Apple Creek Apartments
14010 Dorcas Plaza, Omaha, NE 68144, United States
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Jeremy Halliburton
2 months ago
This is the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in! I find myself not even sure where to start on this review, as the number of issues we had were ridiculous. First off, while some of the people that live there are nice people, there are way too many weirdos, criminals, and asses to outnumber the good ones. I saw the police outside of our building probably at least a dozen times over the 7 months we lived here and an ambulance probably about the same. Drunk neighbors during the middle of the day falling down and busting their face open, alleged drug dealer neighbors, fights in the upstairs apartment in the middle of the night... you name it. What did the management do about it? Not a damn thing. However, whenever one of our dogs would get upset during the day because someone made noise while we were gone we would get a noise complaint asking us to leave work and come home to quiet them down. As far as the quality of the apartments themselves... well they're just as bad. We moved in and did our checklist and noted that the carpet was literally threadbare in several places (we could see the tack strip and subfloor below) and that there were chips and scratches, etc. After we moved out, we get a bill in the mail for damaged and stained carpet. The pictures of the stains that they accused us of leaving were of the back of the carpet and the padding. So now we're expected to pull up the carpet and inspect it before taking possession of it? Not to mention the shower would constantly leak, they would "fix"it and it would break again within a week. Then they just stopped coming to fix it and said "oh geez I'm not sure what happened, just slipped through the cracks". Value wise... they're way too outdated and poorly kept for what they charge. I lived in Broadboor Hills and paid about $800 for a nice one bedroom apartment where they actually kept up the building. Here we paid $725 a month for an outdated, poorly kept apartment that lacked many of the amenities that we had at Broadmoor. The only reason that we lived here was because they were one of the few apartments that would accept our Dobermans while our house was being built. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. For those of you who have a choice, even if you're looking for a good value apartment complex... keep looking because this isn't it.
Morgan Bailey
4 months ago
Overpriced, every week something is broken, nothing ever gets fixed right the first time. Had a mold problem in my laundry room, took them 2 months to finally "fix" it, and now mold is growing again. As for fix all they did was spray paint over it, I could still see the mold! We get random notices on our door for walking our dogs without a leash in the middle of the night. management is very shady and money hungry. For what we pay we could have a house and pay less on heat. I hate living here, don't ever move in.
Kristin Walker
4 months ago
I love my apartment and I been there almost 3 years! I LOVE the staff, and I have never had any major problems with neighbors. if I had any request for something to be fixed it was done with in a day or two :) as for these break ins people talk about, its going to happen anywhere you live, and I have not yet had a problem. love the place love the location and love the facilities they have to offer. :) Everyone keeps to themselves for the most part.
Michael white sr
9 months ago
i have been here 6yrs and counting ! i plan to stay. a great place for my gran-children to come over, its like a vacation resort villa. i would like to see an idea for an outdoor pool someday, but other than that- they have , thee best apartment manager in omaha ! a wonderful person ! great staff, and the maint crew is awesome. i know that i can go to management with any problem, and rest assured,it will be handled, with professional authority. thank you, Paula & Staff sincerely, michael white sr
Joanne Dubnicka
9 months ago
Great apartments! The staff are always kind and helpful! The clubhouse (pool, workout room, TV room, and reading/lounging areas) are always clean! I enjoy living here and recommend Apple Creek Apartments.
Matt S
2 years ago
Apartment is old and worn and drafty.I spend more heating the small apartment than I did my 1600 sq ft house. Security sucks and my car was broken intro. Searching crime maps show that this is somewhat common, and management won't put up cameras because of the liability it puts on them, so crime doesn't stop. The only good thing about the apts is the fantastic staff and maintenance people. They are responsive and friendly. They are the only thing that keeps rental from being a horrible experience.
A Google User
3 years ago
This apartment building is not worth the money. Security? My car was stolen right out of the parking lot. It's small, cramped, old and outdated, the ice maker doesn't work, the walls are thin, response to work orders is slow. Don't get me wrong the staff is quite friendly but do they ACTUALLY do anything for you? No. Don't let them fool you into thinking its a great deal because it is NOT.
A Google User
3 years ago
Beautiful on the outside but DO NOT let this fool you. The apartment is extremely outdated. I regretting choosing to live here the day that i began moving in. It is extremely overpriced for what you get. The only bonus is the location. I had problems immediately. If I had someone stay over I would have a notice on my door saying there was an unaithorized tenant, even though that person had NO belongings over there. I had to break my lease early due to security reasons and the staff did not seem to care that I obviously did not feel safe living alone, for numerous reasons that had been brought to their attention. These apartments are greedy, money hungry, and I would advise everyone to stay away from them. You could find a much better staffed, more spacious, apartment complex more A LOT less than what you pay at Apple Creek.
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