Keeneland Crest Apartments
8401 Boggs Creek Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46237
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Joycelyn Clinton
in the last week
Moving as soon as possible to a house. Apartment smelled like tons of smokers lived here, each closet was full of spiders and webs beyond belief, the apartment was filthy (we were told it would be cleaned an vaccumed before we moved in... lies) apparently they spray for insects but spiders ruled the apartment for the first week (we bought our own insecticide because we would be charged to use the exterminator company hired by the aparment) Hallway always smells like feet, neighboors upstairs let's their son run around all day everyday, old head matanience guy said you cannot expect more than 20 mins TOPs of hot water for a shower (he left out that this applies to all faucets), No A/C in the Master Bedroom, tub has lots of mold covered up with poor hasty caulking job, the tub and shower look like they haven't been remodeled in at least fifty years (however long it takes for rust to accumulate in a thick layer inside the clear faucet knob) the electic wiring is most definitely not up to code (our bathroom fan wiring is connected to half the lights in the kitchen and came undone but we had to wait five days for this to be resolved.....) we will either sue the owner or move and not pay the fee for "breaking the lease" which in my eyes they already broke. This place is just better at covering their crappy charecteristics so you can sign the lease for 900 and over dollars (oh and we pay for the updated apartemnts!) What could the older apartments look like for 800 bucks!? Trash all the way around *UPDATE as of June 27 2016* Since the last post new management has given us a new water heater after we requested one and maintenance inspected the old one. So now hotwater lasts much longer than 15 minutes. The cabinet in our kitchen has been fixed. Our ceiling fan started leaking but was fixed within three weeks. Also the hallway has been cleaned more often recently such as vacuuming and more aparments have been remodeled in our building. Yet three tenants have moved out before the remodeling. We're not sure if the maintenance phone service is any better but the head maintenance, Pat, does get the job done when he actually recieves the maintenance requests. We will still be moving but the place is improving, and we appreciate the new management's action.
Demi Rutledge
2 months ago
Horrible communication horrible customer service I just moved in and I was one day late on my rent and got hit with an $80.00 late fee which normally wouldn't be a huge deal but considering the fact it cost me almost $3,000.00 to move in (not all keenland crest payments) I am now low on money so I set my budget to gas and groceries to make it through my pay period and with the fee and my rent I was left $20.00 for gas and groceries ( I do not receive any government assistance) instead of the $100.00 I planned on I had to get an advance in my paycheck and what do you know more fees for that needless to say they didn't care about helping me get a good start in my journey or how I would feed my 2 year old son and get him to and from daycare and back and forth to work I will not re new my lease with them and if you rent with them you should know they only want your money and do not care how you're going to eat or get back and forth to work also there's always dog poo outside of my apartment and they don't care about that either excuse me when I say "what a sh*tty community I chose to live in"
James Heersema
a month ago
Not a bad place to live but not a great place. Updated apartments are too expensive for the location and the old style are very old and worn out.
3 weeks ago
Love it here! The community and staff is great!
Edson Ortega
a year ago
Worst place to live!! They act like you were living there for free spcecially when you have to call for maintenance you will have to wait forever and call every single day because their staff (only 2 people for maintenance) is always busy. Al appliances are obsolete or broke. Air conditioner never works, so you will have to expend a lot of money in electricity. Leasing office is rude, they are nice only when you sign your lease and thats it. I have living there 7 years and this is the WORST administration ever, no mention that every year they change staff.
nathen brewer
11 months ago
Terrible place to live!! Just got charged $320 when I moved out because they replaced BOTH rooms of carpet due to "pet urine" from a pet that I never owned. Not only that but good luck getting anything fixed! Called maintanence 2 months into my lease and my issue never got fixed until the month I moved out.
Jake Stephens
11 months ago
I thought Keeneland Crest had class, but it's really just a lazy southside apartment complex .Back in the 90's I would work with my mom to clean these apartments and even though I was eleven, I could tell they were no better than Polo Run or Cambridge , even. And, that crack den is saying something.... That was 20+ years ago. We've lived here for a year and there have been multiple maladies from the toilet literally shattering to never having the dish washer work - this includes cleaning, leaking and multiple calls to have it fixed. We put a work order in rough November-December, had three workers come out and the final one said, "Yeah special part. You kinda are screwed." Why? Because the APT complex won't fix it.I have to put sheets down (three minimum) when running the dish washer. I will be glad to move back downtown Indy. This place is an overpriced nightmare for sure.
Andy W Miller
a year ago
Terrible place to live. Buildings still not fixed from a storm we had back in May and this is the end of December. Still working on a building that caught fire in April and again this is late December now. They don't fix the things they say they do. My water heater is going out. They said they replaced the upper and lower elements and the thermostat. I checked because we still had hot water issues and they didn't replace anything. They turned up the temperature on the upper and lower thermostats. Still have not fixed that. I've had to call the Board of Health numerous times to get things fixed. Btw.... the water heater is from 1994. Most definitely not worth the $850 a month. Not to mention they keep increasing the water price. Even though in our lease it states a flat fee that is included with the rent. I would look else where.
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