Los Altos Towers
9125 Copper Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87123
4 Google user reviews
Szette L
2 months ago
Overall it's a nice arrangement. I'm moving out of town, but the Cons would make me think twice about renewing my lease if I weren't leaving. It's a 3.5 rating but bumped it up to a 4 instead of lowering because this is above par for Abq rentals in this price range. Pros: Spacious floorplans; Generally quiet depending on neighbors; Decent available amenities (pool, exercise equipment, sauna, hot tub); Water fountain is a nice feature; Views from upper floors are nice; Well maintained building and grounds; Secure building and grounds; Friendly staff. Cons: Way too many smokers!! (can't enjoy the balcony or open doors for fresh air without regular cigarette stench and laundry room often reeks of smoke); Washers/dryers are old; Utility bill seems a bit too high (not itemized on monthly statement); Needs some upgrades (water-wasting toilet, appliances).
willard hunter
a year ago
Loved the Towers. A vertical complex. Lived there 4 years. Friendly, efficient staff. Nice neighbors. Slight criticism: utilities are prorated per building. No incentive (or possibility) to save on utilities. Security good; not perfect.
Mlc">A Google User
4 years ago
Mlc">A Google User
5 years ago