15700 Lasselle St
Moreno Valley, CA 92551
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Carolyn Rhodes
4 months ago
Signed our lease right after the new management (Broadstone) took over. We were impressed with the service upon signing the lease, and everything was more or less okay for the first 4 months we lived there. Then they started putting in wood floors in second and third floor apartments...and there went our sleep. Then they were tearing the place up making renovations - the gym was closed, the pool was closed, it took them over a week to fix our toilet at one point, and the 'courtesy patrol' was a joke as far as quieting loud residents. And, after 10 months when we received our option to renew, they wanted to increase our rent by $130/month. When we talked to them about it, they essentially said they weren't happy about it either and became very rude. When we asked them how they could justify a 10% increase in rent, they said surrounding real estate had gone up that much in the last 10 months - which goes to show you that it was a canned answer. And after 10 months of taking very good care of the place, we got $16 back from our security deposit. We moved down the street and rented a house in a nicer area for the same price they wanted for us to renew our 2 bedroom lease. Don't live here.
Kendra V
a year ago
Update: Some residents make the apartment complex a really terrible place to live, but new management wants to hear any and all complaints so they can make Lasselle Place a better, safer, cleaner and overall more enjoyable place to live. There's been a lot of changes in the recent months and a lot of the "trouble maker" residents that were just known to be loud, irresponsible, and inconsiderate are gone or well on their way out the door. Like management told me today, if they don't know what's bothering the residents or what's really annoying to some residents they're unable to fix the problem or make anything better for us. If you have issues, then speak up to management about them and they will address them. Management took it upon themselves to contact me, listen to my complaints and make sure that the issues I had were in progress of being eliminated, or are going to be eliminated. Also, my A/C unit works really great it's been super hot lately and it hasn't had any issues running, the appliances are a little beat up, but they're older and it's common for apartment complexes to have less than desirable conditioned appliances because not everyone treats their appliances like their own. Maintenance is always around and will address or fix whatever problem you have either the day of, or sometime the same week. They're very quick and able, and if they don't fix it that day they will come back the following day. Never had any issues with the maintenance workers being negligent. Like I stated in my previous review: they're upgrading apartments to laminate flooring, new stainless steel appliances, and upgrading the facilities e.g. pool, gym, office center and wifi lounge. That's all going to be super nice and I'm honestly really excited, because I think the community will be nicer and will attract a completely different demographic of people (responsible, hard working, adults) They're super busy addressing many complaints from various residents and busy making Lasselle Place a nicer, more respectable place to live. I look forward to what Lasselle Place will look like in 6 months from now.
Irma Mejia
3 years ago
I agree with the post about the service before you sign your lease and it going out the window afterwards. Anyway, first off I want to make a comment on the air conditioning systems in this complex. Moreno Valley hits temperatures up to 113 degrees and let me just say that I've had to sweat this summer out. The air conditioner does not work at ALL and the only advise the employees in the front office had was to close the vents and that there was NOTHING THEY COULD DO ABOUT IT. No, this is not just the apartment or building I was in, this is the ENTIRE complex. I mean if you enjoy sweating all day then by means go for it but in my personal opinion, I'd rather not. Second, the plumbing is weak! Don't let a single piece of toilet paper fall into the toilet, it will clog up for the rest of the day. (I know, sounds gross but hey, this needs to be known.) Third and most importantly, I have two cars in the complex and BOTH, yes I said it, BOTH were broken into. The first attempt to steal the car back fired on the thief and the second attempt on the other car was successful for the thief. Now, when I moved in, I was assured of security patroling the area all night long. Please tell me where security was when BOTH my cars were broken into? If this apartment complex wants to keep their tenants then I suggest they treat them with more respect then they are currently doing. I let them know in the front office of my incidents and NOT to my surprise, they could care less. My advise to anyone reviewing the complex before signing a lease... FIND ANOTHER APARTMENT!!!
A Google User
4 years ago
Despite the other post, I think the community is great. this is the FIRST apartment I have ever renew a lease with,The office staff are very friendly. When I call I always get an answer. The Maintanence staff are very helpful, and not just because it is there job. No staff memeber has ever walk passed me without saying "hi". I live near the pool area and love it. espically during the summer when the families are enjoying themselves. And as far as the Painting and Cleaning previously posted, in my experience all apartments charge for that regardless. I would reccomend this community to anyone!!!
A Google User
4 years ago
The office never returns phone calls or emails. If you go in to talk to them 2 days later they deny ever talking to you. It is very loud, I can hear people downstairs walking around, there are teenagers loitering everywhere.
Derrick Heath
6 months ago
Chris Twardzik
10 months ago
A Google User
4 years ago
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