Park Grossmont Apartments
9076 Campina Dr
La Mesa, CA 91942
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Jessica cross
a month ago
This place sucks. Leaks in the living room and kitchen and in the floor and the window right above the sink. Told them about the leak in the kitchen window above sink. They never fixed it. Unfair with how things are done. I'm 6 months pregnant and I've almost been hit 3 different times standing near a car on the street helping my husband with something. They won't do jack about it. They neighbors are loud and annoying. They have no respect for the fact that we have to get up early so we go to bed early. The blast music and vacuum at 10 pm. Rude as hell also. Only good thing is one maintenance man. Other wise this place sucks. Don't move here. Rents extremely high for shity apartments.
Erik Hunt
a month ago
Management is bad in general and the complex is bad too. Only good thing about this place is one of the maintenance guys.
Matthew Withers
a year ago
There are pros and cons to living in these apartments. Pros -Pet Friendly with no weight restrictions (They accept husky, boxers, bull dogs and labs) -There is assigned parking in front of our apartment - The location is convenient because I can get on the trolley - Gas stove is important because I love to cook and hate electric stoves - Central Air is nice too throughout the apartment and not just a wall unit - Apartments are nicely spaced out and has residential feel to it - Lots of cabinet space in kitchen and hallway - Can pay my rent online if I am out of town. Cons - Launry rooms are small and only have 1 washer and 1 dryer in every other building (Laundry Place recommended) - Fitness room is only open during business hours - Utilities can get high - Doggie stations have no bags and owners don't pick up after their dogs, which owners shouldn't have dogs if they can't take care of them. -Parents don't watch their kids and let them play in the parking and streets Like I said there are pros and cons to living here, but overall no apartment complex is perfect.
Jay James
a year ago
WORST APARTMENT EXPERIENCE EVER!! I'm 4 months away from my lease being up and if I had the money and opportunity to move out now, I would! First off, before I moved in, the leasing agent Daisy told me that each apartment unit was metered individually for water...not true. At first I thought we were using too much water made efforts to watch our usage. We never used the dishwasher and one bathroom already wasn't being used from the time we moved in because water always leaked out of the shower since there are no doors and curtains don't really help. I noticed utilities would slowly increase month after month. After seeing that the most recent bill increased by $50 over 1 month, the new manager tells me that the bill for the 4 apartment unit is divided and dispersed among our apartment units. He tells me there is nothing wrong with my bill and if any one family uses water more than the rest, the entire bill goes up! So does the trash, sewer, and water heater. Here I was cutting back to keep my bills low but I still end up paying for someone else's usage. Not to mention the noisy kids that hover in my parking lot and swimming pool all hours of the day. I've complained numerous times to the leasing office, called courtesy patrol and even LMPD regarding some of the kids climbing on the roof to jump into the pools but it doesn't look like it has been resolved unless someone gets hurt. Kids come and go within the pool area and I've had to chase some away that were smoking weed right under my dining room window which overlooks the pool. The amount I pay for this place can be spent somewhere else that is worthwhile. The only upside of this complex is the trolley and location but soooo not worth the headache! Management is worthless unless you complain; even then, you still might need to complain some more. BEWARE BEFORE YOU RENT HERE!!
leanne bains
2 years ago
The rent is extremely high. The upgrades are superficial and cheap. I lived there for 6 years and the new apartment owners never upgraded anything in my place but had no problem charging me more than incoming renters. I complained about a gas leak on/off for almost two years before they replaced my stove (that was in the wall like from th 80's) and that was 2 months before my lease was due to expire in feb 2014. At the same time they had to replace the floor and they did such a horrible job on the baseboards, they were peeling off and you could see the glue. My fridge broke and I asked for a replacement for months, I had to use my uncles for a while. Also, I had horrific plumbing issues. The maintenance guy Ted told me there was probably tree roots growing into the old pipes and thats why my bath tub kept filing up with dirty water once or twice a week. All he did was keep pouring root killer down the drains, which smelled nasty. He said after I moved out they would need to dig underneath and rplace the pipes but my old neighbor told me someone moved in less than 2 weeks after I left and no plumbing work was ever done. It looks nice on the outside... but don;t do it. The Manager Josh never responded to requests for a call back, ever. For that price you can find a waaaaaaaaaaaay nicer/newer place. Lastly, after I left they said i damaged the floor in the kitchen and charged me for replacing a whole vinyl floor (the fake wood looking floor in the kitchen). And I am positive I didnt damage it. I asked for proof and they have yet to show me anything.
Yavier Martinez
2 years ago
THIS IS THE WORST APARTMENT COMPLEX EVER!!!!!!!! My partner and I lived at Park Grossmont last year for 3 months and we had to move because the neighbors were threating us for being gay. We went to talk to the manager Josh Himebaugh and he said there was nothing he can do. We also told him that these same individuals were dealing drugs outside in the complex and he also said he couldn't do anything. We finally moved, and we received a bill for the utilities company they have charging us for Electricity that we paid SDGE and is now in collections. We been been going back and forth with Josh (Manager) to let us know if this is right, to please look further into this. We received an email back in May saying that he was going to take care of it and he didnt. Now is in our credit report and he is not answering our calls or emails. WORST APARTMENT COMPLEX TO LIVE IN!!! DO NOTTTT MOVE HERE!!!!!! Management is worthless. OH, Also when we went to see the apartments the staff was nice and all, but don't let that fool you. The Hispanic lady at that time she was really nice and talkative and all. Once we got the apartment she was really rude and cold. Also we were given a unit nothing compare to the one we saw and was promise that our unit was going to be same exact layout and ALL... nothing it was a DUMP to say the least. DONT RENT HERE!!!!
Sara Roberts
3 years ago
I have lived at Park Grossmont for almost a year now and am definitely a fan. I moved-in in the middle of the renovations. My apartment is upgraded and I haven't had any issues! In 11 months, I have only had 1 maintenance issue and it was plumbing related. The location is great since I use the trolley to get to work. Grossmont center mall, Walmart, Target, Albertsons, Trader Joes, etc are all right down the street. I don't really use the Pool or the Gym but they are nice to have. Also, the new management and maintenance are really friendly and helpful. When my lease ends next month I will definitely be renewing for at least another 12 months.
A Google User
5 years ago
Worse place I've ever lived. Children are horribly destructive, loud, rude. At least my little building has had quiet people but the rest of this place sucks. The maintenance staff sucks. They are rude, don't do their jobs. They do an annual inspection of everyone's units and block off roughly 4 days where they need access to your unit. You can't make appointments or request a special time. They come in, check 4 things and are out in minutes and NEVER return to fix the broken things.
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