Campus Park Housing
122 Falls Ave W
Twin Falls, ID 83301
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Shaika Chevalier
2 weeks ago
I don't live at Campus Park but I would if I hadn't signed a lease somewhere else before seeing the place. I like coming over and hanging out with my friends here. The apartment is well maintenance. The rooms are a good size,and I like how roomy everything else is too. Love how there is a pool and hot tub. Who wouldn't. The people are friendly. And not to sound bad but pretty quiet too lol. Believe me after living where the neighbors have the music blaring at all hours of the night when you need to be up at five, it would be worth living here just for a good night sleep ;) GREAT PLACE!!!
Antoinette Silva
2 weeks ago
I'm not from the area at all and the management team made sure I was put with people that I would get along with. Rachel is always friendly and will help you with anything you need. The whole management team has been good to me and not being from the area or even the state they always will make you feel welcomed and if you need anything they will help you. Another plus is the rent is very reasonable and you get a lot of extras with your room pool, fitness room, furnished apartments, laundry facility, etc. Also being in a six bedroom I was scared that we wouldn't have enough room for all of us but they made it so everyone has there own drawers in the bathroom, plenty of room in the pantry and two fridges so now living here space is not a problem. They made a point that if I ever needed anything I knew where to find them and they are always there if I need something.
Katrina Kelly
2 weeks ago
Over the past few years I have lived at Campus Park and have seen a few different management teams, my favorite has by far been the current one Samantha Watts and her assistant Janessa. They are always willing to help someone out if they have problems whether it be related to the apartment related or just being away from home, and not sure how to do something. They work hard in making sure we have a great experience here. I would recommend this place to a student moving away for the first time, you never have to feel like your alone, the management team is always there to make sure you feel comfortable and there to help out, and to top it off the apartments are nice, clean and even with having 6 roommates it was a great experience. I also lived in the 2 bedrooms and i would recommend those to anyone as well they are big and have lots of storage. I loved living at campus park housing.
Rebecca Cummins
2 weeks ago
The staff at Campus Park Housing is very helpful and nice! I had a great experience with the moving in process. Rachel was able to help and answer any questions I had along the way. I love the apartment I am in, it is very clean and has lots of space. Rachel was also able to pair me up with great roommates! Rachel is very good at what she does here at Campus Park Housing and does her best to make your experience the best it can be. It is in a convenient location to College of Southern Idaho and with the rest of Twin Falls. I am very happy I found this place!
Emily Clark
2 weeks ago
I love living here. The rent is very affordable, especially for a college student, which includes everything like utilities and free cable and wifi with a pool and hot tub. I love my roomates, they are great. The staff is all very friendly and helpful. You really get the best for your money and if you are planning on going to CSI, it is right across the street, which is convenient. I would definitely recommend it.
Matthew Allred
a month ago
My wife and I have lived here for a year, and we think it's a great place. The management is friendly and maintenance is prompt. Honestly there are a lot of dumpy apartments in Twin Falls, but this place is clean and new. I'd much rather live here than most of the places in town which charge you to same monthly rent. For the most part the place is quiet, there's plenty of parking, and you can't get much closer to campus.
2 weeks ago
The apartment was filthy when I moved in and there was a horrible smell. Management was always knit-picking about something stupid, but no where to be found when there were nightly noise issues. IF you decide to live here make sure you have earplugs or you will never study or sleep. Internet was spotty. The hot-tub was never hot. The laundry is furnished with cheap economy machines that shred your clothes. For the amount of money you pay to live there you will be better off living anyway else.
Carlos Ortiz
2 months ago
I live at campus park apartment they helped me moved in they were so friendly they told us in how many amenities we have to choose from. Greatest most affordable and nicest staff to choose here in the magic valley
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