Sandpiper Apartments
1496 Spring Ln
Salt Lake City, UT 84117
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Andrew Martinez
7 months ago
I've been here over 2 years. The Sandpiper staff is very professional, attentive, and friendly. Extremely dog friendly. I have an older two bedroom unit with huge patio, and views of the valley. The area is well maintained and I've had no issues (crime, vandalism, trashy people, major repairs, pests). Centrally located, quiet neighborhood. Three swimming pools, and nice fitness center. Utilities are a bit pricey in the winter time for the size of my apt. Windows should be double-pane and weather stripping replaced. However, I really like it here very much and it's worth it.
Robin Chappell
6 months ago
Lived here for almost two years. This is hands down the best place I've ever rented. The management is amazing, the apartments are nice, and the location is great. I would live here again if I ended up in a situation where I needed to rent again.
Alisha Rappleye
7 months ago
Sandpiper Apartments have been so great. They are pet friendly and very quiet. I hardly see any of my neighbors and when I do they are so nice. There are multiple pools and a great workout area. They are currently building a dog park that I'm so excited for. It's so nice to just take a walk around the complex, it's so pretty with lots of grass and bushes and trees. The unit we are in is so nice, it feels like a town home. We have vaulted ceilings and nice counter tops and lanolin flooring that looks like wood. The floors are my favorite! Nothing here resembles an apartment, it's all more town home style with your own little fenced in courtyard. No one above you or below you ever. Just next to you and I never hear my neighbors ever. We have a garage and we love it. There's always lots of uncovered parking next to you for additional parking spots as well. With any maintenance concerns they were quick and happy to fix anything needed. Such a great complex. I recommend anyone to move here! It just feels like home.
Evan Arnold
a year ago
My Wife and I are really enjoying the townhouse style apartment we are renting here. Its a good layout for us and there is lots of space. Having a real garage has been really nice and a closed in backyard for the dog. The street we live on is very quite and we never hear the neighbors, just the occasional kids playing or dog. The whole neighborhood is very pretty and laid out nicely. Very Dog and Cat friendly. Lots of pet owners here. Our Dog loves his daily walk around the neighborhood, I like the conveniently placed Poo bags around that make it easily to clean up after your dog. (Wish more people actually picked up their dogs poop though) They really take care of the place, all summer they have been renovating the buildings exteriors keeping everything looking nice. The Office and the maintenance staff are always nice and respond quickly to issues that arise. The Price is on the higher end of the rent spectrum, but you know that going into it. We like this location a lot and would like to stay, We hope they don't raise the rent much at the one year mark.
Chardannae Lujan
a year ago
We have lived here for a year in a 2 bed/1 bath apartment. Although it's a little pricy, you expect that in Holladay because it's such a good quiet area to live in. We absolutely love it here. The office has always been very prompt about telling us when there will be construction. Since we've been here they've repainted our neighborhood and replaced all the fences with white vinyl. It looks incredible. There are 3 pools to swim in, all freshly renovated. No bugs here whatsoever, except for the occasional spider. Any time I've had an issues with our toilet or any other part of the apartment the crews here get right on it and it's fixed within the hour. We've run into some personal financial issues and the office has always been very good about working with us to make sure that we can stay current. Amazing place to stay!
Paula Baker
2 years ago
We just moved here and were initially so excited at the layout and the neighborhood. The prices is great at 1300 for a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath, but so many things have gone wrong. When we moved in there was dust on all of the surfaces in the house. The walls in the bathrooms were streaked yellow from poor ventilation and the toilets and bathroom were filthy; there was even an empty toilet paper roll behind the toilet! Management promised to clean it, but no one ever came so I cleaned 1500 square feet of someone's filth. Since then the water heater has broken, the dishwasher is broken, the construction crews doing remodeling knocked out the power for over 8 hours, and the staff is always finding ways to come in to the apartment. Now we got a notice that says that management "just found out" that a roofing company will be working from 8 am until 7 pm every night for the foreseeable future. This is a blatant lie as roofing repairs have been ongoing throughout the very large location since we moved in. Plus, I highly doubt the business office would not have planned a new set of roofs in to the budget. The truth is that they just got around to letting us know so we couldn't complain. My husband and I both work from home and the interruptions are really really annoying. We haven't decided if we will renew our lease, to be honest all of the run-renovated areas (which we live in) are really filthy, the fences around the yards are falling over, and there is trash literally all over the place. The renovated areas are much nicer, but cost about 120 a month more.
Zac Mussatt
4 years ago
We have really enjoyed our time at Sandpiper. We live in one of their two bedroom town homes. It's really awesome to have a garage. The maintenance guys and management have been awesome both with any service calls, and with regular maintenance. I had a problem with my AC, they responded the next day and it was fixed promptly. I've never had any incidents with crime or break in's. There is another review (in all caps) that I feel is way off from how it is. Yes, they have you pay for your utilities. Why wouldn't you pay for your gas? or water?
brayden O'Donnell
a year ago
Terrible place to live over priced continue to have problem latest problem was a hole in our ceiling and water pouring out then they have the nerve to complain about my dog last winter we didn't even have heat and they said fixed it when they finally did they almost killed my dog by turning the heat up to 80 degress and leaving they have left my dog out of our back yard by entering without me there if you are looking for some where to live this is not the place
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