Cresent Heights
40800 Sunflower Rd
Murrieta, CA 92562
7 Google user reviews
katie lafferty
a year ago
This was my first apartment and I have had no problems with them! When we first moved in there were some roaches but it was taken care of immediately and they were very prompt with fixing my washing machine when I called it in. The ladies in the office are so sweet and the maintenance men are awesome. It's a good price and is close to everything. Would probably renew my lease if I worked closer, I wish they had another office closer to the coast.
TA Martin
a year ago
Very nice amenities located in walking distance.
Lexis Cooper
3 years ago
Never move here!! The management staff is very rude. It is suppose to be a gated and secure, the gates never actually work. I moved in with my boyfriend and we were there for four months before they finally fixed them. Once they did they also put up a camera and no joke like 3 days later the camera was stolen off the gates and before you know it the gates were broken again. Also my boyfriend has motorcycles and we keep it chained to the parking cover pole and the chain ws cut twice, and the ignation was tampered with. We stayed up one night just because of our worries on the bike and we ended up chaseing two people out of the complex that trying to steal the bike. we call the police file a report and when we take it to the office the next morning the told us that it was out problem and they wont do anything to prevent this. Also the police man had said when he first pulled up that the gates should be closed and he filed a complant about the apartments as well. I got to the point that we just decided to leave. they are rude. and avery time after we complained to them and we would see the managment walking around the complex they give a mean and rude look. Save yourself the stress and keep out!! Also they have a raccoon AND skunk there A LOT in the complex, so be careful!!!!
Geena Ruiz
a year ago
Mlc">A Google User
5 years ago
This was my first apartment, and for a first apartment experience I couldn't have asked for anything more fantastic. The staff are always polite and helpful. When something breaks they are quick to respond. No bug or rodent problems, always a parking spot. Only downside is sometimes people like to park BEHIND YOUR CAR and block it, but other than that this place is awesome. A bit pricey though, if they lowered their rent to where I could afford it I'd move back there.
3 months ago
Angela King
4 months ago