Autumn Ridge Apartment Homes
3902 Mayfield Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
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marybeth wright
a month ago
update>> Recent "gift" offer from office awarded to tenant that offers a positive feedback. Make sure you drive through here on the weekend evenings to get a good idea of what your going to put up with. update>>I made online maintenance request about air conditioner not cooling properly. came home and found repair ticket states a/c is working fine, then opened my july2015 electric bill and it was 48% higher than last year and I'm only home a few weekends!!!! $96 for one month of weekends! let that soak in a minute!! these decade old air conditioners are horrible on second floor apts.<< junk cars taking up prime parking spots. old semi allowed to take three spaces). lease states NO commercial vehicles or vehicles requiring more than one space. this has been another ongoing complaint. the worst part is the hot water issue!!! the water fluctuates from hot to cold because of old boiler, so they turn the hot water up to scalding HOT! taking showers is dangerous as your water temperature fluctuates from cold to scalding. New policy with new owners and now we have barking dogs, a few are large pit-bull mix, horrible snow clean up, gap along entire balcony for "snow chute" wide enough for an adult foot to fall through , new flat charge for utility $20 these are the same old inefficient appliances, same closet doors that fall off broken track. I will never recommend this place.
Patricia Rosloniec
4 months ago
The office staff are so sweet! If I need something in my apartment fixed, the maintenance staff take care of it in a very timely manner. Right next door to grocery store, makes it very convenient. Quiet environment, friendly neighbors. I really love living here.
Dawn Turner
2 months ago
Quit easy to get to store meijers right next door,other store right down the road .I love the staff I call with a problem they fix it right away maintains is alsome .they put ramps up for easier to get I. My apt the only thing why put in light carpet when u no a person s in a wheelchair. I love it out very one is friendly
Anthony Duebler
5 months ago
I've lived at Autumn Ridge for a year and love it. The staff is friendly and helpful. The rent is affordable. I just signed a new lease and received a free carpet cleaning. I plan on staying for a long time.
hannah smith
4 months ago
wonderful staff. very warming welcoming and works with every time
Mike Wrightsman
a month ago
Very nice and the best apartment i lived in.
Andrea Covert
2 years ago
I lived at Autumn Ridge for EXACTLY one year. As soon as my lease was up I got out STAT. Lets start with the actual apartment. Its old, yes, but that doesnt mean it cant be kept up or simply updated. The fire alarm will go off every time you use the oven. The cupboards and the doors (bedroom and bathroom) have been painted 13949 times so they dont fit the frame to shut anymore. The hot water heater is either always broken or sucks because I rarely got to take a hot hot shower. The carpet had like gum stuck in it or something that was NOT from me. It was FILTHY when I moved in so I took a whole day and deep cleaned it before I could move anything in. **The best part** The plumbing in the apartment above me was obviously faulty because one day it RAINED in my bathroom for about 30 mins. Everything ruined and clearly gross from nasty water coming into my bathroom via the ceiling fan. Yes maintenance came to fix it and told me, get this, "the girl didnt have her shower curtain liner inside the shower". Thats why it came pouring into my apartment for a half an hour? Needless to say there's mold in the ceiling and the carpet that it soaked into my apartment because they never gave me a fan or offered to get it cleaned. Thats disgusting. It was only really bad the one time but it definitely happened all the time. Id come home to a puddle in my bathroom. That leads me into the staff. I must say there is really only one that is AWFUL at her job and unfortunately shes the head of staff. This woman needs a crash course on customer service. She told me that "Just like a house or a car, things happen." Yes I know, I'm not dumb, but that is why I don't live in a house or a car. I live in an apartment so that these things are constantly updated (Safety and up to code). Every time I talked to that woman she made me want to put my face through a wall. Even if I was moving into an apartment the same size and condition mine was in at Autumn Ridge and the people treated me like I was a customer and like I was giving them my hard earned money every month... Id move in a heartbeat. This place is cheap and you definitely get what you pay for. Just make sure you talk to the Asst. Manager if at all possible.
Nadia Linderman
3 years ago
Tiny apartment and over $100 in electric bills mostly due to the super old air conditioner that only works in the bedroom, so the rest of the apartment is super hot. Rude office staff. Very disappointing! We've had issues and they don't really fix them. Their website and management are VERY misleading!
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