Campus Park Housing
122 Falls Ave W
Twin Falls, ID 83301
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Jenn Jenn
3 months ago
My daughter has lived here for almost a year.... when I first moved her down last summer I was so impressed with how Sam showed us around and helped us get her settled. Whenever she has had a problem Sam has been very quick about helping her and getting things corrected. One of the things I appreciated most as a parent was their monthly clean checks..... My daughter has chosen to stay here another year because she likes the housing. Thank you Sam and the rest of the staff at Campus Park Housing for providing a safe and clean environment for my daughter.
Kristin Volle
3 months ago
DO NOT LIVE HERE! The first semester was ok. I did get a little annoyed with them checking our apartment once a month. Like do you really not trust us? Well I don't know what it was for because when you move out they will charge you for everything. While living there we lived with a broken couch. Was broken when we moved in. We did not report this broken couch because we knew we would be charged for it. They ended up finding out because one of the girls we were paired with did not like us and could blame it on us. We were charged $87.50. (She and one other roommate did not get charged, because they said they didn't it). When we confronted the manager about this couch she got very angry and fought with us. We then went back down the next day and talk, calmly, about this situation. She said she would take the charges off and send up the main maintenance guy up to take a look. Four weeks later we saw no one. So we asked the local maintenance guy to take a look. He fixed the couch so that it was like new again. When I moved out I was told that it was the cleanest apartment that she had seen that day. She told my parents how amazing I did and we both signed a paper saying that I had 0 charges and would get my full refund back. When I got my refund back it said I owed 107.50 for a broken couch, drain cleaning, and a stain that was on my move in paper. This place has HORRIBLE management and I hated it! I the only thing good I got from this place is the four girls that I now call friends.
alex leksunkin
5 months ago
My experience was not very good. Upon moving in they invited us to give a 5star rating to them with a promise of receiving a $20 gift card. When we moved in the AC, dishwasher and smoke detectors were broken in our unit. They fixed the AC and dishwasher but not the smoke detectors they kept on beeping even after battery changes and we were told to just unplug them. Upon moving out they did a walk through and even though we had the unit cleaner than when we moved in, they somehow desided it needs to be cleaned and said we will get $114 back out of $400 we paid for the deposit. A month and a half later we still have not received our money and every time we call they say its on its way in the mail. The neighbors are loud and have parties at 1am often. I had my car banged up there with people who carelessly open their doors and park too close. I would not recommend renting from there.
Korby Hutchinson
2 months ago
I signed over my lease the first of june. I have been charged for two months rent since then. This VERY LOVERLY establishment has stole 366 dollars from me and has not returned my phone calls whatsoever. If you live there and move out EXPECT to get your money stolen
Liz Fife
a year ago
My husband and I needed a place for only the summer and the staff at Campus Park was more than accommodating. I think the new manager and staff have really turned things around as indicated in the other reviews. I think some of the negative reviews are from people who have unrealistic expectations from their apartment complex. I've lived in many different complexes over the years, and this is one of the better complexes I have lived in. The fact that I never had problems with internet, the apartment was clean when I moved in, and management was actually there during office hours is more than worth a month of rent. Maintenance came by within a day or two of my requests and management was always willing to work with me if I talked to them a head of time. It is a fun community and I would definitely rent from them again. Thank you Campus Park for the fun summer!
Liane Minster
11 months ago
I chose to put my daughter in a Campus Park Housing shared apartment over the CSI dorm or other off campus housing and I have absolutely no regrets! The property manager (Samantha Watts) has been very helpful and attentive to my daughter's every need since before she even moved in August. Campus Park Housing is located right across the street from CSI. There is a Walmart and Fred Meyer within easy walking distance. The apartment has more amenities than the absolutely necessary ones (extras like a pool, hot, game room, etc). In the shared apartment, each roommate has their own private locking bedroom and 3 girls share one bathroom. There are two refrigerators and a very large pantry in each large kitchen. There is plenty of space for the six occupants, laundry on site, ample parking, lots of bike racks to secure your two wheeled ride, as well as internet and cable included in the low cost rent. Campus park housing is a much nicer alternative to dorm living and forced meal plans. Issues, complaints and necessary repairs are reported via an online system. Repairs are handled promptly. Bare in mind that others who complain about imperfections may have never lived in an apartment before. Perhaps their expectations are out of line. For an apartment complex of it's size, I feel that repairs are handled expeditiously and at reasonable cost. There is a maintenance staff on site and the day managers are very attentive to occupants needs. No problems at all, in fact we are happily renewing my daughter's lease in January.
Shaika Chevalier
a year ago
I don't live at Campus Park but I would if I hadn't signed a lease somewhere else before seeing the place. I like coming over and hanging out with my friends here. The apartment is well maintenance. The rooms are a good size,and I like how roomy everything else is too. Love how there is a pool and hot tub. Who wouldn't. The people are friendly. And not to sound bad but pretty quiet too lol. Believe me after living where the neighbors have the music blaring at all hours of the night when you need to be up at five, it would be worth living here just for a good night sleep ;) GREAT PLACE!!!
a year ago
The apartment was filthy when I moved in and there was a horrible smell. Sam's excuse was 'we are really busy and it is impossible to get everything taken care at this time of year.' Of course that sure did not have any bearing on the 'recondition fee' I was charged. Needless to say my parents went out and bought stuff and spent hours cleaning before I could move in. There was a full canister of dirt under the carpet in the little tiny bedroom; I cannot imagine how long it been since it had been vacuumed, much less shampooed. Management was always knit-picking about something stupid, but no where to be found when there were nightly noise issues, maintenance response is days (if at all), and the torn carpet on the stairway into my apartment was still there when I moved out. Certainly they will plead ignorance when someone falls down the stairs because of it. decide to live here make sure you have earplugs or you will never study or sleep. Internet was spotty. The hot-tub was never hot. The laundry is furnished with cheap economy machines that shred your clothes. For the amount of money you pay to live there you will be better off living anyway else. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!
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