Ashford Retreat Apartment Homes
2121 Windy Hill Rd
Marietta, GA 30060
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Shantel Ford
in the last week
DON'T MOVE HERE. I REPEAT DON'T MOVE HERE..... The old staff and the new staff that just got hired in Sept are horrible, they don't have a care in the world. My apartment is roach infested, I asked before I moved into the apt did it have roaches and I was told NO what a lie. Second my apartment has MOLD which is not safe first it started in the hallway so called maintenance came and sprayed whatever the hell it was but apparently it DID NOT WORK because I have MOLD in my living now and because management does not care and they all have smart mouths I said forget it I'm not reporting it. Third my apartment is suppose to be renovated WRONG it is not everything in my place is OLD. Fourth I over paid them in July and I called the New property manger to see if she could figure out where my extra funds went do you think the new property manager called me back... Hecks no I'm still waiting and its sept 23rd. These apartments are nothing but some high ass projects the management treats the residence like WE ARE THE GUEST which is horrible they don't care about the ppl here all they care about is MONEY. My apartment has so many issues it makes no sense but let you owe rent that's when they want to put notices on your door smdh. I have a storage next to my apartment that is filthy and a homeless guy was sleeping in there I told them to come lock the storage door for safety concerns you think they came and did that NOPE. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE RESIDENTS HERE. I'm pleading and begging you guys don't waste your money here. I hated the fact that I did but they won't get another dime out of me I hate getting treated like I'm low class. The only staff member that is nice is Adam... Oh And don't report you smell gas they will let it go by for weeks to the point the gas company had to come out( in sept) and they were upset BC the matter should have been resolved weeksss ago because the gas level was alarming ( Someone left there stove on in the apartment across from me they moved out in June). The gas company told me to move out these ragedy projects.... Ashford retreat after reading this review don't ask me to call ACTING all concern you so you can resolve the issue y'all don't ever pick up your phone and you don't care. Mold will be spreaded through out the whole apt and roaches will probably eating off it by the time y'all get to it. DON'T MOVE HERE DON'T MOVE HERE DON'T MOVE HERE DON'T MOVE HERE DON'T MOVE HERE DON'T MOVE HERE DON'T MOVE HERE
Kidist Harar
4 weeks ago
First off i want to say i wish i could have 0 stars for this horrible place like lol this place is a joke the customer service doesn't do anything we have had cockroaches living with us the whole time we were here like this wasn't apart of.the contract also doors are falling off and not only that but the doorknobs fall off and we literally have no light in the morning when its dark which is in the hallway but something that's dumb is that they have light on in the middle of the day but not at night like what type of common sense do they have!!also i feel like i live in the zoo with all these rats and fly's in the shower!!!there's like5 cockroaches in the shower like i didn't know they like to take showers with us. We have had problems since day 1 and we have been telling them since day 1 but they don't do nothing horrible management.... Also they are not trustworthy this is because we came from out of the state so they took advantage of us and gave us the worst there was so do jot trust them they make the entrance look good but not the house! Don't move here trust me.unless you want live animals. at the begging i thought maybe i.could wait for the lease to finish because i thought they would've done something about 1month later still cockroaches but i will break my lease i have no patience for.these fools. Too me this is scamming taking our money and giving us not what its worth. Don't move here!!!! I don't want you ti go through what i been through and still am!!!
Valencia Allen
2 months ago
All I can really say is don't move here!!! I have had issues since the day I applied.They lost my file with personal information while switching management companies and I had to resubmit all my information. My apartment was poorly cleaned and I had a list of things that needed to be fixed and it never was done or if it was it was done poorly. They will try to charge me for it when I move but that will be a waste of time because I am not paying them extra for anything!! Management is terrible, customer service is terrible, maintenance except two people are terrible and inexperienced, the buildings are dirty, old, molded, infested, and you can hear all of your neighbors business 24/7, security needs to have an ego check, the back of the apartments are the hood, there are all sorts of bug infestations, you pay for a key card that you don't need, they never send out letters or emails about renovations they just expect you to know I guess, they tell you you're loitering when you are outside with your neighbors in front of your building that you pay rent for, the pool will break you out because they don't know how to properly measuer the chemicals, residents are destroying their apartments before leaving KARMA, and the list can go on. Basically, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME even looking at this place!!! I can't wait until my lease is up!!!
Kalen Jones
a month ago
The apartments are spacious but not worth the money. Cabinet handles are missing and there are no stoppers for the kitchen sink or tub in the bathroom. Closet doors do not remain on the hinges. Pest control comes out; however there remains a slight problem. There is an issue with getting in contact with the office because no one answers the phone. There is no depository box for those needing to drop off keys or materials after hours. When a maintenance request is made, it takes forever for someone to get in contact regarding your issues. Everything appears to have a "quick fix" and should be professionally corrected for the cost of living. The units are definitely overpriced for the quality of service and recurring issues. I have been calling the office for 2 days during business hours and no one has picked up the phone. I plan on moving once my lease is up.
