Rosehill Pointe Apartments
12701 W 88th Cir
Lenexa, KS 66215
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Norman Kearney
reviewed 4 months ago
Yeap here we go I'm even leaving my full name nothing to hide here at all talk about disappointed iv been here for years even started a family here and year by year it has got worst I should of move long time ago but nope so convenient for my life being close to work is the only reason iv stayed but Iv had it nothing works right around here my air goes out in the summer, ants take over my son room, my stove goes out constantly, my patio door breaks almost every time I open it, my heat has to stay on constantly because all the air that flows through my front door and windows the best of it all I was on the verge of leaving this past year and the lady convince me to stay telling me how I wouldn't have to worry about maintenance things and paying for stuff the oh so great things about living in apartments but oh was that a lie my wife called about broken blinds and they just come over replace them no problem but when they broke again they came but hit me with a surprise bill of 40 dollars are you serious for some what 10 maybe 15 dollars plastic blinds hey its all good I'm going to pay because they just put it in my rent without telling me totally not right I would not recommend this place to anyone iv had several different neighbors who iv got to know who has moved out due to complaints of service around here about things but who stuck around this guy but who is moving out next "THIS GUY" oh your probably wondering what??? Why is he just now complaining it's cause my sink just broke this morning and I don't want to call because lord knows what would they charge me for a broken sink
Mikayla Nichols
reviewed 5 months ago
Horrible. They had my car towed without making ANY effort to contact me OR my husband. We were both out of town and came home to my car MISSING! We had to call the police to find out where my car was. The laundry room is FILTHY and the washers stink. We had to have maintenance come out THREE times just to fix our stove correctly-because the main burner didn't work when we moved in! The windows leak during the winter time, things keep breaking, can hear through the walls.
Starr Freeman
reviewed 6 months ago
NOT WORTH IT !! Old, run down,and extremely high electric bills in the winter. Over $300 a month for utilities alone and I use it very conservatively and still freeze. Need to wear coats inside, the insulation sucks. You pass by a window and feel cold air coming in. But, don't listen to me or any other reviews on here. Actually go around to several apartments first on your own and talk to the tenants if you want the truth. Wish I'd done that first.
Daniel Dunn
reviewed 10 months ago
The people at the clubhouse are the best people at the clubhouse are great to work with. Any time I have a problem they get it fixed asap. Their ground crew are very nice and friendy and complete. I recomend it. They do need grass seed in front of a lot of the apartments. But other than that I rate this a 5 rating and will definitely recomend it to a friend.
Praus Nichols
reviewed 5 months ago
Management is awful. They had our vehicle towed from a general parking area without ANY attempt at communicating to us why or how.
tina adriano
reviewed 11 months ago
Love it. Unless go back to house living will be here for life:)
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
Run away....quickly! Seriously, the absolute worst place. My boyfriend has been living here for over 2 years, and he's had it. The apartments themselves are old, and gross, with nasty carpet and horrible fixtures, They wait forever to open the pools, and then when they do one is "under maintenance" about 90% of the summer (this has happened the last 2 summers). He got a parking space the winter before last, just for the winter months, so he wouldn't have to clean off his car, and did the same thing this year. Well, when spring rolled around they refused to honor their verbal agreement that he could lose the parking spot in February, even though they had the records showing that they did the same thing last year. The latest issue is that they're doing construction on the apartment below his, and are pounding around, cursing at the top of their lungs super early on Sats and Suns, and after 5pm during the week. They also turned the water off twice with no notification. When he went to the office to complain about the HUGE inconvenience, they didn't care...not even a little. No apologies offered, no rent deducted, nothing, Needless to say he will NOT be renewing the lease. If you want a decent place, with decent tenant advice is to look elsewhere (there are PLENTY of nicer apartments around with reasonable rent.
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
Worst complex I've lived in. My girlfriend wrote a review, because she's at my apartment so much, but I thought I would also add that the management is really AWFUL. They truly do not care about you. They know that most people will only stay through one or two leases, so they're just completely apathetic. Now I have weeks of noise to look forward to. It's no wonder that their ratings on every website are so low. I'm counting the days until I leave.
A Google User
reviewed 4 years ago
You should not be able to hear every floor creak wherever you step. The apartment looks decent but as you can tell by where you step, it is run down and old. When explained to the staff of the creaking, they did not cooperate or try to help. They were also very careless and seemed to have an attitude approach to the situation. We were extremely disappointed with Lacy. She seemed unprepared or unwilling to address our concerns or give us any possible solution or option. She basically told us - 'too bad, you're stuck.' This represents their facility well...Not to mention she was very rude and catty and as read from a previous review--their manager Jan really does endorse her behavior. I would NOT recommend living here!!
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE- I have lived here for 2 years and will not be renewing my lease. They have a horrible management- Collette being the main problem and lack of communication within the office. About a month ago the pipes burst in the laundry room due to the laziness of the maintenance men, causing it to flood my apartment as well as my neighboors and the hallway. When reporting it they immediately came to my building to check out the issue. It took about 4-5 hours before anyone came back to clean the carpets which I could have delt with if they took care of it the first time. Throughout the week i complained that my apartment smelt of cat pee and mildew they finally informed me 7 days later they will send someone back to clean because when they were there last time he didnt get a chance to sanitize the carpets. I was completely disgusted that someone who doesn't pay my bills thought it was okay to just let me walk around in unsanitary conditions because they were too lazy to take care of it the first time, but I was happy that they agreed to come back and fix it as long as i moved my furniture again. The next day I came home around 4 pm and noticed they still hadn't shown up so i called the office then I was told that the carpet guy was told the wrong apartment to clean that day and he wont be coming back because he didn't think the water damage was bad enough for him to waste his time. Needless to say I was enraged, who has the right to tell me what is good enough for the money that I spend? I did not move in on these conditions and should not be expected to live under them either I take pride in the things that I own and pay for myself. I went straight to the office and had to yell to get the problem taken care of, she contacted the guy again and made it clear he needed to be there first thing in the morning which he did. About a week later my allergies had gotten so bad due to the mold festering in my neighboors apartment, my own and the hallway. My neighboor had cantacted them several times trying to get them to fix the problem and they told her the damage was not their fault and that they dont see any mold. She contacted her insurance company and they came for an inspection they told her that it was unlivable circumstances and she had to be out immediately allowing her to break her lease thank god. I have been to the office with a written and verbal complaint as well as called up there 3 times over the past week and a half and have not yet recieved 1 call back. I don't recommend anyone rent from this place unless it is your only option. There are cheaper and nicer places as long as you take your time to look.
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