Saffron Indian Cuisine
Saffron Indian Cuisine
10044 Cross Creek Blvd
Tampa, FL 33647
Indian RestaurantAsian Restaurant
Today11:30 am – 2:30 pm
"The Butter Chicken Masala with garlic naan was excellent."
"Best service of any Indian restaurant I have been to in the Tampa Bay area."
"Absolutely Delicious, went there to eat on a Sunday."
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a week ago
Ordered food from Saffron for my wife's b'day and the food was divine. Very authentic Indian cuisine. I am surprised by some of the reviews I saw posted when it comes to authenticity of the food. One needs to remember that there are different styles of preparation when it comes to Indian cuisine. So in order to understand the authenticity of food, one needs to understand the style in which the food has been prepared and then compare it on that basis. Without doubt this is by far the best Indian food I have tasted in the Tampa Bay Area. Several of my guest (hardcore Indians) relished the food as well and have similar feedback. Great job guys! You will be seeing more of us!
2 months ago
I have frequented this place several times and each time has upset me more and more. As a single diner, I waited for 10 minutes to even get water. Then I placed an order for 3 meals (2 to go) and a drink with my meal. Needless to say.. I never got my chutney, puri, or drink with meal. So after spending $47 dollars and never seeing the server other than taking my order, leaving a water pitcher and bringing me my meal, I up to leave with the to go order. They tried to tack on 18% gratuity AFTER TAX, on deplorable service, just because I was trying to use a Gift Certificate which did not indicate gratuity stipulations. I have no qualms about tipping 20-30% when deserved. But to try and tax me on sh!tty service and for an extra $3 in tax, they lost a customer. Too many other places to eat in Tampa.
5 months ago
I went two times. The first time we went, they let us in at 2:40 PM and told us at 2:55 PM that they need to close at 3:00 PM!! They knew they were closing in 20 mins, and they expected us to finish eating the buffet in 15 min!! Another time we went, they took 45 minutes to prepare Chicken curry and when it eventually arrived, it was so salty, I complained. They disputed, and said they'll prepare freshly and brought it back. Turned out, they didn't prepare freshly. They just added some water and "repaired it". It still tasted bad. They then took it for "tasting" it into the kitchen and told everyone else in the kitchen agreed it was awful. Then they let me go after an hour without food. The items are very poorly prepared. The good reviews here are all because a lot of them do not know what *good* tasting indian food is like. I strongly suggest everyone to go to the newly established "TABLA" on BruceB in between Target and Walmart. The owners there are very kind and the food is just awesome, especially if you enjoy good taste. If you are looking just for filling yourself up with Indian food or McDonald's, it doesn't matter, Saffron might be fine for you, if you have some extra bucks in your pocket that you like to waste.
5 months ago
This was our first time catering food from Saffron. We ordered for 100 guests. The food tasted great. The guests loved it. The items are a change from the usual menu items at many other Indian restaurants. We ordered Chicken Madras, Naan, Chicken Biryani and their unique pumpkin curry. There was enough leftover. We also ordered Rasamalai as the dessert and it was freshly prepared instead of being purchased and resold to us.
a month ago
The Butter Chicken Masala with garlic naan was excellent.
a month ago
The food is fantastic. Authentic Indian cuisine! The service is friendly and the atmosphere quiet.
2 weeks ago
Amazing curry, cheese Nain and veggies rolls. Love coming here every week
4 months ago
When my wife ordered food for carry out 1. They didn't give the receipt, when she asked they printed out a fake one with price different what's there in the menu. Be careful with these guys they Cheat!!!! 2. Another Instance they gave Stale food, when I asked they stated why don't you bring it back..I explained by the time restaurant Was closed and no one picking the phone. Stay away from these atrocious people, they have become more money minded and don't care about customers.
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