Vista Lago
3130 N Jog Rd
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
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Andrea Mack
3 months ago
Lived here for a year now. Very clean! Yes the gates are broken a lot. Have no problem with the staff they are always friendly and nice. Maintenance can be a little slow getting to you but thats about it. Apartments are big and worth the money.
Adonis Smith
3 months ago
It is fun and I met new friends. The office gives you Candy and they are nice people. Also, It is safe for me to walk around. The only problem is that the pool goes as deep as 5 feet.
Madeline Camejo
10 months ago
Horrible place to! The leasing staff is incompetent and all they want is your money. They make errors that effect others credit and can't even admit to the fact that they messed up! Its a beautiful neighborhood but the leasing office staff made this place my top hated places to live in. Its really ridiculous how you look to the staff to help you with matters and they give you wrongful information then go on to and act as if its the residents fault. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone!
Quentin Green
a year ago
Good place Quiet and Clean and the gate is good
A Google User
3 years ago
Lived there for a year alot of break in the apartment,i came home from work found my door slightly open,no sign of force entry ,i know i locked my door and tried it before i left home to make sure it was locked.i found my TV and some cash gone,when i reported to the rental office the accused me that i probably forgot to lock,so in other words its my fault.they did nothing not even advise or try to change my lock to insure safety to me.Tohis place is not safe,they call it gated but the gate is always broken .4pple on the complex had same break in no force entry ,so does that mean all of us we left our door open for thieves,if u ask me this is an inside plz your life is important dont go there.
A Google User
4 years ago
Vista Lago is a great place to live- it is very clean and although the gates usually have trouble I have never known a gated community to not have trouble with their gates. To be honest- they are really for show only and that goes for all communities unless the gate is manned. The compactor is a bit far away but it's not a big deal- and the grounds are really nice. The only issue that my husband and I encountered that completely ruined the community for us was our upstairs neighbors. We, and other neighbors, called the police several times in our 1 year here for domestic violence issues. We called a total of 3 times. Even after all the complaints and police reports- the tenants were allowed to stay and the issues are still continuing today. In the application process- there is a statement that proclaims any records of domestic violence will cause your application to be rejected- I was upset that the tenants were allowed to stay with this statement in place. We are moving out in a couple of days and I will say that the community as a whole is great- it's just depends on who your neighbors are. My advice- if you have a problem deal with it harshly and quickly the first time.
A Google User
5 years ago
I have lived in Vista Lago since January 2009. I am also shocked to see such negative reviews. My boyfriend and I have really enjoyed living in this community. The apartments are spacious and nice, relatively cheap, and the pool area is gorgous. I really don't have any complaints. This is my first time living in an apartment, as I have always lived in a pretty large, single family home. I have not had any experience dealing with the management because there hasn't been a need to. I pay my rent each month and go about my business. Yes, the gate is ALWAYS broken, but that's not management's fault, it's the people who plow their car through it. I don't understand how that happens? Anyway, Vista Lago has been a great experience for me, and we look forward to spending another year here, as we have just renewed our lease.
A Google User
5 years ago
X resident It was ok when we moved in, but things have changed so much. The Good : *Overall the place is kept clean. *looks nice and love the coconut trees and the walking path *Close to turnpike and most of the stores. *Kids play area ( not the best but better than nothing ) *car wash place The Bad: *Gates broken most of the time ( they dont seem to have enough keys and for lost keys they charge 25-50 bucks ) *1 Compactor is far away for lot of residents - residents carry garbage on top of their cars. *Mgmt is not the greatest - esp the manager ( luz) - they need to get rid of her. *Occationaly smell marijuna at night time. *Few residents clean up after dogs and pets. This is what it is.
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