Rosehill Pointe Apartments
12701 W 88th Cir
Lenexa, KS 66215
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J Baker
3 months ago
Where to begin? Firstly, the post by Jason A. below describes this complex perfectly. I lived here for 2 years and it was by far the worst experience I've had living at an apartment complex. These units are incredibly overpriced for what they are. The walls are paper thin and the carpets are severely outdated, as are the appliances. Additionally, if you're a dog owner you might want to know that the water spigot at the dog park never worked, at least during the time I lived there and still doesn't as far as I know. The outlets also won't hold a plug to save anyone's life. I found I think 2 that I could use in my bedroom while I lived there. I found it pretty interesting that one week they suddenly decided to update their mail system to be completely online and purchased a new tablet for every person in the office, yet, the tenants are denied basic things like a laundry room that has a lock on it so that it's not open to the public. It also seemed like I saw a police cruiser in the parking lot at least once every two or three weeks which isn't a great sign. Also, as another reviewer mentioned below, there are people roaming around the parking lot at all hours of the day and night. As a single working female, it was also easy to resent a lot of the seemingly welfare-dependent tenants taking up most of the available parking spots. My oven looked like it could have been from the 80s - I cleaned it several times a month and still couldn't have my fire alarms installed if I wanted to use it without the fire alarms going off. But after several times of trying to communicate the seriousness of the issue with management, I essentially gave up, which is what they seem to bank on with most tenant complaints. Every year, once the temperature would reach about 70, I had wasps hovering around the top two corners of my balcony area from then until the end of Autumn. It was a struggle to get someone out to spray the area twice. After that, again, I gave up. Management is incredibly corrupt. They will do everything and say anything to get you out of their faces while they nickel and dime you every chance they can get. Personally, I thought it was laughable when they instituted a $150 fee for neglecting to pick up pet waste - This is far from a gated community, stop trying to act like it is one. If you're wondering about the cleaning crew for when you move-out, there doesn't seem to be one. Judging by the list of things they want you to do before you move, and the condition of the unit when you first move-in, tenants ARE the cleaning crew. When I first moved in, I had to clean black gunk (still not exactly sure what it was) out of my patio door and kitchen windows, the bathtub and the bathroom counters were stained, and the walls were scuffed in several areas. Lastly, the decks are falling apart. On a positive note, they are roomy and somewhat large which is nice, but given how far they seem to droop, it's probably not a good idea to put anything too heavy out there. I'm sure this post will receive a nice, well-written response from management saying how they take tenant concern very seriously, and I'm just here (as well as everyone else in the reviews) to say it's crap. I would be very interested in getting in touch with Shane Lamb below. I have several photos of my unit and a few tenants (current and previous) who would be willing to help in whatever way they can. Please look elsewhere. There are several, more affordable and much safer homes in the area. Look around and do yourself a favor by not choosing to live here.
Shane Lamb
3 months ago
Attention all current and past Rosehille pointe apartment tenants , if you have had a bad experience with these people for whatever reason ( many justified) please reach out to me , there is a current suite in process against Rosehille Pointe Apartments, there management company , the property owner , and the management staff directly that we are pushing to get classified as class action. If you have been put into collections wrongfully , if your units had maintenance issues and were never resolved or if you believe they have done anything else illegal don't sit around and wait. ..... Now to the management staff that will soon read this and try to dispute it just wait. were not going away and there's no lies you can tell others or yourself that will be believable
Morgan Hildreth
4 months ago
Please save yourself some headache and don't live here. I've lived here for almost 2 years and this is by far my worst experience with apartment complexes in this area. The staff are all extremely unpleasant, I've never had ONE instance in which they showed any kind of manners let alone customer service skills. If I could sum this place up with one sentence, it would be they cut corners in anyway they can. They've had contractors working on the complex for about four months now. Their trash is everywhere. Pieces of siding, foam board, plastic, all blow into my patio area everyday. I even pulled a 20ft long piece of siding out from UNDER my car a few weeks ago and I find their trash a few miles away when I'm walking my dog. I'm not sure the contractors and staff realize this is OUR HOME. How does it feel to see trash blowing around everyday at our HOME. I'm embarrassed to bring friends over and when I brought it up to management they didn't have much to say. When it was time to work on my building I got less than a half day notice that they would be starting and I needed to have the walls clear and the furniture pulled out from the walls. Again, less than a half day notice? Oh, and they work from before the sun is all the way up to when the sun goes down. It's really nice listening to the banging at all hours. When I resigned my lease they informed me my rent was going up. I've never resigned my lease anywhere and given them the appropriate notice and had my rent go up from the initial amount I agreed to. When I brought that up the woman rolled her eyes. Nice. There are a lot of exasperated gestures at the office. It seems they are all miserable to be doing their job. There is always an empty bowl for waters and towels in the gym with even a little sign that says help yourself to water and a my 2 years of living here, there has NEVER been any water or towels in they gym! The pool is closed from time to time for no reason. All the sudden it's just locked, but with no one working on it for days. Nice, huh? Another thing, they charge you an $150 fine if you don't pick up your dog's waste, and the designated stand with bags has been empty for a week... The apartments themselves are very old with LOTS of air coming in the windows and doors. The area of town is nice...that's about the only positive I can say for this place.
DeAria James
5 months ago
These apartment complexes only get one star because you need to give a star to write a review. If you need somewhere to live, please do not rent these apartments. You get charged $800-900 when the apartments are worth only $500 at the most. First off , the the appliances are outdated, also there is never anywhere to park, you have to park far away from your house just to get a spot. Second, I woke up one morning to a MOUSE in my toilet. Third and foremost the manager Melissa Pruett is very rude, and lacks class. She does not know how to maintain apartments nor run them, her staff are rude also. So please if you are looking to move do not move here.
