Maple Hills Apartments and Townhomes
7000 Crabapple Ln
Kansas City, MO 64129
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Mel Ray
3 months ago
Go somewhere else. Bugs everywhere. The carpet in my apartment smelled like mold and made everything I owned smell like mold. Huge dumpsters of overflowing trash in parking lot, CATS EVERYWHERE & most of all way too expensive for what you're getting! There are hidden fees everywhere. It was one big headache and I wish I never found this place.
Psy Chan
2 years ago
Save your money and move somewhere else. This complex is a joke and everything you see online is a lie. The staff, property manager and maintenance is a joke. They'll act like your friends long enough to get you to sign the lease and after that you are nothing more than a number to them. Nothing gets fixed, rodent and insect infestation galore, misplaced rent, doing nothing about the crime, noise and drug problems, ignoring the tenants, breaking and entering whenever they want and no business ethnic whatsoever. If you want something fixed, forget about it. They won't lift a finger to help you and they'll just sit around and take your money. Even after contacting the city to make them do the repairs they still do nothing. Pay your rent with a money order, check or any method that gives you a receipt. No cash because they will lose your rent and blame you for it. Know your rights as tenants and read up on it online so search for Missouri Landlord Tenant Law and remember it. Get a copy of your lease and study it. Take pictures, videos and reports on all of the problems in your unit and the complex and time stamp them all. Keep it in your records and exercise your rights as tenants. Contact an attorney if you need help figuring out the lease and/or to help you prove your point to the complex. If you live here, I'm sorry. Study your lease and keeps records of the problems you are having and exercise your right to get things done. If you are looking at this place to move into, turn around now. There are much better complexes to rent from than Maple Hill and if you have to pay a little more then do so. Maple Hill, if you can see this, I want you guys to know that I am deeply disappointed, disgusted, ashamed, annoyed and any other adjective that describes how I feel right now.
Kerrie Lynn Anderson
a year ago
We moved here because we thought it was a secure property but their gates are never closed and the parking lot is pitch dark a night. The management doesnt care about the residents and wont call you back. Their have been alot of break ins here. Cant wait until my lease is UP!!!!!!!!!!
Mike irvin
5 months ago
Beautiful and peaceful!!
donald willette
a year ago
The apartments are nice
Stephen Walkup
4 months ago
Worse experience.
Tonya Cerna
2 years ago
A Google User
3 years ago