Bristol Club Apartments
5700 Walnut Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60516
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Jessica Valli
2 months ago
Over priced for what you're getting.
Ryan Sullivan
a year ago
Great leasing company that doesn't try to nickel and dime you. The move-in fees were reasonable and they occasionally threw parties in the office or pool area. Parking is included and the apartment amenities are nice (dishwasher, in-unit washer/dryer, intercom). I lived right at the corner of maple and 355 and the roads were LOUD, but I could shut out the noise if I closed all the windows. The only issue I had was that Bristol Club isn't really within walking distance of anything worthwhile. You pretty much have to drive to get to anything.
Carrie Dillon
2 months ago
Neil Cooper
3 years ago
We had lived at the complex for over three years. Great service throughout our years of paying rent on time and renewing our lease. Seems there is a switch that flips though as soon as you are ready to leave the place. We purchased a home and needed to get out of our lease 3 months early expecting to pay $2500 maximum. We had been there more than three years but were forced to extend our lease because they say they don't renew leases in November???? The staff became sloppy, rude, not helpful and every time we went into the main office to negotiate a deal, the situation just kept getting worse. We ended up paying close to $4000 to get out 3 months early. The staff would not budge and kept selling us the same story of how everyone has to be treated fairly and equally. They kept giving us false hope saying they would see what they could do. We speak to other residents at the parties they hold there and know that we were not being treated equally. That other residents have been able to negotiate a deal. We had no damage in the apartment and turn out they have rented the place out for December 2012, they told us this but were still not willing to budge on the $4000. All the three years of good service is thrown out when they treat you like they do when you are no longer going to be living there. I would definitely not recommend Bristol Club for this reason. I work in a service industry and I do not treat new and existing customers any differently than customers who want to leave or cancel their service and i am helpful in providing the best solution for the customer. Be very careful when signing your lease, especially if you plan on moving that year.
Liz James
a year ago
Just signed another lease! This place is a great location, fast maintenance & always feel safe. :)
Dan Watson
3 years ago
STAY AWAY!!!! This apartment has been a nightmare for quite some time. They sell you on the idea that it is zero tolerance to crime and issues as well as no dogs allowed. Then they move multiple dogs in and say it is okay because they gave permission. We have been here for two years and throughout that time have had a long list of issues. Their maintance staff entered the apartment without permission when I very clearly told them they were not allowed unless my wife or I were there or if it were an emergency. There was a homeless man sleeping in the unlocked area of a building, we reported this to the staff 3 separate times and they told us it was a resident, finally on the forth time, I called the police and found out the man was homeless. Awesome staff observation here. One of the main reasons we moved in here was because my wife is terrified of dogs. The staff here has allowed dogs to move in or on the property without any notification. We have informed them through email, in person, and on the phone about her fear and ask that they at least let us know if there is one moving into this "non-dog friendly" apartment. They have not. The windows are only there to prevent animals from coming in basically. You can stand by any of the windows and feel the draft as well as hear the great sounds of the expressway at all hours of the day/night. We finally gave in and just purchased a house. With 2 months to go on the lease as of today, they will not let us out. The best part of the whole deal is they won't even return our calls, messages, or emails. For what we paid we should have been treated much better and the rules shouldn't have changed half way through. Do not waste your time or money here. Avoid this place and find somewhere with less issues.
Mantas Kriauciunas
2 years ago
We loved it when we moved in, we love it right now. Maintainance is best i had, i email in the evening, next day its fixed. We will see what will happen when we eventually decide to move out. Usually thats when the problems occur, but cant say a simgle bad thing about this place.
Nick Albano
9 months ago
Great community, clean and safe
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