Ivy Ridge
2650 Bentley Rd SE
Marietta, GA 30067
7 Google user reviews
Melissa Wiggins
a week ago
The apartment is spacious but the roaches are a nuisance. When I moved in they were everywhere. I put down boric acid in every corner of the apartment (e.g. kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.) and I've noticed they are not as bad.
in the last week
It's a beautiful place to live. Management is great, they respond to resident concerns quickly.
Darius Gold
8 months ago
Its ok I you don't mind living with Roaches... I have a 2bdrm 2 Bath 875/mo, which includes German roaches. I've tried everything and have been trying to fight them off for 2 years I've tried Pest control services, Home Defense MAX, things you plug into the wall, bombing, and roach baits nothing works its so bad, and they don't care, they just simply send out some cheap pest control service with watered down bug spray. I cant wait to move this is not the place to live in ATL.
Kel Kelvo
5 months ago
This apartment is full with german roaches. And they also sting up the place. They have an old and bad sewage system.
Carmella Callins
4 years ago
It's not the prettiest place in America, but the neighborhood is very peaceful and quiet. The management is considerate. I would recommend this complex to anyone. It's lot of space for the money. You pay only electric not gas and electric.
Kelvin Kaberi
8 months ago
Best place to live
anderson kleber
3 weeks ago