Brantley Pines Apartments
1801 Brantley Rd
Fort Myers, FL 33907
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Rebecca Williams
a month ago
Really going down hill. The staff is awful, rude, and extremely disorganized. I have to submit service request at least twice before some comes to fix problems. After continually being told they would send a 60 day notice to us (since we do not want to renew our lease) they did not, and told us the 60 day notice is a courtesy, and they are now making us pay for an extra prorated month. Apartments are nice inside but very poorly made.
Daniel King
7 months ago
Incompetent staff, disgusting apartments, various drug dealers, alcoholics, junkies and loud partying college students reside here. Now they are also rapidly moving in section 8 low income tenants. This place was bad enough with previous owners but the new team from CAPREIT could be out staffed by McDonald's workers, the level of incompetence and inability to perform basic tasks astounds me. The management (Belinda) is both deceitful and fraudulent in her financial dealings with tenants. Both new and old. She is an incompetent, lying, deceitful fraud who would struggle to manage a lemonade stand never mind an apartment complex. Had a disgusting neighbor who was caught urinating on my property from his balcony above mine. This must have gone on for a week before I figured out it was a neighbor. It reeked of human piss so badly that it would make me gag and I have two young children who live with me. It took the office over 2 weeks, with multiple calls, complaints and visits to the office to get a pressure washing crew in to bleach and clean the disgusting urine from the outside of my property and this was only finally done once I had personally involved the local sherif who was shocked and appalled at both the stench and length of time it took them to fix this issue. The disgusting old man still lives in the above apartment. Left me without a working washer/dryer for 34 days over the Xmas period due to incompetence and being on their 3rd head of maintenance guy in as many months. Wether it's the office or the maintenance staff CAPRIET the slumlord owners hire the cheapest most incompetent workers and fire them constantly. This place is an absolute joke, please don't be fooled by the nice surroundings you will be lied to, they will not keep their end of the contract you signed. Your apartment will have bug and insect problems. You will have noisy disgusting neighbors. You will never get anything fixed and you will be paying a ridiculous amount of money for a slum apartment. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
Dillon Haire
a year ago
For the love of god, do NOT live here. I could go on and on on how terrible this place is, but just don't even look into it.. Basically our experiences were: Moved in with fleas in the carpet, a/c was not working properly for 13 months (told it was good time and time again, living in constant 80°+ is not "good"), and the property management / customer service is putrid. Seriously, invest in paying a little more each month at a better complex like Park Crest, it's a world of difference.
Brianna Baker
a year ago
My boyfriend and I lived here for 1 year and it was the worst place we possibly could've chosen. Not only is this place completely overpriced, but everything WILL fall apart it's just a matter of time, I promise. Everything is so outdated and the carpet is disgusting! They don't change it when someone moves out/in (I've seen this happen multiple times) it's just poorly cleaned and trust me you can tell because you will smell it. Maintenance doesn't do much of anything so don't expect them to even pressure wash the building so it stays clean! You're charged every month for pest control but in the whole yr we lived there no one came to spray, until I called about our ant problem then someone came to do a whole lot of nothing? Still had the ant problem just as bad. They will try to over charge you for everything so double check all your bills!! They also don't care if your neighbor harasses/threatens you for months on end! We had to pull the "Letter from our Attorney" card more than a handful of times. I suggest you stay far, far, far away from this place. It's horrible and I only wish someone warned us about this place.
Garett Donnelly
a year ago
The new owners are terrible. They don't answer the phone, they lie to your face in the office, they don't fix what they promise. They also outsourced rent payments to a company in Bangladesh who charges extra just to pay your rent. Luckily I just ended my lease here, but unsurprisingly they stole half my deposit on paper with lies about the cleanliness of my apt. (I left it SPOTLESS) and still haven't mailed me the remainder now 3 months later. DO NOT LIVE HERE! Let these scumbag slumlords drown in their investment.
Chelsea McCarthy
a year ago
I was here for 6 months. It took two months for them to fix the bug problem. When my friend and I moved in it was crawling with cockroaches. LITERALLY! We opened the microwave and they were in there, we opened the dishwasher and they came pouring out. Every inch of the kitchen and bathrooms had them. On top of that the bugs are now back. Their solution is to spray raid in some parts of the apartment. They charge $5 a month for them to come in every three to four months and spray raid. It's completely useless and doesn't fix anything. We ended up having to get riud of the bugs ourselves. My closet was broken when I moved in and they never fixed it. When we moved in our stove and microwave weren't even plugged in. It was as if they completely forgot that someone was going to move in. On top of that they over charged us for the first month because the leasing office couldn't get their sh*t together. The staff is completely unorganized. They told us that some of the apartments are updated but somehow didn't have a list or record of which ones had been updated and remodeled. And to top off all the problems we have had our sink reeks. No matter what we do it always smells. Our dishwasher is the same way. We have told the office multiple times and all they do is tell us to run hot water. It obviously doesn't work. Long story short: If you can afford to live somewhere else, DO!
Anna Catalano
a year ago
I am living here currently and it is HORRIBLE! They switched owners two month into moving in without telling us. They raised our water by fifty dollars when only two of us live there. I am paying 1350 for a disgusting three bedroom with neighbors scream at us for walking our dogs (we always clean up after them) i suggest staying clean of this place.
Stefanie Long
6 years ago
After two months of complaining about the horrible smell in my apartment (see review below), I was moved to a different apartment. It's like night and day when compared with the old place. Bright sunny windows, large kitchen, high of all, no smell of cat pee. My advice? If you have the extra money to spend, use it to rent an apartment in buildings 14-20. Otherwise, don't even bother with this complex.
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