Ashford Retreat Apartment Homes
2121 Windy Hill Rd, Marietta, GA 30060, United States
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Jose Giselle
a month ago
We love the place at the beginning but after days passing we start to see that this place not worth $720 for a 1 bedroom. The first mistake was that they tell me that the price was $660 but when we arrive they say that the price was $720; when we move we notice that the carpet was really dirty however we didn't care since this was our first apartment, so we just clean an assume that every apartment is like that, you need to clean it when you arrive right? After days of moving everything start falling apart from the kitchen to the air conditioner, to a lake in the bathroom and the halfway they fix most of the things some they take time some not, however they never fix the bathtub that have a horrible stains like they was repainted, the air ducts are really really, really dirty full of mold and rust, we get sick and we all morning wake up with allergies; we didn't recommend this place based in our stay here. For a little more or for the same price you can live on a better place.
Laila Turner
a month ago
Here to warn potential renters to forget about this place. If it isn't one thing its another around here, my most recent problem with ashford retreat would have to be the dead animal that's somewhere outside of my bedroom window, I've been trying to get this taken care of for a week now. The smell in my bedroom is unbearable, the maintenance workers came out two days ago to do nothing more than confirm the smell in my bedroom I suppose, they went outside to pretend they were going to do something and then disappeared. My boyfriend and I both work full-time jobs and therefore are unable to babysit the maintenance workers to make sure they are doing their jobs. We have called the office literally every day this week and we cannot get as much as a follow up phone call on this matter. The property manager definitely knows how to avoid dealing with the people who live here. I am beyond frustrated with Ashford retreat, this is just getting beyond ridiculous. I am just thankful that our lease is almost up!!!!!! Please, do yourself a favor if you are considering this place. Not worth the price or the headache.
Tyler Kmiec
a month ago
This place needs to leveled... Knocked down entirely and re-built you can't even fix the severity of the issues here... I am currently under a lease but believe me this place is not not worth a dime, needless to say I pay 840 for a 2 bedroom 1 bath but check this out, you'll understand... It's roach infested to begin with, they "spray" individual apartments as necessary but if the entire building is breeding what help does that do, NONE... The plumbing is horrible, constant leaks and back-ups through the tub, sink and toilet, they "snake it" yea ok, every time I shower the tub backs up still and when my neighbor is showering the tub backs-up from their drainage without my water even running, now that's some nasty shit literally... There is no type of insulation, you can have your heat on full blast and it will still be 10-15 degrees colder... The HVAC vents don't even reach the bedrooms, the most comfort you'll get is in the living room throughout all the seasons... You can't even try to fix that one... The walls are thin and floorboards are weak, all you hear is constant neighbor movement and conversation... My living room is literally caving in, I had to put spacers under my entertainment center so my TV does not fall over... Management and maintenance really doesn't do much for complaints and if so they are not even close to half-assed... Cheap fixes and cover-ups is the most you'll get... My neighbor underneath me luckily moved out before the lease expired lol had a severe water leak and they had basically tore my whole bathroom apart, mind you though I have a 1 bathroom, left the toilet in my hallway so when returning home from my work day I arrived to a toilet in my hallway without even a notice, damn shame, Still didn't fix the leak, A week later it ended up being behind the wall of the toilet from upstairs which wasn't even patched right, personally I still think it's leaking... I give up here and hopefully I'll kicked out after this review...
Heather Om
a month ago
We currently live here and it is at best, poorly managed and a total dump. Our apartment is completely infested with cockroaches and we cannot get anyone in the office to return our calls. Nobody ever picks up the phone and they certainly do not call you back. I discussed the issue with Angela personally and she assured me that it would be taken care of but nothing has been done. I tried to call for two weeks before I left for vacation to make sure they were going to get rid of the roaches while I was gone and absolutely nothing happened. I can't even use my kitchen. I had to throw out my microwave and Keurig because roaches were living inside of them. They are also living inside the refrigerator. Our air handling unit has leaked a few times, soaking the carpet, which they "cleaned up" but now we have a BLACK MOLD problem in the closet that contains the air handling unit, which is distributing contaminated air throughout the house. Since living here, we have had multiple nagging health issues - from chronic coughing/sneezing/sinus congestion and headaches to skin rashes and itching. Even my poor dog has a runny nose and her skin is flaring up. If you value your health, DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS PLACE. The empty apartment at the end of our building has been ripped apart and left open to the elements for weeks and weeks and it is alarming to think they are just going to slap some new carpet and paint in there and have someone move in. That place has been vandalized, crawling with bugs and completely taken over with mold. What they are doing is highly unethical by performing piss poor renovation work (just covering up issues, not resolving them) and taking people's money. Those are just the highlights of our experience here and we are currently planning to move out, and I am extremely tempted to get the public health and safety department involved after reading and hearing about other people's experiences. I also think they should be reported to the EPA for the alarming amount of soil erosion and runoff that flows into the creek behind my apartment every single time it rains. All of the storm drains are overflowing so our parking lot gets covered in pebbles and muddy clay every single time it rains. I highly warn against moving into this apartment complex, they are either incompetent or completely uncaring (I suspect BOTH) about the welfare of their residents. It may appear to be a fantastic place for your family to live but the price is not worth it.
