Broadstone Ladera Apartments
6101 Sequoia Rd
Albuquerque, NM 87120
Ladera @ Sequoia
5 Google user reviews
Tana Shorty
reviewed 3 weeks ago
The apartment itself is really nice. The living room & bedrooms are huge. Much bigger than your average apt. Although, I had one big maintenance problem but the rest were minor. I had minor shower problems & closet sliding door problems but maintenance always responded quick & always fixed the problem. However, the one big problem I had was my swamp cooler. The first year I was there it was horrible. My apartment literally stayed in the high 90s & I was always told by the front office to crack a window, which I did but the cooler still sucked. I just figured the complex had crappy swamp coolers. The second year I was there I constantly complained about the cooler & maintenance finally figured out what was pump was broken to the cooler. It was replaced & my swamp cooler was awesome. Worked great. Like I said the apartment itself was really nice. However, the complex kinda sux. Parking is absolutely horrible. 95% of the time parking is extremely full. Both my vehicles were broken into. One of my vehicles was also stolen. Than broken into AGAIN a month after it was stolen & recovered. The camera they have at the front gate is a joke. The manager doesn't let you view the footage. I honestly don't even think it works. The security company they have rarely even patrols & when they do patrol its maybe once every other night. The pool in the back of the complex is always dirty. The pool by the office is usually clean bcuz it's right by the office so it has to look nice to potential renters. Other than those problems it's typically quiet, at least where my apt was located. My neighbors were friendly. The office staff are ok & as helpful as allowed to be. Sorry such a long review but needed to get this out there so other ppl can make an honest choice. In the end, I would never move back here.
Nicholas Provencher
reviewed 4 months ago
Highlight reel: Dead bird on walk for a week, pool/hot tub constantly has particulates in it, rude maintenance staff scowling at me for opening my door, belligerent property manager threatened us, Washer leaked for two weeks before being fixed, Dishwasher left unfixed for over 2 months, office staff losing paperwork for us to move out, and $900 charge for "pet smells" when we had the place professionally cleaned before leaving. Do NOT rent from here. Talking with long term residents indicated that their service has gone consistently downhill for the past decade.
Lonnie Snyder
reviewed 11 months ago
2 bedrooms are roomy and comfortable. Almost new appliances. Friendly staff and maintenance crew stays on top of things pretty well. Wish there were refrigerated air versus swamp coolers, but if you follow their tips to make the most of it working well - it works pretty well!
Anthony Valverde
reviewed 4 months ago
This place sucks all I want is your money always leaving the back gate open always trying people scars
John Boyd
reviewed 3 years ago