turn the water on and it would be white hot, but in about 3 min that same water would turn into icicles in a split second. After going to the office about 5 different times with this issue I had to threaten to get my lawyer involved if my request would not be looked into. So the manager came and after about 2-3 min just said, oh there is nothing we can do here, all the units are on the same water heater. I also had him look in my water closet that had be left open for me after they finally fixed the leak, there were like 10 years worth of water damage and speckled mold in there, he looked in and said, “you could smell it if it were mold” closed the door and locked it. The walk way lights were out for like 4 months with me complaining like every week about it, and again I had to threaten legal action due to me coming home alone at night as my husband was out of town for work, I did not feel safe coming home. It still took 4 day after I threatened with my lawyer for anyone to come fix it. I just switched about my closets and found a lot of moisture on the walls that could possibly be mold and again, 2 weeks into asking no one came, when I went to ask the office, their reasoning was that they did not have a key for my apartment. Really!? How have you been getting in? and why would the office not have a key? Mind you my husband has lost a total of a week worth of work due to having to sit around and make sure people come in and get things done when they say they will, and if you are not there, they walk in and do NOTHING! There was a day I was not working, I was back in my room, they were suppose to fix the light in the kitchen, they came in, waiting like 2 min and I heard them walk out and lock the door. I went to see what had happened when I open the door I heard him on the phone saying “yeah leaving now see you at the place in about 15” I asked him if he was done. He turned around like he saw a ghost and was like “oh! Um, I have to go get some parts I will be right back.” RUN FROM THIS PLACE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!
Christy Maddox
a week ago
I love how welcoming everyone was when i came to the office they are so friendly and treat you like family and are very understanding with your concerns and try to make you apartment ready for you to feel like you are at home for your and your family they are very laid back and easy going and try to meet your needs and request.
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