Broadstone Ladera Apartments
6101 Sequoia Rd
Albuquerque, NM 87120
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nikki padilla
3 months ago
The staff doesn't enforce any rules about trash outside of the apartments, animals running loose, people parking illegally on handicap ramps. Staff is also very eager to serve you with papers for being late on rent when you dropped off you check weeks before it was due, even if you HAND it to them. This place is ok for the price but I think I'd rather spend the money and go somewhere else where they are competent and care about their property. We were due to move in, they called and said it would be pushed back an hour, got there to get the keys, and they had JUST started cleaning the apartment. We couldn't move in until 7pm that evening. Brooke was helpful but everyone else is pretty much useless in that office. We have had shopping carts in front of our door, etc.
Daris Reno
a year ago
I love Broadstone Ladera Apartments! Great price for the amount of space and large living areas! This is my second year here and I am very happy I found these apartments. The office staff is very accommodating with fixing any issues.They always great you with a smile! I'm impressed with the complex continuing to update and upkeep the complex. I'd recommend these apartments to everyone! Also love the pool and hot tub area!
Brooke Sisneros
a year ago
Not only do I live here, I also work here. I apologize for those who have had negative experiences while living here. There has been several staff changes in the past couple of years and I think we finally found the right team. We all care and appreciate our residents and will do what we can to fulfill their needs. I love the spacious floor plans, the convenient location, and the full size washer and dryers. Please come in and meet the staff and see what we have to offer you, in return we will do our best to make this a place you love to call home.
Jadeyn Chavez
2 months ago
I guess its ok the pools not open help me.
Lisa G.
a year ago
The bedrooms and living space is large. The kitchen is small, but at least open to the living space. I loved having the full-sized washer and dryer in the apartment, but it always had a bad smell if we left the lid closed. I washed and sanitized it regularly to no avail. The back pool, if open, was rarely clean. The playground is dinky and old and the yard space is full of roots and pet poop. NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY. Everyone there seemed to be chain smokers and living in the second floor meant we got all of our neighbor's second-hand smoke. We couldn't keep our windows open for fresh air and it was worst in my daughter's bathroom and bedroom. The swamp cooler kept it at a "cool" 80 degrees inside in the summer. The heater at least didn't have to be turned on in the winter since it stayed 70 on the second floor. Whenever it rained, brown water would leak through the ceiling and down the walls of our daughter's room. They would continue having roofers out to see what was going on and then would paint over the brown spots, leaving paint splattered on our furniture, lamps and items in our closet. The closet mirrored doors were always coming off the track and hard to open and close. Our neighbors moved out and sublet their apartment (not allowed in this complex), and the new tenant hit our car, didn't have insurance, and moved out before everything was settled. Multiple other cars were vandalized with graffiti. There were multiple plumbing issues where they would have to shut down the water for the entire complex for the day, and they would give us a heads up...sometimes... We lived there for 2 years, never missed a rent payment, didn't smoke and had no pets. We tried to do short-term leases with them while my husband job searched, but they weren't able to without raising monthly rates by a couple hundred dollars. I guess they don't care to try to keep good tenants in. The large bedrooms were not worth the hassle and lack of community.
Tanalyn Shorty
2 years ago
The apartment itself is really nice. The living room & bedrooms are huge. Much bigger than your average apt. Although, I had one big maintenance problem but the rest were minor. I had minor shower problems & closet sliding door problems but maintenance always responded quick & always fixed the problem. However, the one big problem I had was my swamp cooler. The first year I was there it was horrible. My apartment literally stayed in the high 90s & I was always told by the front office to crack a window, which I did but the cooler still sucked. I just figured the complex had crappy swamp coolers. The second year I was there I constantly complained about the cooler & maintenance finally figured out what was pump was broken to the cooler. It was replaced & my swamp cooler was awesome. Worked great. Like I said the apartment itself was really nice. However, the complex kinda sux. Parking is absolutely horrible. 95% of the time parking is extremely full. Both my vehicles were broken into. One of my vehicles was also stolen. Than broken into AGAIN a month after it was stolen & recovered. The camera they have at the front gate is a joke. The manager doesn't let you view the footage. I honestly don't even think it works. The security company they have rarely even patrols & when they do patrol its maybe once every other night. The pool in the back of the complex is always dirty. The pool by the office is usually clean bcuz it's right by the office so it has to look nice to potential renters. Other than those problems it's typically quiet, at least where my apt was located. My neighbors were friendly. The office staff are ok & as helpful as allowed to be. Sorry such a long review but needed to get this out there so other ppl can make an honest choice. In the end, I would never move back here.
Briana G
2 years ago
In the 2 yrs I was there the apartment manager position was filled with 4 different people. I had previously lived at The Summit apartments which is the sister complex owned by the same company and my experience with the management there was great so I figured I would have the same experience here. That was not the case. My car was broken into and one morning I woke up to gunshots right outside my bedroom window. 4 days after I turned in the keys I received a phone call from staff stating that my deposit would not be returned to me due to me stealing the washer and dryer. I told them when I handed the keys over my washer and dryer was in the apartment, the manager told me he would look into it and call me. That call never came and I had to call him 30 days later!! when I did he kept stating I stole the washer and dyer. I then asked him to prove it and his story kept changing and he finally sent me my move out letter with dates that did not coincide with my move out. I met with him face to face to get the serial numbers for the "stolen washer and dryer" to file a police report and he stated he didnt have them but he could give me bogus numbers!! I spent 2 months dealing with the manager who seemed to have a different lie every time before I was finally able to get my deposit back only after getting court documents sent to the apartment stating I was going to sue them for violating my renters rights for not sending my move out letter to me within the allotted 30 days. Long story short DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!!!
Lonnie Snyder
3 years ago
2 bedrooms are roomy and comfortable. Almost new appliances. Friendly staff and maintenance crew stays on top of things pretty well. Wish there were refrigerated air versus swamp coolers, but if you follow their tips to make the most of it working well - it works pretty well!
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