Autumn Ridge Apartment Homes
3902 Mayfield Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
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Jeremy Palinkas
3 weeks ago
I love the location. Very close to downtown and right next door to Plainfield Meijer. I moved in March, so far, I love it here at Autumn Ridge. The office staff is very friendly, my neighbors are pretty nice, the apartments are priced pretty fair for the city of Grand Rapids, and even Plainfield Township in general. The only downside was when I had moved in, the apartment wasn't thoroughly cleaned (dust everywhere, dead bugs and dirt in one of the cabinets), chipped paint, etc. However, the maintenance crew is exceptionally fast and friendly at getting stuff done, faster than any place I've been at. Overall, nice apartments, nice location, nice staff, but the buildings themselves could use updating. Other than that, I have enjoyed my experience here at Autumn Ridge and plan to renew my lease once my current one ends.
Melanie Murrell
2 months ago
Office ladies are lovely. My neighbors are quiet and mind their own. I dont have any problems!
Stacy Butler
7 months ago
I have lived here for 5 years, the past 1 has been without a lease as we cannot wait to find a way out. the rent is close to $200 more than when we moved in, they paint over cigarette/tar stains so after a few months your walls just turn yellow, my bathroom stinks of cigarettes and we don't smoke. Our floor is weak around the tub that rarely drains properly. You can hear people walking on the balcony out front at all hours. They tell you that you need to have a parking sticker or you'll get towed for parking in resident spots, but we constantly have no parking in front of the building and few people have stickers anymore. They starting allowing dogs, the website says small or medium dogs, no vicious breeds...there is a Saint Bernard in one the apartments...that's not a medium or small dog...they bark at all hours, the people let them out and then yell for them for 20 minutes. They 'repaved' the complex but didn't fill in the pot holes, just covered them with a new layer of tar so they're back to being holes in the ground after two/three weeks. We have people that smoke outside on the balcony so we get smoke in our apartment if we want our windows open in the spring/summer. On the upside, most of our neighbors are friendly. They like to share their music with you at all hours of the night and day. I got to listen in on a great action movie at 3am the other day...not sure what one...but the explosions were fantastic. They'll help you with your laundry by opening the dryer before it done and letting your clothes air dry. If you rent the 'storage' room in the laundry room they'll even help themselves to your stuff (Even if you have it locked up). Really friendly people. Its not all bad...that maintenance crew (When they get your work order) are fantastic, friendly, and try to get the work done in a timely manner. I would personally recommend Zach for anything you need, he's friendly and great at what he does. Best staff member here in my opinion. A few of the ladies that work in the office are really sweet and friendly, there is one (Sadly I don't know her name) that I try to go to for everything when I need to. If you want a loud, over priced apartment that will cost you an arm and a leg in electric bills, yellow smoke scented walls, creaky floors, and outdated appliances, this place is great!
marybeth wright
9 months ago
update>> Recent "gift" offer from office awarded to tenant that offers a positive feedback. Make sure you drive through here on the weekend evenings to get a good idea of what your going to put up with. update>>I made online maintenance request about air conditioner not cooling properly. came home and found repair ticket states a/c is working fine, then opened my july2015 electric bill and it was 48% higher than last year and I'm only home a few weekends!!!! $96 for one month of weekends! let that soak in a minute!! these decade old air conditioners are horrible on second floor apts.<< junk cars taking up prime parking spots. old semi allowed to take three spaces). lease states NO commercial vehicles or vehicles requiring more than one space. this has been another ongoing complaint. the worst part is the hot water issue!!! the water fluctuates from hot to cold because of old boiler, so they turn the hot water up to scalding HOT! taking showers is dangerous as your water temperature fluctuates from cold to scalding. New policy with new owners and now we have barking dogs, a few are large pit-bull mix, horrible snow clean up, gap along entire balcony for "snow chute" wide enough for an adult foot to fall through , new flat charge for utility $20 these are the same old inefficient appliances, same closet doors that fall off broken track. I will never recommend this place.
Dawn Turner
10 months ago
Quit easy to get to store meijers right next door,other store right down the road .I love the staff I call with a problem they fix it right away maintains is alsome .they put ramps up for easier to get I. My apt the only thing why put in light carpet when u no a person s in a wheelchair. I love it out very one is friendly
Patricia Rosloniec
a year ago
The office staff are so sweet! If I need something in my apartment fixed, the maintenance staff take care of it in a very timely manner. Right next door to grocery store, makes it very convenient. Quiet environment, friendly neighbors. I really love living here.
Anthony Duebler
a year ago
I've lived at Autumn Ridge for a year and love it. The staff is friendly and helpful. The rent is affordable. I just signed a new lease and received a free carpet cleaning. I plan on staying for a long time.
hannah smith
a year ago
wonderful staff. very warming welcoming and works with every time
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