Ashford Retreat Apartment Homes
2121 Windy Hill Rd
Marietta, GA 30060
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Cameron Stanley
a week ago
I moved out of this place around a year ago and still today was talking to somebody about how horrible of an experience this place was, so i decided to take a moment and warn away others. Every review you are reading from one or two months ago are exactly what i experienced when i lived here. Terrible, lazy staff....the only way i got them to fix my heater was by sending a certified letter and it still took over a week in the dead of winter. The floors squeak and pop with every move. Crime is a problem so expect to see the police often. There is always dog poop all over the place. The gate didnt work often enough that they actually REMOVED IT, so it is even more unsafe than before. My biggest piece of advice ...... if you are desperate and considering this place even with the bad reviews (like me) then at least drive around and see if there are mattresses and couches at the dumpsters (especially at the maintenance building) If you do see them piled up then it means they are still having a major problem with BED BUGS. My entire apartment building was INFESTED before i even moved in, according to neighbors, and they knew it! They also have a "bed bug addendum" in the lease which releases them of all liability and states that YOU are responsible for the $500 treatment which they make mandatory by the company of their choice. The addendum also states that you inspected the apartment for bed bugs before you rented the space which is ridiculous, they didn't tell us we needed to be inspecting for bed bugs so we were just looking at paint/carpet/fixtures. Even this much later i am still fuming about the deceptive practices of this complex. now i understand bed bugs can be exterminated and never be seen again but ONLY if every single unit complies and pays their $500 and they are all sprayed on the same day and GOOD LUCK with that one. Maybe they did get it taken care of, which im sure they will comment this post and say "We have had EXTENSIVE changes" blahblahblah to which my replay is HA!.....and maybe they didnt get it taken care of. Are you willing to take that risk?
a month ago
If i could add put extra 100 NEGATIVE STARS!!!! Please do not move here. where do we start? 1. LEASING: They will be extra friendly you will be fooled cause anyway its a marketing strategy right? When we came to see the apartment, it was empty had an old stench to it and we saw a few roaches and the lady said that they spray every two weeks and the house would be cleaned up... so we took the one bedroom apartment on the 1500 block. Noise: waking up to the airbase shooting practice every morning between 5 am to 9 am if this is the wake up call you need sure go ahead join the boot camp... Roaches every where.. it got to a point my neighbor and i had to team up get our own people we hired to come and spray for the whole year twice a week cause the apartment never did it as much as they said they would. The maintenance is none existence. You have a repair to be done at your apartment that's on you they claim to always have a waiting list and you will always be on it but your turn never gets there and everyday you shall see there so called maintenance team driving around but doing a whole lot of nothing. Did i mention how they turn off water with no warning??? yes the nightmare goes on.... month of may and June has been a disaster we have had to go to shower at the LA fitness center. They claim it will take an hour and you end up having 3 days of no water.... The maintenance team does not give warnings on inspection!!!! twice we found strange men in the house claiming to be inspecting aren't we meant to get a notice??? There customer care is so rude and inadequate. They have changed management 4 times and i have only been a tenant for 3 years. I think 3 is the charm and i am glad my lease comes to an end in 3 months. We found much better apartments for less jasmine at woodlands, the Jasmine galleria, Brighton way, Belmont place, Arlington apartments all these are much better choices with one bedroom of 650-750 range and two bedrooms of 800-1000 range with less stress all in the same area. *****Do not say you were not warned.*****
DJ Kasper
2 months ago
this place is horrible. even under new management. I have had issues since 2014 jan when the workers did not secure the water above me and my apt flooded and the manager claimed there was no mold until I called code enforcement to look at the apt ajd property and they declared it mold was moved to an apt on the 3 floor when I requested thr first to begin with. then today 5/26/15 it is 81 degrees in my apt and its not even that hot outside. I have a baby in the apt and the leasing office said its not an emergency. I explained I have a heart condition and had open heart surgery in nov and still no one cares. I come to the leasing office and pulled my shirt down to show my scar from open heart surgery. then I get someone to come out and I was told I would get a temporary AC unit and the person that was bringing it must be made of brown sugar because he wont leave the garage to bring it to me...smh DONT MOVE HERE
Jose Giselle
2 weeks ago
We love the place at the beginning but after days passing we start to see that this place not worth $720 for a 1 bedroom. The first mistake was that they tell me that the price was $660 but when we arrive they say that the price was $720; when we move we notice that the carpet was really dirty however we didn't care since this was our first apartment, so we just clean an assume that every apartment is like that, you need to clean it when you arrive right? After days of moving everything start falling apart from the kitchen to the air conditioner, to a lake in the bathroom and the halfway they fix most of the things some they take time some not, however they never fix the bathtub that have a horrible stains like they was repainted, the air ducts are really really, really dirty full of mold and rust, we get sick and we all morning wake up with allergies; we didn't recommend this place based in our stay here. For a little more or for the same price you can live on a better place.
Ramses Torres
2 months ago
I've been living here since January ,everything was OK until this week that management left a note on my door saying tha i made a violation of my contract for not picking up after my dog. First of all I complaint about that on april 6 on Facebook on a private message saying that some people around my apartment never pick up after their dogs since I got I have been cleaning and picking poop from other dogs to maintain the area around my apartment clean. I went to your office to complaint about the note and they told me that it was me because a lady told them. First of all I always pick up after my dog ,second always use my backyard and third always use the dog station and before that use my own trash can and i never walk my dog around the complex so that accusation is false with no base . before the note you left on my door accusing me you shoul investigate and i have photos and proof and know the apartments of people that never pick up their dogs poop . I hope that i receive an apology! And remove that violation from my record!
Aclass Typing
4 months ago
Worst apartment ever. prices are very low, but you get exactly what you pay for. Crap! Staff is terrible! Maintenance does not fix issues, you will be lucky if your work order even gets put in the system. Apartments have mold, roaches, fleas, and other little bugs. Multiple break ins so don't be surprised if you see the police department often. No security living here. It might be a good location but you will regret this move in. If it's not one issue there will be another. I would never recommend an unsafe and unfit for living apartment!
Brandon Blanco
a month ago
If I could give this place no stars I would! The leasing office is rude and unprofessional! I have been hung up on multiple times and I am simply trying to solve a dispute over them accusing of owing money back in 2009!! When they said it was paid for at first and now surprise 2015 they sent random bill to collection agency?!!!! These people are a scam! If you want rude, unprofessional people who mess with your credit then by all means rent from them!
Kailah Johnson
2 months ago
Only one star because I couldn't put none! The worst place ever! I've been here since February 2015. They have mice and roaches!!!!! And they will come no matter how clean you keep your home smh I read the reviews before but didn't listen. Also for whatever reason the police are in here more than me and I live here just driving and walking around all the time. I am sick of seeing the police, roaches and mice!
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