Ookla Internet Survey
a month ago
Ashford Retreat Apartment Homes Internet Service Quality Review. OVERALL RATING: A+ Provider: Google (AT&T & Comcast also available) Provider connection: Google Address family: 20X.XXX.XXX.XXX Dates of data check: 07/2016, 08/2016 Internet quality grade: A+ Internet price grade: B+ Internet reliability grade: A+ Internet ping grade: A+ DOWNLOAD SPEED Internet max speed observed: 1009.99 Mbps Internet typical speed observed: 998.79 Mbps Internet min speed observed: 783.40 Mbps UPLOAD SPEED Internet max speed observed: 998.97 Mbps Internet typical speed observed: 971.65 Mbps Internet min speed observed: 873.45 Mbps SPEEDS AVAILABLE & PRICING Maximum speed available: 1000 down/1000 up ($72/mo) Minimum speed available: 100 down/100 up ($52/mo) SPEEDS AVAILABLE IN NEARBY COMMUNITIES Maximum speed available: NO DATA Minimum speed available: NO DATA Internet max ping observed 2 Ms Internet typical ping observed: 1 Ms Internet min ping observed: 1 Ms Packet loss rate: 0.01% Ookla connection rating: A+ Max downtime observed: 17 Mins (Excellent) Typical downtime observed: 3 Mins (Impeccable) Downtime events in latest full month: 1 (Impeccable) Notes: Brand new Google Fiber installation.
Judy Forster
a week ago
Roaches Roaches Roaches. . For the amount of rent being charged there is Roaches in the apartments..not just yours.your neighbors has roaches as well so it's difficult to get rid of them. There is always something going on from drug sales to massive noise disturbance all hours of the night.. I have called maintenance several times to fix the leak in the hall way, yet no one bothered to clean the closest which now has mold due to that leak...Theses apartment are not up to standards for the cost..They went up on the price due to the new stadium being built but fail to up the quality of what you're paying for. WARNING! WARNING !WARNING !WARNING! DON'T MOVE HERE!!!
Maegan Ferguson
2 months ago
Although I never actually lived at this location, the customer service I received when attempting to move here was so terrible, it's honestly hard to believe. TLDR: the staff is made up of liars who will promise you approval and then call back and say you weren't, ignore your phone calls after paying application fees for FIVE days, and give apartments away to online customers when you are leaving the building to get a money order. In detail: I went to tour the apartments in early July, and as I was leaving the building to go get a money order (which I was NEVER told to have) for the app/admin fees, I was told someone online had put money down on the apartment I was literally walking out to get the money order for. I got a call about two weeks later saying one had opened up, so I asked if I should put my application in to hold it. Adam told me that I should, and when I asked if making the exact amount needed to be approved would be okay, he told me it would. He also never thought to ask his boss if two 18 year olds would even be approved (spoiler: we weren't). I paid for my application in full, and it took FIVE days to hear ANYTHING back! I kept being told he was "on lunch (for a two hour period)" or "on a tour." When I finally heard back, he said that there was NO way my application would come back denied, and we were just waiting for the deposit amount. With this information, my boyfriend and I spent 300 dollars on furniture since we were PROMISED we were approved! The next day he calls saying that we weren't approved. The customer service here is some of the absolute worst I've ever received. Do not waste your time or money.
Jemeare Dewees
2 months ago
If I could give zero stars, I would. I moved into Ashford Retreat in September 2015. Ever since day one, I complained about how the floor boards squeak above me when my upstairs neighbor walks around his apartment. For someone who goes to bed early, the flooring has made it very difficult for me to sleep. However, the number one problem is the ROACHES. I've had to put in numerous tickets to pest control about the roach problem and it's still not 100% under control. Can you believe they just gave me my renewal notice and they are raising my rent another $100 a month. It's a shame they invested time and effort in new renovations for the pool and laundry center when it really didn't even need it but expect me to now pay over $900 a month for a roach invested apartment.... I don't think so! Can't believe management is this inconsiderate by raising my rent to $900 after all the complaints with the roach problem. Do Not Move Here!!! Don't let the nice clubhouse fool you; the apartments themselves need alot of work. UPDATE: Got an email from someone named Crystal Vidal who apparently is the customer service manager that the corporate office is going up $100 across the board on everyone. Good luck Ashford Retreat in trying to keep tenants by raising everyone's rent another $100 and doing nothing as far as improving and making renovations inside your roach infested apartments. ****Sequanne one of the managers at Ashford Retreat is the most rudest, inconsiderate person I have ever met. He makes you feel inferior as if everything is your fault and shows no compassion at all of all the issues I've had to deal with while living here. He had the nerve to tell me they were doing me a favor only raising my rent $100 because the market value is really $200 more. Sequannne...please don't insult my intelligence. There is nothing about my 1 bedroom apartment to make it cost $900.
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