Boca Arbor Club
566401 Arbor Club Way
Boca Raton, FL 33433
9 Google user reviews
Andrew Lopez
a month ago
Excellent community, nice apartments, nice pool, nice tennis court and nice customer service on leasing office, beautiful ambient and good service
kevin rodriguez
3 months ago
People are grate service is good... Awesome location... what I think about Bocas Arbor Club apartments it that over all is a grate place to be..
Howard Rothauser
a year ago
I just moved in late December. The staff was courteous and helpful. I have never seen a rat here. Some of these reviews are obviously from very angry people. It is a nice place to live, and after 2 1/2 months I have never witnessed anything out of the ordinary. My AC works fine and all the appliances work. The grounds seem well kept. I have not yet had occasion to call maintenance. If even a small portion of what I read in one of the reviews was accurate, I would run in a heartbeat. I am staying put.
A Google User
a year ago
I have lived in Boca Arbor Club three separate times since 2004. My latest time there started in June of this year. I cannot say enough about how wonderful everyone is. any time I have ever needed something done it is taken care of immediately. The location is the best, the grounds and pool are immaculate, and Louie the maintenance man, is always around to say hi too.
Ashik Patel
5 months ago
Good place, quiet and the grounds are very clean.
Jeff Bond
3 years ago
To begin, the people that are supposed to help you at the front office are pretty lazy, careless, and generally terrible at their jobs. Expect a headache if you have to deal with them in any way after moving in. I can't stress that enough... they just don't care. Our apartment has been "remodeled", but the painting is sloppy and very lazily done. Drip marks, uneven paint, uneven baseboards. The works. A/C units are old and inefficient as heck. Our back patio is right by a group of six A/C units so we can't sit outside, it's too loud. Not that there's anything to look at out there besides an extremely overgrown abandoned golf course. We have had an ant and roach problem ever since moving in. The washer/dryer stack combo is TINY. Smaller than any other washer/dryer stack combo I've seen AND it's SO LOUD. Did I mention they're placed in the living room? Yup. Right there next to the stacked-AC-Water-Heater (fire waiting to happen), in your living room. Please shop around and get a better value. If I could go back I would definitely not have moved in here. -Jeff
Rosa Lope
3 months ago
Brad Donald
4 months ago
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