Saffron Indian Cuisine
10044 Cross Creek Blvd
Tampa, FL 33647
Indian RestaurantAsian Restaurant
Today12:00 – 3:00 pm
People talk about goan fish curry, lunch buffet, strip mall, garlic naan and goat curry
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Sean Leathem
reviewed 3 weeks ago
First impression: it's wonderful! We walked in and it smelled really nice, it definitely makes you crave Indian food. The salesperson was very kind and very helpful. After eating: I'm thoroughly impressed. I was a bit nervous being that it was a new place, but I have to say, the food was amazing. They definitely delivered. I will be eating here again.
anu vaidya
reviewed 2 months ago
Absolutely Delicious, went there to eat on a Sunday. They were a little busy and 2 of the staff working the floor. Buffett did not offer any punjabi vegeterian options so we ordered the lunch. The food was absolutely delicious. Hands down the best punjabi I have had in a while and I am from Orlando area. The appetizers, food and side dishes were all perfect. The service was slow we had to wait a while for few things we asked for. Definitely recommend food from here, just have patience.
Ramnarayanan Rm
reviewed 3 months ago
This is one of the worst indian restaurant / food i have ever tried / tasted before. I went for a weekend buffet today and the cost of the buffet was too expensive for the food they have offered in the buffet. Most of the trays in the buffet were empty and the restaurant people did not even bother to re-fill them. I never get a chance to taste their one and only dessert on the buffet bar. We had to repeatedly remind them to re-fill our water jug, then forget about Coke we have ordered; we never got our coke ordered. When the biriyani on the buffet bar became empty, after so much of wait time, i believe, they refilled that with the mixture of white rice and one of the chicken gravy's displayed in the buffet bar (and they called it as biriyani). Taste wise food is ridiculous and par par below than some of the other Indian restaurants in Tampa. Its not even 5$ worth of buffet, but they charge 11+$. I will not go to this restaurant again and will not recommend this to anyone
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