Ivy Ridge Residences
2650 Bentley Rd SE
Marietta, GA 30067
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james bell
in the last week
I have lived at Ivey Ridge for 3 years. This new management company Ventron has gotten to a point of disgust. I reported a leak in a bathroom a total of 6 times and called there emeregency line per their recording a leak is an emergency. The 6 times I contacted them was 4 was online 1 over the phone and 1 in person. So with phone call and in person i feel i have been lied to. Now I am Pissed. My next step is to contact Cobb County about this before mold sets in due to leak causing my living room ceiling to crack and bulging to cave in. Definitely my last year here, paying over $1000.00 Month this is unacceptable..
Adina Hawthorne
3 months ago
I signed my lease under the impression that all was truthful. I came in and a new property company was here and they assured me that the upgraded apartments were worth the price. After inspection I agreed. However they failed to tell me about the roach infestation and the poor sewage problems they have. I can come home any day and see sewage in my tub due to the apt behind me bad pipes. I can't even cook a decent meal in my apt because the roaches will start crawling everywhere. The property manager is a joke. I thought going to their corporate office would help but that only made the situation worse. Don't move here but if you don't mind paying 1100 for poor sewage, pipe lines and roaches I am sure they will welcome you with open arms. If I could give this place a negative star I would.
Bradley Holland
a month ago
I love this property, it's very affordable and located so close to everything that I need. I will be living here for awhile. The leasing agent was great and the manager Tammy made me feel very welcome. Thank you for helping me with my new home.
Sheila Cristina
2 months ago
I live here now have some time. do not improve almost anything here ... the pools are more closed than open. a condominium that has a gym, but you can not use because it is not open after 6:00. if you work will never enjoy anything in this condo. there are good people working there, but put one there who does not answer right ... makes a point of not looking at the face of the housed. this because pay is expensive to live there and to use the pool and gym. It would be nice if it worked until 9:00. but not open. is the worst of all, today is Sunday and the sun is too hot and will not open the pool ...
Karla P
5 months ago
PROS: 1. The one star is for the size of the apartment. All the apartments here are absolutely huge. 2. The location puts you near everything and only 40 seconds away from the I-75. 3.There are a number of fast food and neighborhood eateries. Publix and Krogers are right up the block. You have every convenience close by. 4. I believe the neighborhood got some kind of revitalization grant because every store is upgrading their appearance, even Race Trac is building a super fabulous service station. 5.The property is visually beautiful and well maintained (landscaped). CONS: 1. The complex is over 30 - 50 years old and has a roach infestation problem. It doesn't mattter who they hire to come "spray your unit", the roaches will return in days. It's because the roaches are in the walls and under the baseboard moldings. You can be the cleanest person in the building - but if your particular building is infested, so will your apartment. There are MILLIONS of roaches here!!!! I brought my own refrigerator and millions of roaches took residence in the bottom ruining the computer board. I'll have to throw my microwave and coffee machine out. I will have to hire an exterminator to treat the fridge when I take it out of here. 2. Management changes almost quarterly. Either the entire management company changes or new staff from the same management company changes. You can't build any relationships with anyone because in no time they will no longer be working here. The Manager now conducts herself like a celebrity who can't be spoken to, contacted or seen. It's horrible. 3. Your rent will go up over a $100 dollars a year with no improvements to your apartment. They claim they have to pay for the property improvements but I don't live outside on the grass! 4. Renewing your lease gets you no upgrades or improvements in your apartment. I moved in with old carpet and have been living here 2 years. They refuse to give me fresh carpet. 5. All upgrades are cheap versions of what looks nice. The door handles fall off all the time. The windows are shifty and old. The spray "marble look" will eventually peel off. There are no real upgrades. The vinyl flooring is cheap as well. 6. Some people smoke weed in their homes and the smell travels through the vents so if you come home one evening with company and walk into your apartment your company is bound to think you smoke weed. You may even get a contact high. Management does nothing. So, that's the truth about Ivy Ridge. What they need to do is gut this place and start all over. The first thing they should do is treat the roach infestation from outside the property (like in the ground - just like termites) and then inside by getting rid of old cabinets and such. What a nightmare it's been.
