Rosehill Pointe Apartments
12701 W 88th Cir
Lenexa, KS 66215
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Jason A
3 weeks ago
A lot of people are moving this summer. I would encourage you to look elsewhere - not to Rosehill Pointe Apartments. There are a few really solid reasons why: 1) Your day experience is not your night experience: This means that while you may think you are getting a quiet, peaceful, well-manager unit when you visit it during day hours the actual experience at night is very different. I am woken up 2-3 times a week by booming bass from cars thumping through the parking lot. I have a neighbor on her porch drinking (loudly) until 2am most weeknights. I have an upstairs neighbor that sees no real issue with having 6 of his friends over to play video games involving machine gun fire, grenades, and yes lots of booze and probably more, on most weeknights. 2) Management is poor and not technically on-property: This complex is run by Maxus Property Group. The actual ownership is not located at the property you are renting. It is managed pretty poorly by a woman named Melissa Pruett who is very good at organizing blood drives and movie nights that no one really wants in an apartment complex but can't seem to fix the safety issues on property, get a sink repaired on time, put insulation in flooring, stop persistent pest issues (spiders!), or to be civil in resolving neighbor disputes. You get a lot of "fluff" here - which is to say you get a lot of "oh we're so sorry, we'll get on that, we love you so much" but no real action - that is to say "your garbage disposal now works consistently, your patio no longer has wasps, your neighbor has been asked not to pass out on the stoop, etc." 3) There are better places for your money: This has become an apartment complex of last resort. You can rent many houses in Lenexa, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Olathe, etc., at a comparable price to what they will charge you here. Most apartment complexes are similar in price or less. Your price tag is not what you'll be paying It has poor insulation, energy inefficient air conditioning and heat, and a very steep trash and water tag. On average my rent is $60-$80 more per month than the advertised price. This does not include utilities which are excessive due to the age of the complex ($120-145 per month just for electricity). 4) It is becoming unsafe. I have seen the police here quite often recently. There are domestic disputes at night that are audible throughout the 4-plex units due to poor construction, thin walls, etc. There is drug use of both the mild and scary variety. There are a lot of people drifting around during the day - not a good sign. Drive around the complex on a Tuesday before you sign a lease and see how many people are not at work based on cars in the parking lot. These are your loud, possibly welfare receiving, often listless neighbors. They will be your constant companions every night until they pass out at 4am. They will also be permanently parked (along with 4 of their friends) in the limited free parking spaces on the lot. 5) Sorry this is so long. I have nothing really to gain by leaving this, but I am getting ready to move because it's bad here and getting worse. I have sought remedy with management. It has done nothing. Pruett trolls the google reviews now so I'm sure there will be a pat answer in here soon about how safe, affordable, and wonderful she thinks her property is. It's hot air. Unlike the reviews left by management under pseudonyms or reviews that were solicited unethically by Pruett (see “Alaina C.” below), most of us are unhappy for what we get for the money. Take a look around! There are tons of nice properties in the area and it’s a buyers market. Don’t get trapped for 12 months here. Best of luck – Jason.
Mike M
3 months ago
A great place to live if you are recently out of jail, your bed is also your futon, or you would like a poorly-supervised hole in the wall in which to further explore your drug and alcohol habit. A bad place to live if you are a working professional, you are trying to save money on your utility bills, or you enjoy sleep. Honestly, this has been the worst place I've ever lived by a mile and I've been renting for over a decade. Walls and floors are paper thin. Management has been unwilling to solve a noise complaint despite months of documented abuses. Scroll down, the consistent complaints on Google Reviews are all identical: management is inept, apartments are poorly insulated and overpriced for what you get, and the neighborhood itself is going to hell.
Alaina C
3 months ago
My previous experience with the apartment complex itself was awesome. No complaints. My fiancé and I plan to maybe move back to Rosehill after our wedding. The reviews that complain of druggies and whatnot need to tell management. They're very strict about dealing with those situations especially working hand in hand with Lenexa PD. Also, honestly, I never had any sound issues in my old apartment. The current manager, Melissa, and Cami are awesome. I've never had any issues with them.
