Highland Meadows
12080 Pigeon Pass Rd
Moreno Valley, CA 92557
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2 weeks ago
This place is a beautiful apartment. Very lovely from the outside. Only staff member I liked and respected was Robyn. Always friendly and helpful. As for the others they had attitudes and bad customer service! I moved out of this place in May. Was told Mary Cobley (resident collections) that I can make payments to pay my debt. Later did I find out that a collections agency will be calling me for full amount! So I paid it off one shot to get this highland Meadows debt out of the way. Then I see they messed my name up with my credit. I call Mary today (Sept 13, 2016) and all she did was interupt and give sarcasm. So highland meadows... thank you for making my first apartment living experiance hell. I hope that you hire better staff because the team you have is s***. Aside from Robyn. She was the only one who helped us. Thank you highland Meadows for a memorable experience. I will be sure to let anyone I know thinking of living there to look elsewhere.
Seth Phelps
3 months ago
The staff are helpful when you finnaly get a hold of them, especially Robin. Unfortunatly their technology systems seem kind of backwards. They place notices on everyones door every month to pay rent, despite the fact myself and many of my neighbors have autopay set up. I didn't really care for they way they billed for water/sewer, but it doesn't seem that it can be helped. They charge $200 to clean when you move out and the move out process didn't go very well for me (this is partially my fault since I moved to a different state three months before the end of my lease, still paying my lease). It didn't seem to be very transparent about how move out works and in the end I was charged fees that I had to call and have explained. Just didn't really care for the way they handled my lease and my time there. I would recommend some highly rates places in East Riverside/Downtown Riverside. You'll pay an extra $100 a month, but you'll have less headaches and be treated better while your there and upon moving out.
Julius Adorsu Jr.
3 months ago
Robin was very helpful & she answered all of my questions. I moved from Chicago to California for my job not being able to see the apartment or know where I was living. Even though I had to leave the apartment complex due to work being to far + traffic I still had a great experience at Highland Meadows. Thank you for everything!
3 weeks ago
Rent is to much apartment is not nice to be charging what they charge .I lived there for a year i didnt like it the front office doesnt do there job.
emoji girl 1
2 months ago
It's a pretty home I love ♥♥
A Google User
6 years ago
I have been living at Highland Meadows for more than 2 years and consider the place to be very well kept for adequate living. The management team was always attentive to my issues and did their best to resolve them. All of my service requests have been taken care of promptly and properly. The community is family oriented and thus is quiet during the nights. I personally never had any problems with my neighbors. For some apartments, the designated parking space is not right by the apartment which could be an inconvenience to some. To conclude, if you are thinking about residing in the Moreno Valley area, I recommend living here.
A Google User
4 years ago
SINGLE YOUNG ADULT I have lived in Highland Meadows for over 6 years now by myself and I just renewed my lease for another year. It is a pleasant place to stay. The maintenance staff is on point with what they need to do to assist in fixtures and the office staff is welcoming as well. The best part is the gym onsite! I canceled my Bally's membership and enjoyed the home gym here.I don't see my self going anywhere anytime soon unless The Most High blesses me with a house.=). I honestly feel very comfortable where I stay, as a young women, and maybe its because its how I keep up my home. You can move anywhere and it looks nice at first and then later its a mess (by customers fault alone) because its how you take care of where you want to reside. I recommend Highland Meadows to anyone!..
A Google User
6 years ago
I love these apartments, I love that my daughter is able to have friends that are neighbors and can play with them, she didnt' have that when we lived with my ex husband in a house down the street. I have a sense of safety and community, I know my neighbors watch out for me and I do the same. Great Price, great location, and great experience. GThomas
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