Lakeside At Town Center
425 Williams Dr
Marietta, GA 30066
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Deana Coe-Carroll
2 weeks ago
Very nice luxury apartments...hardly consider it an apartment its so nice. Staff is Very professional and helpful. Troy is very personable and helpful. Jessica guided us through the entire process and made it easy breezy!!!! Only problem is insulation.
Taunisha NeonurseRN
6 months ago
I moved in 2.5 years ago. The property was great than the owners sold the property and frequent changes in the management company, the property has had a huge decline. On Monday. July 20, my car was stolen from the property in front of my garage. Several other residents car we're broken into. There has not been any communication to the residents informing them of the potential safety risk. The customer service is very poor. I am very disappointed. Corporate does not return any calls. I do not recommend this property to anyone.
Taryn G
6 months ago
When I first moved here 2 1/2 years ago, I loved it! Never had an issue. Leasing office was so attentive and nice. Last year new management took over and they are horrible. They don't care about you, they just want your money! I renewed again in June for another 9 mos (not by choice) and my rent went up another $175, ridiculous! It's not worth the money, especially when your dealing with Kimberly (manager) and the other leasing agents. The ONLY ONE who is pretty decent is Trent. This past Sunday/Monday my boyfriend and I had our cars broken into. They stole everything from him and come to find out, my neighbor in the next building had her whole car stolen and others in her building had there cars broken into as well. When I brought this to their attention, they couldn't care less. They wouldn't do a damn thing about it and have yet to send out a letter to make others aware and to advise extra precautions. This, among other incidences, has forced me to terminate my lease. I will not WASTE another dime on an over-priced apartment dealing with such a disrespectful staff. There is a man made "cut-threw" in the back of the neighborhood RIGHT IN FRONT of my building inviting any and everyone to roam around the neighborhood. Yes, THEY DO KNOW ABOUT THIS CUT THREW in their oh so "safe" community. The gate is wide open during the day... Defeats the whole gated community aspect of it, once again, inviting ANY AND EVERYONE IN. Don't waste your time or money on this bullshit.
Raylecia Gorniak
a year ago
I currently reside here, within 2 weeks of our move my boyfriend's motorcycle got stolen. I kindly asked for a discounted rate for a garage being that $6000 was just stolen out of our pockets and one of the ladies in the office basically told me in nicer words that it is not their fault that we didn't have full coverage insurance and that she would see what she could do. She has failed to contact us with any information for about over a month ago. I was disgusted by her attitude being that we were new to Georgia and we have chosen their GATED community to be somewhat safely secured. Now I don't even feel okay to leave my car unattended while I'm taking my groceries up the stairs, or leaving my apartment unlock while I take my dog out to do his business. The reason why I give two stars is because they're well maintained and the community/neighbors are soooo nice and welcoming, other than that screw this place definitely not renewing our lease next year! Oh and our motorcycle wasn't the only vehicle stolen here, we've talked to plenty of neighbors and there were a couple of others stolen and stripped for parts. So you are forewarned!!! Thank you for the welcome gift Lakeside at Town Center.
Delonee McBride
a year ago
I'm moving out in two weeks and I couldn't be happier!!! Pros: The apartments are very spacious and the location is great-you have easy access to 75 and you were are 7-8 mins from Town Center Mall. They do a pretty good job of maintaining the complex. The trash used to overflow but since the new management, it hasn't really been a problem. Cons: The insulation in the apartment is horrible! You definitely can hear your neighbors on all sides. I was unfortunate and got a neighbor who has a stereo system below me and a guy with a dog above me so I had plenty of sleepless nights. They do have a courtesy officer, but he doesn't respond until at least 30 mins after you call (when he actually responds). I would recommend getting a top floor unit that is on the side away from the parking lot (stay away from building 12). The office staff could be better. They are nice, yes, but they don't communicate well with each other. I turned in my 1 month notice to one person and a few days later I get a call from another asking me when I was renewing my lease. They have a beautiful lake that is nice to walk around, but the sidewalks are covered in geese poop during the summer. The laundry facility is nice but a few of their dryers have burned holes in my clothes. My tires were slashed recently by a neighbor so I would also suggest a garage if any are available.
Tiff Coll
3 months ago
I went to just visit my friend for a few nights and the neighbors were so loud outside and banging on walls it was like being in a cheap hotel. Smh
Anonymous Smith
a year ago
The walls and flooring are very thin, meaning you will easily be able to hear your neighbor with a sound system below you or the person exercising above you. The ground are kept up well, but there are just way too many geese in the complex.They leave poop and feathers everywhere. The laundry facility could be cleaner. There are a lot of children that live here.
Hayden BurnieMc
a year ago
The insulation or acoustics between the apartments need to be upgraded. These apartments could use a thicker carpet or floor padding to cushion the sound of footsteps above your head in the bedroom and other parts of the apartment. The noise barrier is like living in the hood, even though they are fairly attractive units. But the flooring is CHEAP!!!
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