Bradburn Row Apartments
11900 Newton St
Westminster, CO 80031
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Em Kay
a month ago
Where do I even start? I've lived in many different apartment complexes over the past 12 years and this place is by far the worst experience I've ever had. First of all, just be aware that a king-sized mattress does not fit through the stairwell of the townhomes. Now to the endless list of maintenance issues... Please keep in mind I only lived there for 8 weeks: 1. At move in, the hot water only trickled out of the shower in the 3/4 and in the bath tub in the full bath. The problem could not be fixed with the parts on hand, and parts had to be ordered. 2. A couple of days later, the hot water issue was fixed, but for that, the shower head constantly dripped. After another call to maintenance to fix the dripping, more parts needed to be ordered. 3. Then, suddenly the furnace and a/c did not work. When maintenance came back a couple of days later to fix the dripping shower, I asked them to look at the thermostat. They were able to fix the problem immediately, as they TURNED OFF THE FURNACE in the locked utility closet a few days before thinking it was a light switch. So, no heat or a/c for a few days in March with a tiny infant. Wonderful. 4. Then about a week later, the dishwasher pump went out. Put in another maintence request. Pump needed to be ordered. Then the routine maintenance of the entire complex prevented the pump being replaced for two weeks, i.e. two weeks of washing everything by hand. 5. Three weeks after move in, the refrigerator stopped cooling. Had to throw away many items in the freezer. This was repaired promptly after notifying the office. The dishwasher was fixed the same day. 6. A few days later, noticed water coming up from between the laminant pieces in the kitchen. Yet another call to maintenance. Turns out, the tubing to the dishwasher had a hole in it. And I was required to run an industrial-sized blower/dryer in the kitchen 24 hours for several days... very fun, considering I had to sleep in the living room on the pull-out couch because my mattress was stored in the garage because it didn't fit through the stairwell...and not to mention wash everything by hand yet again. 7. Another annoying bit, because it was a corner unit, I couldn't park my car in front of my garage since the space is too short, so had to rent a carport to be guarenteed a parking space off of the street. 8. And the last kicker, I realized after returning the keys that I left some baking sheets in the drawer under the oven. When I called to see if I could pick them up, I was told they throw away anything and everything left in the apartments after move-out. Finally (an I'm not sure Bradburn can really be held responsible for this one, but it is an inconvenience of living there), there is no outgoing mailbox within walking distance because of "regular vandalism". So every piece of outgoing mail had to be driven to the next mailbox. At over $1900/month, I really had higher expectations. The only thing this place has going for it is location.
Joseph Alexander
3 months ago
hey, i can't believe the negative reviews. i have lived here for nearly 2 years and i can't say enough positive things about the location, my apt and the staff. i think its the best place around... i am a long time homeowner (several homes), now a senior 'old guy' who has spent my entire adult life selling homes (realtor) and doing some property management too. i can tell you that this development is one of the best run companies around. there is plenty of parking (always) for those that do not wish to pay extra for a garage or carport, the community is made up of well established professionals. my apt has 6 large windows on the south side so i get plenty of natural light which i love, high ceilings, crown moldings, fire sprinklers and a modern large kitchen with a wood veneer floor, so what if the sink is in a corner??? good construction, QUIET.... works for me. for the best upscale townhomes and apts check this place out. no i do not work for them and yes i have lived here and still do. i think the people who wrote the reviews were turned down because they did not qualify to be considered. THE STAFF AND MAINTENANCE CREW ARE FANTASTIC!! markalex
Jane Doe
5 months ago
Where do I start besides saying, don't even waste your time. The only positive thing about these apartments is the location. Other than that they are horrible, outdated, terrible floor plan, cheap construction, no parking near your apartments and dirty grounds. Upon arriving after driving across the country for 18 hours, we walked into our unit to what was an utterly disgusting mess. I was assured over and over agin that the unit would be professionally cleaned. But they were not. The stove was caked with grease dust, kitchen drawers still had dirt and crumbs from the previous tenant in them. The kitchen cabinets had been updated, but they really just got new doors and hardware, cabinets were filthy, covered in sticky gunk and dog hair. Base boards in kitchen have been chewed and damaged by previous tenants dog. Fridge was filthy, not cleaned out or wiped out. Behind the fridge was absolutely disgusting. I'm pretty sure this apartment hadn't been cleaned in years. The window sills were covered in dried mud. Window coverings/blinds yellowed from cigarette smoke. Just when I didn't think it could get any worse, the bathroom showers were the worst part of all. The floors of showers in both bathrooms were black of dirt, scum, and soap build up. I've never seen anything like it. I still can't get them clean, even after trying everything on the market including bleach. There are severe rust stains in both showers. The bathrooms are terrible. The cabinets in the master bath are so outdated and falling apart, it looks like they have been piece together over and over again. Again, upon moving in the bathroom drawers were full of hair and finger nail clippings. The washer and dryer are beyond disgusting, I cringed every time I have to wash my clothes. The vents were covered in thick black dirt. After driving 18 hours, you just want to unpack and get settled, but I had to clean. To date, I am still finding things and having to clean up after the previous tenant. I can't say anything positive about these apartments and I could go on and on. Save your self the sanity and time and look else where. These apartments are so outdated even after the "Renovation" they claim. The renovation consist of upgrading a few items and the staff is unprofessional.
