Villas D'Este
125 Via D Este
Delray Beach, FL 33445
7 Google user reviews
Laurie Garretson
a year ago
Excellent place to live - the surroundings and apartment is top notch. Leasing team is professional, attentive and friendly. Highly recommend!
Harry Stamas
a year ago
I have really enjoyed my stay here so far. Very attentive management and top. Itch maintenance crew are top on my list. Annual rent increases are expected but at a $45 a month/year increase seems a little high and if you plan to stay a long time can get pricy.
Justin Baker
2 years ago
DO NOT LIVE HERE IF YOU HAVE A PET!!! This place appeared to be a fantastic place to live at first glance and we did not have much trouble while living here. However, 6 months into our lease we decided to get a dog. The apartment complex charged us a $400 "pet deposit" to have a dog on premise. We had already given them a $400 security deposit up front when we signed the lease as well. When we moved out they claimed that there were “pet stains” all throughout the apartment and that the carpet had to be replaced entirely. I know for a fact that my dog did not have accidents in the house as he was always crated or under my direct supervision because I worked from home. The dog wasn't even allowed upstairs!! They stated the following as their reasoning "we ripped up all of the carpet and had our maintenance man get on his hands and knees to smell the stains in the carpet and he determined that they were in fact pet stains and that they were all over the apartment." They not only took the $400 security deposit but sent us an invoice for an additional $900 to replace the carpet. When I asked why they were not using the Pet Deposit towards this total amount, they said that it wasn't a pet deposit but rather a pet fee and was nonrefundable. Why do I need to pay a pet fee if you can just claim that my dog caused damages to carpet?? We received a certified letter that demanded we pay the amount in full in less than 30 days or be sent to collections. After receiving this, we visited with the management staff to discuss the invoice. We asked to see the carpet or the pet stains and they refused. They showed us photos of "stains" from a piece of carpet but had no way of showing us that it was from our Unit. When we asked to have copies of the photos they refused. We asked how we knew that they were from our Unit if they are refusing to show us the proof. Their management responded rudely with “How do you know they are NOT from your Unit?!?” We paid over $20k in rent and fees to live there for a year and they still want more money out of us. I wish I would’ve read the reviews before choosing to live there because I have seen several other complaints about the exact same scenario. They charge a small security deposit in the beginning to entice people to live there and then invoice an astronomical amount of money when you leave on nonsense and false claims.
Michael Grife
6 years ago
Villas is in a great location. The pool is phenomenal. The maintenance staff does a great job keeping the place clean. They also come fix things very quick when they break. On the down side, the walls are very thin. We had a problem with a dog barking next to us and waking us up at all hours. Villas was nice enough to move that person to a new unit. However, you can sometimes hear your neighbors conversations, etc. It's pretty good value and location for a rental community, but be prepared for the noise.
Maya Alford
8 years ago
My husband and I have enjoyed living in this rental community for almost 3 years. For the most part, neighbors here are pleasant and friendly, and mind their own business. The few annoyances that exist are: There are certain pet-owners who refuse to pick up waste left by their dogs, which can leave areas of the grounds less appealing and unsanitary; There are a few inconsiderate tenants who violate no-parking rules and speed-limits in posted areas. However, the Property Management Team at Villas D Este has always been very polite and accommodating to us, and any concerns or service/maintenance calls are taken care of quickly and efficiently. The pool area, clubhouse, and gym amenities are wonderful!
A Google User
7 years ago
I moved down to Florida about 2 years ago and moved into this place sight unseen. The place is simply beautiful! The grounds are kept clean and tidy. The staff and Denise are really nice and make you feel at home. The maintainence guys are real quick. I had an issue and I called up and it was fixed the same day. They always hold all kinds of BBQ's and functions at the clubhouse which has a really nice pool and hottub. The gym is nice and there's lots of sidewalk space to go for walks around the lake or walk your dog. I live in the 2BR Townhome with 2 car garage. I really have no complaints about my place at all. I've had no issues except for a leaky faucet which I fixed myself. The places are a little pricey, but you get what you pay for - a great apartment, great service and a great location (minutes from downtown Delray and the beach). My only other complaint about the place is that in my section, they seem to keep renting all the apartments to college kids who think they are straight out of "Need For Speed" and are always flying through the parking lots with their loud, souped up cars. Hey it's cool that you have a nice car and all, but no one else in the neighborhood cares about your new exhaust system, bro.
A Google User
8 years ago
Our family has lived in this community for two years; currently we reside here. Although the prices seem a bit higher than surrounding neighborhood rentals, there is a reason. This community is exceptionally clean and well-maintained. The staff is friendly (Especially Denise in the front office) and the maintenance staff is always on-the-ball. If something breaks down, the staff is quick to respond. If something doesn't seem quite right, they're there when you call. I have to admit that our family might be a bit more demanding than other families, as I am a SAHM and am always home, but I have consistently received professional responses and prompt attention regardless. To our family this is well-worth the additional funds we pay per month. There aren't a lot of children around (if you have kids); the neighborhood is quiet and very serene. There is a beautiful pond/lake in the center of the community where a family of ducks have taken residence, and the turtles abound. The pool is kept fairly clean; as are the tennis courts. There is a small playground, but it is in need of small repairs and re-conditioning. As far as the other tenets. Here's the thing... regardless of what type of community you live in, if it is a rental community, the people living there are not going to be as friendly as compared to a community filled with homes. After work, when people are out walking their dogs, most say "hi" without hesitation at Villas D' Este. And if they don't, isn't it reasonable that you say "hi" first? After a smile and a wave, we've never been passed without an acknowledgment; and usually even get to pet an eager Cocker Spaniel or Terrier who likes to give warm wet kisses. Also, take into consideration that if you are from the North, South Florida's friendliness is a bit different...than say Tennessee or the Carolinas. We're still getting used to the difference. I would say that if you are contemplating renting from this community, you will love it! (Also, keep an eye out for move-in specials. We got in during the summer when they were running a move-in special, which helped with the higher costs.)