Vista Lago Apartments
3130 N Jog Rd
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
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Estefania James
7 months ago
It's so hard to make a decision when you have choose your new apartment and especially when you are out of State and you can't go and tour the apartment complex. We were so fortune that Stephanie walked me through the process. We've got a new carpet, stove and micro. Stephanie was awesome...she went far and beyond...we were driving for two days from Ohio and we didn't make it to get to the apartment complex within business hours. She came to the office after business hours on a Sunday prior a holiday so we can sign our lease, get our keys and make our first payment. That was so awesome and wonderful. Then she was on top of any maintenance order that we needed it. Stephanie has made our experience a 5-star rating. :)
Dwayne Walker
in the last week
If anyone read this and apply at this business they are sick in the head. $85 for application fees which is mostly turned down. Where is the Government of Florida? Criminal record and your report when you have none. Who pays for that? IF THIS IS NOT THEFT I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS CHECK ME OUT ON YELP
Shirlene Rolle
5 months ago
Just moved on November 23rd. Stephanie is incredible, and has been until today. My hubby and I worked into the a.m 12 midnight, 1 a.m and I even started up until 2 a.m until oven cleaner went off and cooled down. Waited for it to cool down. At this moment, I am looking to call the Police. My hubby and I left with cars packed to the max...Two HUGE blue bins and a Large gray bin does NOT WALK from in front of a door without ANYONE seeing anything...We left painters there that morning... Told maintenance we were coming back to get those bins...My husband goes by to pick them up...NO bins in sight...this was NOT on the pain road where anyone could snatch them up. I don't know H)OW compromised we are right now.I do not sense the level of concern by the office workers. They would not allow e in the gate to go speak with neighbors.SOMEONE SAW something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
troy petruzzi
9 months ago
They are money hungry. Lived here for a year and had so many problems with the residence. No one kept dogs on a leash, took forever for maintenance to do anything, also came into my apartment without approval. They have you pay a $400 pet fee but then charge you $500 at the end of your lease for pet "stains" when you just had the carpets cleaned and have proof of no stains. Would never rent from there again!
B Salata
7 months ago
Its all about the $ with this company. Expect a 10% surcharge to rent for various fees and fees on top of fees. for example there is a $15 trash fee but a $4.95 processing fee attached to the statement. The gate is a joke for they are constantly run by 'your guess is as good as mine', the car wash is just a garden hose and a cement pad, and has zero sense of community. Its like living at the Marriott but not as nice. There are a lot of other options in this price range downtown.
Andrea Mack
a year ago
Lived here for a year now. Very clean! Yes the gates are broken a lot. Have no problem with the staff they are always friendly and nice. Maintenance can be a little slow getting to you but thats about it. Apartments are big and worth the money.
Adonis Smith
a year ago
It is fun and I met new friends. The office gives you Candy and they are nice people. Also, It is safe for me to walk around. The only problem is that the pool goes as deep as 5 feet.
Madeline Camejo
a year ago
Horrible place to! The leasing staff is incompetent and all they want is your money. They make errors that effect others credit and can't even admit to the fact that they messed up! Its a beautiful neighborhood but the leasing office staff made this place my top hated places to live in. Its really ridiculous how you look to the staff to help you with matters and they give you wrongful information then go on to and act as if its the residents fault. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone!
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