Rob Scott
9 months ago
They don't answer the phones until almost an hour after "open." And a leasing agent was extremely rude to my girlfriend. The grounds are far from perfect as well. They have absolutely ZERO parking on the street most the time and the narrow streets are both narrow and hard to navigate/park. The apartments have less closet space than it seems, so look closely. Think hard before you decide to commit to anything. Read the other reviews too...
Leo B
a year ago
looks a good place. Professional staff. But the reason why I mad the decision living this community is the facilities here. In the leasing office, you can find all kinds of nice things like: Private Theater, pool table, nice computer room.... However, when I moved into this place, I just know all this things only available in regular business hours. So, if you want play pool with your friends after work, or watch some Movies after dinner, that's impossible. Even the hot water swimming pool, it is only open to 10pm. last time we tried the hot tub in the night, after 10 pm, we can feel there cold water pumped into the hottub. Maybe we expect a little bit high in this place. But really disappointed. I think in this place, most of people have their own garage, but they stil want park their car into the roadside. If you want Invite your friends to you place. This can be a issue. In my mind, if you have a day-job, and want get together with your friends. You may not fully enjoy the life here.
Barry Ratchford
2 years ago
Very nice. Quiet. Great location. Professional staff. Only downside is kitchen. The kitchen layout is almost unusable. Corner sink looks good but is not functional. Fridge opens into stove and door will only open part way. Items on bottom shelves difficult to access.
Jordan Schmick
3 years ago
I've lived in Bradburn for over a year. It's hard to summarize that time in a few sentences, but in brief: the office staff is always helpful, has never lost a package, and have always been extremely polite. They try hard to engage the community with events and classes that don't really interest me. The maintenance staff are quick and courteous, I've never waited more than a day to get a repair, much less if it's urgent. The amenities are beautiful, even though I don't really take advantage too much. I've been to the pool 5 or 6 times in the whole year, and it is usually empty. The apartments are relatively upscale, not mansions, but much nicer than other places I've stayed. While by no means perfect, everyone does their best and overall it's a great place to live. I would stay another year, but I'm leaving to buy a house. If you can afford it, you won't regret it.
rumple shackelford
2 years ago
The good- staff was nice and knew who I was whenever I went in. Pool open year round. Gym was small but nice. Bad- Upon moving in I went through and did the walk thru. Once I turned in the check sheet nothing was done. We still had paint splatter all over the kitchen floor and carpets, carpet coming off the stairs, and loose cabinets the entire time we lived there. Then we asked for the upgraded walls and lights. Weeks went by with no communication from the office letting us know they were back ordered. We kept asking and asking until almost 2 months went by and we just said screw it, we'll keep the plain walls. As for service calls, we had a wasp problem under our patio that I called about. Lets just say after a few phone calls with nothing, my hockey stick became my weapon of choice. I also had very rude neighbors that I tried talking to myslef to quiet down. When they wouldn't quiet down, I talked to the office where they again did nothing. Said "just call the cops". Upon moving out, I inquired about some of the charges on my invoice to equal over $2000 dollars. I got no explanations, only a revised invoice showing $400 MORE charges. As if they were being so kind before to not include them. I was nervous to ask anymore before I got tacked on more. So they can give me an apt with tons of issues (walls and carpet) and do nothing to fix em, but when I move out they charge me for everything. Got it. Overall I would say sure they may look nice, but you can way better for the price.
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