Maple Hills Apartments and Townhomes
7000 Crabapple Ln
Kansas City, MO 64129
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rosemarie garcia
3 weeks ago
I'm looking for a place to live. Came across these reviews and NO THANK YOU! Some were long, but I read all of them and it's interesting that almost every single one complained about the same things over several years time. Which say's something about the place. They're consistent with treating people poorly and maintaining a poor atmosphere/environment for their tenants.
Jason Givens
3 months ago
Run! Run as fast as you freaking can! I lived there for 16 years before I finally conquered my complacency and got the hell out! The apartments AND the management staff have both been getting progressively worse since I moved there! However, the newest management crew that was there, when I moved out 5 months ago, was THE ABSOLUTE WORST! Those idiots don't care about ANYTHING... except your money. They judge you, they look down on you and they act like they are better than you, probably because you're stupid enough to live there in the first place. And don't be late on rent or rent out of lease, they will treat you worse than scum and will screw you ROYALLY on the extra fees. When I did finally decide to renew a 6-month lease, just so I could save up some money and get the hell out, the stupid, idiotic and unscrupulous DOG of a woman working directly under the sorry excuse for a manager tried to charge me nearly $30 more than what I was paying out of lease!!! Her name is LaKecia and she's the assistant manager. She then told me that if I wanted to continue paying out of lease, the new rate would now be $826!!! She raised my rent out of thin air!!!!!! It was about $180 dollars more than what I was paying out of lease already!!! $826/month for those raggedy apartments???!!! I had a one bedroom apartment!!! They dump the trash bins about once every other month, and if they DO dump them every month, then they should dump them twice a month because the trash is ALWAYS overflowing and stinking! They're probably skimming off the top or something (embezzling) because there is absolutely no excuse for this! They are like Nazis when it comes to collecting that money, but not so much when it comes to repairs in and around the properties. My apartment building has ALWAYS flooded, ever since I lived there. It stunk and smelled bad for years. I feel sorry for all the tenants that were duped into living down on the bottom level! The gate has worked a total of about 1 month the whole time I was there... and I was there for 16 years!!! Forget about the fitness center that they're advertising. It's just a small room full of junk, all of the equipment is broken. There are a lot of bad things that have happened there, too many to name. But just to give a brief recap of the 16 years that I lived there: There was a hostage situation; There was a murder and the dead body was found in the kids' play area; Cars were broken into and stolen. Tags have been stolen as well, including mine; The exterminator ransacked my apartment and to this day, I still don't know what all was stolen. Management did NOTHING; A man was chased by the cops and ordered to get on the ground at gun point right outside the door of my apartment building, he was headed inside; In one week's time, in the last month I was there, there was a flood in my kitchen caused by the apartment above me and a fire in the building caused by the apartment below me... I AM NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP! Those were just a few things that stand out in my memory. As for the manager, Travis, you will see him about once every other month! His sorry, idiotic and incompetent crew working under him will cover for him and dodge the question if you ask to speak with him. The only time you WILL see or hear from him is if he wants to whine about a problem he has with you, such as a car with a flat tire or expired plates... AND WHEN HE TRIES TO CON YOU INTO SIGNING ANOTHER LEASE. If you get on their bad side, they will single you out with this one and harass you if your car has any problems, but won't do the same to everyone else. THESE CLOWNS ARE UNSCRUPULOUS and I wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy. The best part of living there was moving out. I give a 5 star rating for seeing this place in my rear view mirror for the last time. LOOK ELSEWHERE!
