Cape Cod Apartments
13030 Blanco Rd
San Antonio, TX 78216
7 Google user reviews
Camilla Martinez
2 months ago
I regret signing a renewal lease with this complex. I should have known it was a bad idea when the leasing agent was eating and not making eye contact when I went in to renew it. I was excited to live in a place where the office staff isn't unpleasant which was the case until they re-staffed. Anywhere from mold issues not immediately being resolved to the leasing agent not inputting my money order (which was not post dated) for weeks. Not to mention, the new manager (nice, but unfortunately unhelpful) relayed to me that I was one of multiple unhappy tenants she spoke with today - it's only noon. Lastly, for the escalated rent price - keep looking. You can find a better gated community else where. Two stars for being close to work and gated. An extra because I'm blessed to have a roof over my head at all.
Marie L
a year ago
Me and my boyfriend have lived here a year and I have not had any problems with the staff which is awesome! The apt was a little too small for us BUT the neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful. Parking is kinda bad but you can always park in the front of the office if need be. Overall we enjoyed our stay.
Fiesta Pinatas
a month ago
Bad! Bad! Apartment Services,
Annamarie Cozzi
2 years ago
Without a doubt the WORST place I have ever lived. Only lived there 4 months because it was just that horrid. The apartment itself is so poorly lit, no natural light, and no overhead lighting either, except for the "dining" area which was badly wired and buzzed. I could hear Blanco road as if the windows were open. The air conditioner was extremely loud and made it very difficult to sleep. There were many many occasions where I had to park across the complex due to lack of parking. They have a salt water pool, which would be fabulous if it were ever open. Management is just awful, no one there will give you the same answer, until it gets to the manager herself who will tell you something completely different than everyone else. Advice if you already live there: get everything... EVERYTHING in writing. Didn't see the unit before we moved in, and that was the first mistake. I actually cried, the bathroom is ridiculous! The grout in the tile was non-existent in some places.I could hear everything the neighbors did in the bathroom. The kitchen was probably the most offensive thing about the place... first off, and this may seem trivial to some, but there is not a drawer in the kitchen that will fit a silverware tray. I could understand this in a unit that was tiny, but this was a 2 bdrm! The dishwasher never worked, not ever. Even after it was fixed, it didn't clean. No ice maker in the freezer, no counter space, no real cabinet space either. In just 4 months time, I watched all of my neighbors move out. There were so so so many nights where I would hate going home bc it was just that bad. I think I had one guest the entire time I lived there, I never cooked, never went in the pool (it was always closed), since moving out, I have had friends family and neighbors over for dinner....that I cooked. I go in the pool all the time here as well. I would not recommend this apartment complex.
Luz Fuentes
2 years ago
Excellent Customer Service, only place with short lease option available.
A Google User
2 years ago
You can hear everything through the walls, the place is literally equi-distant from any major highway (410 / 1604), the "new" appliances are no-name brands that are horribly inefficient, pool is never open, management is offensive and lies. Feel free to enjoy the landing pattern at 6 am everyday, and it wont stop until 11 pm. Just don't bother. I know that I often feel skeptical of peoples negative reviews, but I wouldn't have taken the time to write this unless I felt bad for other people looking. The only positive is the park nearby, but I'd much rather drive. I can't remember the last time I got a parking space next to my building. I'm horribly disappointed with the say anything leasing office.
Patrick K Currie
3 years ago