Tasha B Mayes
8 months ago
Ventron management sucks! I hate it here! I recently moved to GA and this was my first experience in GA. I never in my life dealt with such horrible staff. When I came to visit the apartment it had an odor as if a person died in it! That should of been my red flag to move on to the next, but I had already applied on line and flew in to sign my lease and had already registered my daughter for school amd I was a very strict time schedule. Ventron was new here at the time, so I figured I would just patient and hoping everything would come together. WRONG! Once I came back in town with my belongings after driving all the way from St.L the apartment was still smelly and had mold in the bathroom ceiling. I reported the mold and smell, they did nothing about the odor and painted the mold! Then I noticed a roach or two and I was told that this is GA and Georgia has a few bugs. A couple weeks later the mold was back so they finally came and cut a whole in the ceiling of my shower where the mold was to find out there was a leak up stairs. The leak was a pouring leak and everytime my neighbors took showers or baths water would pour and this took place for a whole entire month before they fixed it!!! So since then I've dealt with a leak in my kitchen coming from the light fixture and from my sink and still more roaches! My daughter is scared to sleep in her room at this point. I totally hate it! They've bombed and the roaches still are here! This is the most uncomfortable living situation I've ever been in throughout my entire life!
Karnese Thornton
9 months ago
Ventron is the worst management company that Ivy Ridge has ever had! They took over mid July 2015--and the complex speaks for itself (HORRIBLE). Since we've been under Ventron this is the following issue i've dealt with: A very rude staff (especially the Leasing Manager and the Assistant Leasing/Collection Specialist), I requested for my tub to be resurfaced in August due to the old paint peeling from the bottom of the tub, but was advised by the "Collection Specialist" that they do not restore tubs unless someone resigns their lease and or moves in. She advised me to just put a shower rug down and make do of the situation. A month later when I was showering, I stepped on an area not covered by the shower rug and I cut the bottom of my foot. It took me having to call their office in Florida and speaking to higher management for them to restore my tub 3 weeks later. Also during Labor Day Weekend~~the trash area in my location was not dumped. The trash can was full to capacity to include furniture sitting outside the dumpster. I had no where else but to put my trash bag next to the others that were stacked up next to the garbage can. A few days later, I had a trash violation notice on my door. I was trying to figure out how they knew it was my trash and sure enough~~they broke a major HIPAA law--they had a copy of my prescription attached to the note which included my Name, Address, Member ID # from my insurance card, the name of my prescription and my DOB. All the information needed for Medical Insurance Identity Theft. I have been told by several people I have a great case against them for possible ID Theft and a HIPAA violation. When I notified the people in FL about this--they apologized, but thats it. The Leasing Manager called me and told me she thought she was doing me a favor because she thought it was a prescription I really needed due to them opening the bag to see who the trash belonged to. MY IQ is very high~~If it was a prescription I needed~~I would not have thrown it away "genious". And now, I am sitting here in a half dark apartment because all of my light bulbs decided to go out at the same time...I called them Wednesday to complete one simple task which was to replace the light bulbs. Sure I would love to do it myself but due to the light coverings over the light having to be popped out by a special instrument I cannot do it myself (by the way, Ventron wouldnt even have to use their own light bulbs because I have some) the lighting in my foyer, dinning room and daughter's bathroom is currently out. There are no main lights in the bedrooms (supposedly energy efficient) here at Ivy Ridge so my daughter has been either using my bathroom and or her lamp from her bedroom plugging it into the bathroom bottom outlet (because a lot of the top electrical outlets in my apartment went out a couple of months ago and is still under their work order). So my advice to anyone wanting to live here under Ventron Manangement~~run to the next apartment complex over because I certainly have no desire to resign my lease once it is up here. This property needs to be redone all together. Maybe if they had a staff that acted half way decent a lot of people wouldnt be ready to jump ship. A friend pointed out to me not too long ago about the outside of the apartment building I stay in dry rotting on the outside. You cannot put a Band-Aid over something that needs a major surgery. And then Ventron has the audacity to want to drastically increase the rent price on a complex that is over 50 years old without doing any major upgrades~~please! I wouldnt pay $800 a month to stay here if the Braves were playing directly across the street! When we were under RAM Partners Ashley Hall was the Leasing Manager over the property--any service request that was put in, she made sure it was fullfilled within 24 hours. Also she was the sweetest Leasing Manager i've dealt with the 3 years I have been a resident here at Ivy Ridge. She kept the property up, clean and well maintained.
Toni Foster
10 months ago
I'm waiting on them to Breaking Bad style throw a tarp over the entire complex and bomb for roaches. The roaches? Horrible isn't even the word. And trust me when I say that they don't respond to anything at all that you spray or try to put down.
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