Apple Creek Apartments
14010 Dorcas Plaza
Omaha, NE 68144
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Wesley Pickering
2 months ago
Great place for pets but expensive fees for animals. Very friendly staff and nice apartments. Entry ways to apartments are kind of tight but actually apartment as comfortable lay out. Very close to places to eat like red lobster as well as close to oak view mall amc theatre and walgreens. I would recommend to friends and family.
Brandon Howell
5 months ago
I have enjoyed my time at Apple Creek so far. The space is large for the price I pay. Any maintenance issues, which this place has had far fewer than other places I have lived, are handled quickly. The ladies in the office are all super nice and helpful. Every time I walk into the clubhouse I am greeted with a smile and they seem to genuinely care about how I am doing...heck one of them has realized I am a huge dork due to a lot of my subscription boxes I am a part of and will chat with me about superheroes and other dorky things. So far I have had good luck with neighbors here, like any apartment, there are little things that you notice...but overall sound is not an issue in the buildings. I love that they allow almost all dogs here, although I don't have one currently, it is awesome seeing the pups all over...Angus is a community favorite...move here and you will be able to spot Angus right away. It is a good community with good people for a reasonable price. I recommend this place for sure!
Rissa H
4 months ago
I lived here for a year and let them know well in advance I wouldn't be renewing my lease as I just couldn't afford it. It's pretty expensive for how basic it is. The only real shining glory was the pool and clubhouse, which are lovely aside from the rude staff. When I was moving- giant U-HAUL in front of the apartment, one of the staff members saw I was moving out and struck up a conversation with me. I went to the office afterward to let them know that I would like to pay any final amount owed as I was leaving Omaha. They told me they'd have to do an inspection and give me my deposit back and take that out of final month due, etc. Instead, they put me in collections for something like 1700 dollars. Not only did they take my entire deposit but they charged me an additional months rent from after I'd left AND evicted me! They evicted me and claimed I was living there a full month after I was living in an entirely different city! I never got any notification of any of this. I found out YEARS later when I pulled my credit report. I called them to try to work something out and they don't care to help me, even claiming I was still living there a month after I had moved. I have PROOF that I was not, as I had a new lease signed in Grand Island, NE along with registering my vehicle there, etc. What a joke! I will NEVER pay them a dime. I highly recommend choosing a different apartment complex.
Roland Nielson
4 months ago
So far it's been a pretty good experience. I've only lived there for about a week. The staff seem friendly and they take care of my concerns quickly. I haven't had any negative experiences so far and hopefully don't. The clubhouse is nice and I love the indoor pool.
Erin Fritzmeier
8 months ago
I like this place! The staff is super duper nice, I feel like they know me as a good resident. If I have a problem within the apartment, maintenance wise, it gets fixed, like, THE NEXT DAY! I haven't had trouble, yet (knock on wood), with my car being messed with. It's quiet in my building, I got lucky. I couldn't ask for better neighbors. I do see suspicious activity and am nervous to walk my dog at night. Yeah, the fees of living here could be cheaper for the quality, but it's apartment living, and it's in Omaha, if you don't like it, go buy a house!
Jessica Koelsch
5 months ago
By far the best place I've ever lived! The amenities are amazing and the community is quiet and safe.
Michelle Huffman
11 months ago
I lived at Apple Creek for over 3 years. I loved the amenities, the fact that the office was open late, and the location. However, this was the noisiest apartment I have ever lived in. On many nights, I had to sleep with headphones with a white noise app running to drown out my neighbors. They also assigned me to a smoking building without even asking if that was okay (I just moved to Omaha from the east coast so I couldn't just turn the apartment down). As a result, I couldn't have my windows or patio door open on nice days because cigarette smell would enter my apartment. My apartment also REEKED of cigarette smell. It took me months to get the smell out, and I got to smell like cigarettes in the meantime. Even after I got the smell out of the apartment, the smell came back whenever the furnace came on. The irony? They charged me a "deodorizing fee" upon move out. Maybe I should have hired a bunch of chain smokers for a week to return it to the condition in which it was received.
Frank Fiala
9 months ago
Let me start by saying I've lived in apartments for the last 10 years of my life. And this place is an absolute nightmare. Completely unprofessional, heartless, and money hungry. I wouldn't suggest a homeless person to live there if it was free. What goes around comes around. And whoever manages this place has it coming for them.
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