Dymend Michoel
3 weeks ago
Mice,Mice & more Mice! Reported for three weeks without someone coming out. Garbage disposal broke 4weeks their excuse only 1 maintenance person for 300+ units!!?? Roaches! They will move one person out & move you in so quickly without the place actually being finished. BREAK THE LEASE! We sure want to
Jessica Clark
8 months ago
These apartments price like airplane tickets. My cousin, my fiance's sister and I all live in a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment. The prices the three of us pay range almost $100 for the same size and style apartment. The head manager is never in office, the apartment office staff always have different answers to questions, the policies are different depending on who you talk to, and the maintenance rarely fixes anything unless there is physical damage to the apartments. They refused to give us our initial walk through, even after four months of asking for one every week. I do not have a gate key (after 15 months of living here), the fitness center is raggedy (only two machines in the whole center work and have all their parts), and the pools are dirty and not open the whole season. The only thing these apartments do right is spray for bugs and keep our packages in office. The apartments themselves are decent in size and comfortable however, the way they are ran makes them overpriced and awful. The staff is also very rude and do not care about your requests. For example, I needed something fixed in the apartment and I asked the office to send the maintenance person after 1pm because I work nights and am sleep or getting ready for work. The maintenance man came at 9:30am and was rude and upset that he had to wait at the door for me to dress. It was ridiculous.
kay z
2 months ago
I am handicapped and every time I go to the office to pay rent or even drive by, an employee (I believe the owner) is parked in the only handicapped spot with no handicapped marking on their car!
Jeremy Dougherty
a month ago
Not the best and not the worst either. They wouldn't be a place I would want to raise a family. I would also probably invest in a car alarm.
Jacque Britton
8 months ago
Do NOT believe that one 5 star review! The apartments are ugly and awful. Far from peaceful! The management and staff are a compete joke and will lie to you continuously. I never got my referral credit after referring my own sister to this cesspool...something I regret everyday. They overcharge you, the property manager is a slumlord, and the people that work the office are terrible. I'm filing a claim with HUD against them and gonna call action news. Tear this place down!
Brittany Terry
12 months ago
Is customer service important to you? Especially at the place your going to live. Well great news you can knock Maple Hills apartments right off your list!! The staff is absolutely rude, and horrible here. I have been lied to since before I even signed papers to move in. For one example I was going to be turning 21, 19 days after my move in date so I had to get my parents to cosign which I did not want to do, but I was excided because they said they could come off as soon as I turned 21. So I come in a couple days after my birthday to take my parents off as the cosigners, and they said they wouldn't do that because they have to be on the lease for 6 months. Well, that was how long my lease was for, so that's one thing that I did not at all agree too. Much more lying but I will not bore you guys with that. Lets get to the fun part. You'd love for you, your family and your home to be safe at all times right? Me too!! So I loved the fact that I got my very own alarm system. How cool, and its only $15 extra a month that is mandatory. So I go in and try the first time to set it, go through the little book they gave me to show how to do it. The only thing I can say about it, is 3 months later its still not working. What's the best thing in the summertime. Yes I know BBQ, that's my favorite as well!! But a pool and Air Conditioning are also pretty great too. Your not in luck, here at Maple Hills Apartments we have a pool that we will tell you will be open next Wednesday, and then next Thursday then the next weekend after that. But it wont be lol, I guess the joke is on you because its just never going to open. As for air conditioning you can just forget about it because your furnace is going to leak and you have to live in a hot humid apartment and no one will come fix it for you. Another thing I really liked about it was I had a patio that I could either go into the living room or my bedroom. But just watch out when the rain comes because your place is going to flooded, in both rooms. Even though I locked both doors completely the rain still got in, ruined my couch and my dresser both, and there refusing to even talk about the fact that it happened. I don't know about you but I like a great functioning toilet to do my business in. But Maple Hills could give two shits less ( pun intended ). My toilet would constantly run I had maintenance come in 3 times to fix it. Still never worked and every time they left they would leave my front door unlocked. If you love bugs and spiders this is the place for you!! They said they had sprayed bug spray before I moved in, and I also did it while I lived there because I would constantly see these weird beetles with lobster claws for mouths. That's all I have to say about that. Do you love to work out, and stay in shape? Well this place is great for it they have broken treadmills, broken bikes and 1 weight machine that you cant do any weight under 40lbs because 10 20 and 30 are all broken in half so your sure to have great muscles after living here : ) To sum it all up I would not recommend this place to that girl in high school that I absolutely hated. Good luck on your search for a new home, but please for you and your families sake look elsewhere.
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