Villa Camino Apartments
2051 Geneva St # 17
Oceanside, CA 92054
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Usn Corp
3 months ago
I like to list down the about the good and the bad when i do reviews. Good Price is cheap Employees are nice Pet friendly Bad Price is cheap meaning to say a lot of low life living in this apartment. I had 2 different neighbors who are meth addic and are high on heroine. Got black mailed twice. Almost every week the police would come by because its either someone got assaulted, someone broke in to someones house, someone trying to jack your car or a fight broke out. Party almost everyweek and the management do not do anything about it. It is pet friendly, but like what i said a lot of irresponsible people who dwell here so a lot of poop get left behind. Think first before you live here.
Jon Lutz
2 weeks ago
The staff at this property have been absolutely amazing with helping my family & I relocate from Phoenix. And the views around here are spectacular!
jon lutz
2 weeks ago
This is an outstanding community! I'm proud to call this my home.
smith Na
11 months ago
Date posted: 4/6/2014 Years at this apartment: 2013 - 2014 This is the worst place to live! All the windows are single pane, The walls between units are paper thin too. The units have no A/C, dish washers, or washer dryer hook ups. The staff is rude and incompetent, and will tow your car for facing the wrong way in a LEGAL spot. The staff NEVER walks the property, they do nothing to people doing weed or blasting music at all hours of the day/night. They claim to have a security detail for the property that does nothing to discourage vandals(had my oil stolen twice!), solicitors(ever other week/more in the summer), or other people digging in the trash. These units are not child friendly, the carpet is NOT secure, the windows are NOT safe, and the circuit breakers are NOT GFCI protected. STAY CLEAR OF THIS PROPERTY!!!! The insurance is high because these units lack the proper fire walls and sprinkler system. This whole complex is just waiting for the one drunk smoker to fall asleep. I would urge ALL people to stay away! The management does not care for the people who live here. Most of the units are rented by military who are loud and do have the police called for domestic issues. Outside the complex are home owners who have kids constantly jumping the small fence and letting large groups of people into the pool who in fact DO NOT LIVE HERE. The management does not care about this either! No stars was wanted!!!
Cynthia Guinn
a year ago
This complex is a joke. They will take your money lead you to believe you will be approved and give you a hassle about returning your own money. Who has ever heard of a company cashing ones check before being approved. It was a holding deposit not a cash my check hold my money and tell me you're going to return it within ten business days then turn around and say it will take a total of 21 days you guys are a bunch of liars and I will have no problem taking you're Shady operation to small claims court for the return of my money and then some.
A Google User
3 years ago
The apartment was dirty when I moved in, I had a maintenance guy just randomly walk in one day claiming it was the wrong apartment...ya don't say! Management was rude and unfriendly. On my move out inspection the lady said she wouldn't have even cleared the place for me to move in.She said they wouldn't charge me for the carpets since they were fairly new and already tearing away from the wall. She told me what to do as far as cleaning so I wouldn't be charged he $120 cleaning fee...I cleaned that place for THREE hours doing everything she told me to...I got charges for cleaning AND new carpet installation. This place lies and cheats and has no care for their tenants.
A Google User
4 years ago
The price is good for a family starting out and management is professional. Only issue I had were nosy neighbors who don't know how to mind their business. This apartment community is predominantly military and hispanic families.
A Google User
3 years ago
DO NOT MOVE IN HERE. Its overpriced,the neighbors and management are nosy as who-knows-what, and there's always these punk kids trying to sucker you into buying magazine subscriptions.
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