Pleasant Springs Apartments
884 W 700 S
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
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Jaden Taylor
2 months ago
I know every place you go to is going to have problems and something is not going to go the way you want it but. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these apartments!!! They have wonderful people in the office and the maintenance is awesome and are always there same day if not the next and they are great at fixing everything you need. I definitely recommend living here!!! I've lived here for almost a year and its been great!
Carol Ann Gregory
2 months ago
One of the worst Leasing Offices I have ever worked with. The office workers seemed to go out of their way to avoid their job and were rarely helpful. They hid charges and had to be threatened to follow honest practices. We asked multiple times for a cleaning list to avoid charges when we moved out and they never gave us an answer, then charged us hundreds of dollars for "cleaning." The only positive thing about these apartments is that they are well maintained and maintenance almost always came the same day or day after we put in a maintenance request.
Dakota LPS
2 months ago
What is this? Pathetic and horrible. These apt are terrible I'm warning you now do not move here. Tbh, if I could rate any lower I would. Terrible rip off and ridiculous management and the people in the front office are very disrespectful. Worst apt EVER!
H Nicholstvon
a month ago
During our stay, our 8 yr old son had a stroke, leaving him unable to use his right side if his body until therapy will hopefully help him. We are on a third floor apartment, this will not work. We found a home to rent short term, so we can be wheelchair accessible. We paid $500 for a home buyers program, but our house is not done. So, they want $2,000, not even subtracting the $500. We had a dog there for literally 5 days, he had to move in with a friend because we are never there. Won't help us out with the $400 we paid either. Seriously, the property manager is heartless.
Danny Cook
3 months ago
We still live here and are trying to get out of our lease they won't let us out of it but a guy committed suicide down stairs. And our kids won't even sleep in their rooms anymore because the police announced they were bringing out a dead body!!! We have gone 5 days without an air conditioner it finally got fixed today at 5 o'clock we were told it be done by noon, place is ridiculous we had to stay in a hotel for 2 night$. I am from West Valley and they treat their tenants a lot better and they're on the news for shootings robberies in TC worst apartment ever I suggest nobody moves in here
Don Robertson
7 months ago
I am loving it here. I carefully read these reviews before considering these apartments, and so when it came time to sign the contract, I took a few hours to carefully read over everything in it. When I went over the contract with them, they were ecstatic to see that I had already studied it. The staff here are cheerful, helpful and have always been happy to see me. The apartment is wonderful, the neighborhood is pretty quiet and the walls seem pretty thick. My base rent is $850/month, but there is a mandatory data package that costs around $120/month, and then garbage and water/sewage utilities on top of that. All in all, my monthly cost comes to about $1,030. I love this place. It is peaceful and very enjoyable.
Dawn Lassen
9 months ago
Please people. Do not go to these apartments. They will charge you a lot of money! $1100 plus city utilities plus power and gas. You will be spending a good majority if not all of your hard earned money. These prices are way too high for Utah's cost of living. When I moved in there were lots of problems too: leaky sink, dirty kitchen, mold all over both bathrooms, water heater was broken, spiders in every room, and the ac was out. The maintenance workers are good but there are few. It took the management weeks to get to these issues.
Becki Allison
8 months ago
My husband and I moved in the end of September and so far we LOVE it here. The pet policy is very reasonable and the rent etc is on par with just about everyone else around. Our apartment is spacious and even has an actual dining room! (Usually unheard of in an apt.) We had one maintenance problem when we moved in, and it was addressed and taken care of immediately. The management and maintenance staff have been great so far and all of the fees, rent, etc. were spelled out in writing in advance, and I can even see rent and payments online and pay rent online. The community is really very nice and quiet as well. We have neighbors with dogs and children and we rarely hear anything. We will definitely be staying a while.
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