Kyle Sexton
8 months ago
The management is REAL shady... and they have major communication issues. I would advise looking elsewhere. On October 3rd my fiance and I completed applications at Rosehill Point apartments. We submitted the application fees totaling $60 and a check for $250.00. We were told that this check would not be cashed until we were approved, and that in order to be approved we would need a cosigner or one months rent. A cosigner application was sent to my fiance's mother in Ohio but she did not complet or return any documents. We have since looked at other apartments and ultimately decided to go with another complex, but we wanted to wait for approval before notifying Rosehill. Almost three weeks after completing our applications, I noticed that Rosehill had cashed the check and it hit my account on October 22nd. My account is now negative $266.16 due to two $36.00 overdraft fees. After contacting Rosehill to initiate a refund, they said that we HAVE been approved and unfortunately missed the 72 hour window after the approval and that we forfeit our deposit. They haven't received a payment of one months rent or a completed cosigner application, and the application we signed states that, "Upon approval of tenancy and the signing of an apartment and rental agreement, the deposit fee will be credited against my deposit". They said they sent an email notifiying that we were approved yet we later found it in my fiance's junk folder. It was sent on October 16th and it said "We are very excited you are moving to Rosehill Pointe. Just a friendly reminder, your lease contains..." We never signed a lease, never submitted one months rent, or a cosigner application and they are saying we are approved? We have so many contradictory emails and voicemails from their office that can easily show that we are NOT approved. We initially talked with Savannah and have also talked with Melissa, the office manager there. Melissa said that they gave us a "Welcome Home" document, but that was given to us on October 3rd after completing our applications. This just contains information on the apartment in question, the rent, and potential agreement information once we would be approved, and this document isn't a signed document. I had thought it strange that they gave us a document with the words "welcome home" at the top after we completed an application that hasn't been approved.
Ronald Axmann
9 months ago
I just moved out after living there for 12 years. All I can say is that the management that took over about 3-4 years ago tries to charge you for everything when you move out - no matter how long you have lived there. I didn't move it with new carpet and so I know they will be changing the carpet but still billed me for a professional cleaning when i left. They even billed me for new drip pans on the stove after 12 years of use. I bought new window blinds or they would have billed me for cleaning or replacing them too. I won't miss the deep water outside of my apartment entry that would not drain and got your shoes and socks wet after a heavy rain. I complained for a few years but they didn't want to invest any money to fix the situation. Yes, the laundry rooms are always a mess too. The place is going down hill and management is not helping.
Mikayla Nichols
a year ago
Horrible. They had my car towed without making ANY effort to contact me OR my husband. We were both out of town and came home to my car MISSING! We had to call the police to find out where my car was. The laundry room is FILTHY and the washers stink. We had to have maintenance come out THREE times just to fix our stove correctly-because the main burner didn't work when we moved in! The windows leak during the winter time, things keep breaking, can hear through the walls.
Norman Kearney
a year ago
Yeap here we go I'm even leaving my full name nothing to hide here at all talk about disappointed iv been here for years even started a family here and year by year it has got worst I should of move long time ago but nope so convenient for my life being close to work is the only reason iv stayed but Iv had it nothing works right around here my air goes out in the summer, ants take over my son room, my stove goes out constantly, my patio door breaks almost every time I open it, my heat has to stay on constantly because all the air that flows through my front door and windows the best of it all I was on the verge of leaving this past year and the lady convince me to stay telling me how I wouldn't have to worry about maintenance things and paying for stuff the oh so great things about living in apartments but oh was that a lie my wife called about broken blinds and they just come over replace them no problem but when they broke again they came but hit me with a surprise bill of 40 dollars are you serious for some what 10 maybe 15 dollars plastic blinds hey its all good I'm going to pay because they just put it in my rent without telling me totally not right I would not recommend this place to anyone iv had several different neighbors who iv got to know who has moved out due to complaints of service around here about things but who stuck around this guy but who is moving out next "THIS GUY" oh your probably wondering what??? Why is he just now complaining it's cause my sink just broke this morning and I don't want to call because lord knows what would they charge me for a broken sink
Daniel Dunn
a year ago
The people at the clubhouse are the best people at the clubhouse are great to work with. Any time I have a problem they get it fixed asap. Their ground crew are very nice and friendy and complete. I recomend it. They do need grass seed in front of a lot of the apartments. But other than that I rate this a 5 rating and will definitely recomend it to a friend.
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