Capitol Place
850 Sacramento Ave
West Sacramento, CA 95605
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Kelly Starr
2 months ago
Extremely frustrated that management would leave a letter on my door saying I have 3 days to clean off my porch and balcony yet there is literally nothing to pick up so this letter makes no sense and I feel like we're just being randomly targeted . Just talked with my downstairs neighbor they said their apartment was flooded recently due to a upstairs tenants and yet the people renting had to pay out of pocket to have movers transfer all of their belongings and furniture to the apartment that they got moved to. Honestly I think if the apartment wants to charge for every little thing they can charge for these people should have never had to pay to have their stuff moved to the new apartment. On top of them paying to have their stuff moved , they mentioned they are constantly being harassed by management and being told they need to start paying a higher rent for a 2 bedroom 2 bath when they were moved from a 2 bedroom one bath and never even wanted a 2 bed 2 bath apartment but had no choice but to move when their apartment got flooded. I have 2 babies and a fiance, I work 18 hours a day busting my butt working 2 jobs and my boyfriend works 12 hours a day in a factory. It has honestly became a nuisance to have to deal with all the extra bullcrap that has come along with moving here.i pay 1309 plus 75 bux for water and sewer , I do not think the resedance should be treated like this especially when the apartments are not even worth the amount that we pay. There is not enough here that makes these apartments worth this amount. Every time I go to the hot tub it is not even hot! Why pay for an amenity that I am not even getting to use 50% of the time? Also they disabled the gate code to get in and every night I watch about 15 cars pile up behind each other even out onto the main street and they all almost get into a car accident just trying to get the gate open to be able to get to their apartment that they pay a lot of money to live in! Honestly it has become so ridiculous. The tenants are becoming extremely pissed off just trying to get home after a long day of work and I think it is complete bullcrap they cannot get to their own apartment. Some of them are so mad recently I heard a couple of them are going to get together to hire a lawyer to go up against the people managing these apartments for being targeted and wrongly treated and getting false reports put out on them . And maybe I wouldn't believe the tenets if it came from one , but when you have multiple people that day the same thing and didn't even know each other before these incidents , and then myself getting this random God damn letter on my door that made absolutely no sense to me , I have nothing more to believe than what I see with my own eyes and what my co residents are saying. I have never been so irritated living somewhere than I am now especially since I have a quiet family that keeps to themself and never bothers anyone , I don't ask for anything and I go about my day and take care of my kids and go to work. I am so over all of this bullshit. And if a district manager could contact me that would be great because honestly I don't even want to deal with the people in the office anymore and their weird ass letters they post with no phone call or warning.
Alvie Garcia
6 months ago
Nice location...just an average apartment complex
Mari Recania
9 months ago
Don't do it !!!! U will regret it ! Car got broken into 3 TIMES!!!! Can't walk anywhere in the neighborhood to many homeless people asking for money !!!
Sheri Drips
a year ago
I don't have an experience here but wanted to comment. I am retired and looking for an apartment for my 20 something daughter and I now. No. One: I stay far away from Property Mgt companies! No. Two: There are very stringent laws about renter's rights in California. Look on the internet ..... if someone does you wrong, take them to small claims court after looking up the laws.
Taylor Tran
a year ago
People who work at this apt are a true liar. My brother just came in today and asked for the price of a 2x1 unit, and they told he that the rent will be $1250(utility included). However, after my brother signed his lease, he was told that utility will be paid by the tenant, so now his monthly rent will be $1400 (not $1250). Holly crappp! How can they trick people like that? Stay away from this horrible apt pls!
audrey ramirez
a year ago
Honestly I don't know where to start, I don't want to write paragraphs in paragraphs so I'm just going to do a number of things I've been living here for about 6 months and they are terrible apartments 1. Very ghetto Apt dirty people living here the whole apartment complex smells like dog species 2. I should have known they will be Dirty Ghetto apartments because of the area but I figured they wouldn't because the rent is so high 3. These apartments take section 8 I have a neighbor that only pays $20 a month in rent this is a big company they have Apt all over the West Coast all they care about is money not the tenants once they get your money they're done dealing with you also apart of the apartments are affordable units only paying under $100 so that explains a lot of the ghetto stuff that goes on in these departments 4. I thought there was a pound limit with dogs there are big huge pitbulls all over the apartments and they are not even on leashes 5. The pool is always a little dirty and a lot of ghetto teenagers in the pool that's why they started wearing wristbands this year because the whole neighbourhood go swimming in a pool 6. The main reason why I like these apartments is because the one from Southport same owners is $200 more and I work downtown for the state so it is closer to my job the amenities are perfect to ceiling fans nice washer dryer but very bad quality and very little closets and I got a used carpets the doors from the bedroom closets the pantry and the washroom come on hook all of the time they fall off the track 7. Very thin walls you can hear the people upstairs from you like crazy. Every Monday morning the garbage people wake you up garbage cans are way too close to the apartments 8. Every night the train rattles the apartments and very loud also a bunch of dumpster divers everyday no use for having a secured gate anyone could get in the apartments 9. People have no respect there is trash everywhere also they will park in your space and there are no visitor spots only about 4 on my side they are always taken 10. And most of the tenants that have garages their garages are open all night like a extra living room very trashy 11. My car got broken into three times 12. Every single tenant I talk to hates the place 13. The management team in the office they act like they are luxury apartments these are far from luxury also very poor quality worse than Ikea 14. Usually if you work in an apartment complex you live there for a very small price and no one in the office lives in these apartments that says something 15. Once they get their money they're done with you they work on a commission based if they don't least enough Apt they can lose their job they don't care about me and they don't care about YOU its all about money 16. The neighborhood is so ghetto you can even go to the corner store also the helicopters are in the sky every other week looking for suspects 17. Kids knock on my door every other day asking me to buy candy Please look out swear don't even think about these apartments even though they are nice apartments from the outside the neighborhood plays a big part in the people that live here a lot of them are on section 8 it's not worth it I don't feel safe here at all
Mlc">A Google User
8 years ago
Do not sign your lease here. Bad management that changes every month, very disorganized, and when I moved out, they basically took my whole deposit. They said they needed to paint every wall in the apartment for the following reasons: 1. white spots on a white wall - what???!!! i filled in nail spots with spackle and they commented that it needed to be professionally painted 2. "WALL ODORS" - this is the reason why ALL of my walls need to be repainted . They said that d/t cooking from the kitchen, the walls have an odor on them. Did the inspector sniff my walls?? WTF. Also, neighbors vary - didn't feel too safe in the complex. The gate was always broken so it really was useless, the security guard i found sleeping in the gym once and I got my rent check stolen once from the deposit (given they moved the box in a safer location after that incident). SO PLEASE, if you don't mind neighbors who you don't feel safe around, disorganized management, and living in a pretty unsafe neighborhood, come. The perks are the complex is pretty new when you move in, other than that, dont come here.
Mlc">A Google User
5 years ago
Horrible management and ghetto tenants make this apartment complex a nightmare to live in. i wouldnt recommend it for anyone
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