Jordan McGowan
2 months ago
If I could give this place a negative 100, I would. Good luck with the manager Angela. You will soon hear from surrounding neighbors about her & the crap that goes on with these apartments if you dare to move in.She did not even call us back for a solid month of leaving voice mails, speaking to her on the phone & personally. It's a headache spending your days off trying to get to them for nothing to be done so if you want peace & rest do not move here. Your days off will be spent running around after them & trying to call. We have not had a solid month without a problem pop up. From water leaking to the point it soaked the entire hallway closet & hallway. Bathroom ceiling caving in, you should see the "repair job". The ceiling squeaks & pops so loud as our neighbors above us walk around that we barely get any sleep. When they are up, we are. They "fixed" it but it is still the same. What more could go wrong? The bathroom vent fall out & lets not forget the water leaking out of the ceiling. This place is a dump. Don't let the preview rooms fool you because they will. I had a anxiety attack when I walked into my apartment after signing. It is nothing like what you will preview so make sure you view the actual apartment before you sign...better yet just find another place.
Art Cleo
5 months ago
I am a firm believer in everyone having a different experience but mine was not the greatest. I moved in at the end of June 2013 and I moved out July 31st 2014. It has been through different management, but it has never made things better for the apartment. I was told washer and dryer connections and when I moved in, I had no where to put my dryer hose, so the air just blew when I used my dryer causing my electric bill to go up more in the summer because it would make my apartment really hot causing me to keep the air on at a lower temperature. I do not recommend bottom floors, btu any floor sucks regardless. The walls are so thin, I have heard my neighbor have sex, I woke up from hearing their phones go off, I can hear my neighbor next door just general conversation, even giving out personal info. If you wake up from a phone vibrating upstairs then that just isnt good. The maintenance was horrible. I keep putting in requests and they never came out. Because I was so busy I had to wait until free time which was 6 months after moving into my apartment I had to threaten them with legal paper work to get stuff done and they finally got things done. Bugs will be a huge problem, and I do not know how some of these things get in. I recommend getting a steamer because you can potentially get bed bugs.
Courtney McKee
4 months ago
The rent is not worth the headache you will go through here, at all. I have been here since March 2014 & let me give you my horror story. -The bathroom ceiling was caving in (they so called fixed it but you should see the horrible job done) -I reported molding under one of our counter tops. They came & left a paper saying they looked at it but nothing was ever done to it, still there. -the ac started leaking to the point the entire hallway & hallway closet flooring was soaked( it took them three different times to fix it) -the most inconvenient of them all is we just got neighbors above us & you hear every step they make. I can not begin to describe to you the noise the floor makes down here. It pops and squeaks with every move they make so loud that my phone picked it up on video recording. My roommate have both went to management for three weeks now and we get nothing but the run around. They keep telling us they are going to come check it out & then call us to let us know. We have heard nothing. You will spend you days back & forth waiting at the office just to talk to them & nothing be done about it. Have fun! *AND BTW I HAVE ONLY LIVED HERE 6 MONTHS & HAVE ANOTHER 6 TO GO SO YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE THE PROBLEMS AHEAD OF ME* If you dare to rent a apartment here I will tell you never to leave your number with the staff up front because the message never seems to get to management or it does & management just never calls back. I'm writing this because no person should have to go through this hell. I get no sleep in my own apartment, there is no peace ever. I have heard nothing but problems out of other neighbors about their apartment.They also will not ever stay here again & just so you know the rent use to be $520 here under different management if that tells you anything. Thanks Ashford Retreats for the headache you have caused.
Antoinette P
10 months ago
I would like to say that Sonia is wonderful, and has done nothing but help me and my girlfriend when we needed it along with everyone else in the building. I love the outside of the community and the convenience of the shopping centers. The only complaint i have is that the water has been getting cut off lately with out fare warning, and the flooring in the dining area is coming up after a year of living there. But besides that, there are no bugs and my neighbors are just fine.
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