Brooke Thomas
9 months ago
Stephanie is a rude and disrespectful low class lady she got smart with me for no reason I asked her was it a issue she said no and continued to get loud and talk smart to me I will be seeking anybody and anyone over her BC whatever personal issues she has going on should not affect your ability at work she's very negative and nasty and if she has learned anything in the line of business she's in she she never be able to talk to a Tennant as rude n disrespectful as she was to me ....I will find out whoever is over her and i assure you I will get satisfaction and I will be moving as soon as my lease ends worse place to live for 1000 rent getting a apartment worth 500 a month she needs to get her act together.... Brooke Thomas I hope your reading this!!!!
Shane lamb
11 months ago
I give this property a one star simply because its impossible to have 0 or a negative star. Let me first start out by saying the maintenance staff are great guys and do a lot with what they are given. That being said the onsite staff are incompetent to say the least. They have successfully taken a property that was considered a high B class Property and now turned it into a low B class property under there management and ownership. ( that deserves an award , that takes a special level of incompetency to achieve this in Johnson County these days) They could care less about the condition of your unit or the overall condition of the property. They claim to be doing a massive redevelopment of the property all they are doing is slapping some cheap vinyl siding over the existing building making the complex now have the look and feel of a section 8 complex in Johnson County. They do not care nor have any standards to tenancy in this complex. If you have a pulse and haven't committed murder in the last 24 hours and were able to pawn everything you own for your down payment well now you are welcomed here at Rosehille Pointe. The units smell like an ash tray and will ruin anything nice you own with the new smell of a trashy bar that will seep through your walls from your neighbors unit. But don't expect them to do anything about it BC that tenant was able to hold up the local 7/11 to pay there rent that month. You have to physically Sue the company to get anything done persuinte to the landlord tenant law. ( which i would recommend anyone having issues to do because talking to them or offsite management is a waste of time.. They break landlord tenant law daily and claim they are not. They have cost me personally $35,000 in ruined assets for failing to do there job which i am now going after that tenfold. I would recommend anyone willing to lease from them to meet me in the parking lot i will take your money kick you in the balls and say have a nice day . that will be the condensed version of what your experience will be like with Rosehille Pointe but only on a daily basis for a year. I would hope by now you would get the point i am trying to make about how bad it sucks here . Well worth breaking your lease and litigation.
will Ace
2 months ago
i could hear my next door neighbor. and i could here the people that lived on top of my apartment. the walls are made of cardboard. and they want over 700 dollars a month lol.
Jason A
a year ago
A lot of people are moving this summer. I would encourage you to look elsewhere - not to Rosehill Pointe Apartments. There are a few really solid reasons why: 1) Your day experience is not your night experience: This means that while you may think you are getting a quiet, peaceful, well-manager unit when you visit it during day hours the actual experience at night is very different. I am woken up 2-3 times a week by booming bass from cars thumping through the parking lot. I have a neighbor on her porch drinking (loudly) until 2am most weeknights. I have an upstairs neighbor that sees no real issue with having 6 of his friends over to play video games involving machine gun fire, grenades, and yes lots of booze and probably more, on most weeknights. 2) Management is poor and not technically on-property: This complex is run by Maxus Property Group. The actual ownership is not located at the property you are renting. It is managed pretty poorly by a woman named Melissa Pruett who is very good at organizing blood drives and movie nights that no one really wants in an apartment complex but can't seem to fix the safety issues on property, get a sink repaired on time, put insulation in flooring, stop persistent pest issues (spiders!), or to be civil in resolving neighbor disputes. You get a lot of "fluff" here - which is to say you get a lot of "oh we're so sorry, we'll get on that, we love you so much" but no real action - that is to say "your garbage disposal now works consistently, your patio no longer has wasps, your neighbor has been asked not to pass out on the stoop, etc." 3) There are better places for your money: This has become an apartment complex of last resort. You can rent many houses in Lenexa, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Olathe, etc., at a comparable price to what they will charge you here. Most apartment complexes are similar in price or less. Your price tag is not what you'll be paying It has poor insulation, energy inefficient air conditioning and heat, and a very steep trash and water tag. On average my rent is $60-$80 more per month than the advertised price. This does not include utilities which are excessive due to the age of the complex ($120-145 per month just for electricity). 4) It is becoming unsafe. I have seen the police here quite often recently. There are domestic disputes at night that are audible throughout the 4-plex units due to poor construction, thin walls, etc. There is drug use of both the mild and scary variety. There are a lot of people drifting around during the day - not a good sign. Drive around the complex on a Tuesday before you sign a lease and see how many people are not at work based on cars in the parking lot. These are your loud, possibly welfare receiving, often listless neighbors. They will be your constant companions every night until they pass out at 4am. They will also be permanently parked (along with 4 of their friends) in the limited free parking spaces on the lot. 5) Sorry this is so long. I have nothing really to gain by leaving this, but I am getting ready to move because it's bad here and getting worse. I have sought remedy with management. It has done nothing. Pruett trolls the google reviews now so I'm sure there will be a pat answer in here soon about how safe, affordable, and wonderful she thinks her property is. It's hot air. Unlike the reviews left by management under pseudonyms or reviews that were solicited unethically by Pruett (see “Alaina C.” below), most of us are unhappy for what we get for the money. Take a look around! There are tons of nice properties in the area and it’s a buyers market. Don’t get trapped for 12 months here. Best of luck – Jason.
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