Springhouse Apartments
3851 Belleau Wood Dr
Lexington, KY 40517
6 Google user reviews
Sarah Green
a month ago
Love the management team they have! I recently moved out, but it was due to getting married and purchasing our own home but I will send anyone who is looking for a place to go to Spring House!
Rickelle Hill
a week ago
Neighbors were so rude! They staff never did anything about it. My car was vandalized, I think it was a racism issue!! Worst place I have ever lived !!!!!
Emily Miller
2 years ago
This is my second year at Springhouse. To be honest, I was ready to sign up for year three, until a recent change. Let me start by saying that until now, everything this complex has said has been true. There were no hidden agendas, the amenities were as they promised, the apartments are nice and clean. You never hear your neighbors, and they love pets, which was important to my roommate and myself. However, recently they enforced a switch of internet and cable providers. We moved from Insight which we payed around $80 for fast internet, cable in three rooms, dvr, and showtime. We are now paying considerably more for slower internet, cable in one room, dvr, and no on demand options or HD channels. If we wanted the exact same services? The cost would be around $140!! We were not given an opportunity to stay with a service that has been good to us for years. It may seem like a small inconvenience but every dollar matters in our household. Not to mention we were without cable or internet for several days due to the mandatory switch. This has left a bad taste in our mouths as well as our neighbors. Leinbach (the owner of this complex) also enforced this in their other complexes, no doubt because they get a portion of the money. What's sad is how many people I know who will not be renewing their lease over this issue. I had advised several friends to consider this complex and now have asked them to look at other options. It's a shame to leave with a bitter taste in my mouth.
A Google User
5 years ago
When my husband and I signed our lease last year before they finalized it, we were informed that the community had been sold and new management would soon be taken over. We were hesitant but seeing how we had no where else to go we signed the lease and are very happy we did. Every service call we have ever made has been addressed within 24 hours. The maintanence and office staff are very friendly and helpful, and when approached with a question if they do not knwo the answer they are up front and honest about not being well informed. Ask for time to look into and with 48 hours we hear from them. We rarely hear any noise coming from other apartments and are looking forward to renewing our lease with them next month. The new management group that has taken over have made several upgrades to the building. New exterior paint and balconies. As far as parking is concerned I am always comfortable walking in late at night. People tend to comment for when it's actually a complaint, I thought a compliment was in order for outstanding service.Thanks Spring House!
A Google User
4 years ago
Nice cheap rent we got a deal 600$a month buy it seems like the apt is falling a part. Tile In the bathroom were falling off... the plumbing is nasty full of rust or iron. And the floor boards are coming slightly loose along with the carpet in the hallway. We won't stay more than two years if that.
A Google User
4 years ago