The Landings
7803 S New Braunfels Ave
San Antonio, TX 78235
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Alissa Kongglang
9 months ago
This place is beautiful and the amenities are awesome. But one thing is the management sucks here!!! This is my second year here. The first year wasn't bad. But I should've really thought about it before releasing. Everything is MONEY to the new management! They want to charge for everything!!!!! And they are rude. I've had so much happen to me since I lived here. They towed my car that was my covered parking just because I didn't have the tag that hangs from the mirror. But I did have a parking sticker. So I think they should've checked the license plate before actually taking it. Which was horrible they made it seem like they just didn't care when I went to the office. I really wish they had better customer service especially for how much we pay for these small apartments.
Katelyn Evans
a year ago
We have loved our time at The Landings. The property and amenities are beautiful and our kids have had a blast at the pool. The last couple of months have been our best here because of the new management. Cliff has especially been helpful. He has been friendly, enthusiastic, funny and always more than willing to find a solution for us when we've had an issue. It's been nice to see him around the property and not just sitting behind a desk in the office. Each time we go by, my daughter has to give him a big hug! We finally bought a house and although we are thrilled to take this step, we will greatly miss The Landings, Cliff, the staff and the pool!! You will love this property!
Michael Valencia
10 months ago
New Management. Overpriced. Poor Customer Serivce. Get used to letters and following lots of rules. Don't miss DEADLINES it will cost you more and they are not negotiable with renewal rates. I recommend Legacy Brooks being built closeby.
Cindy Rohm
a year ago
Since living here at The Landings I have enjoyed every moment. The apts are beautiful and spacious enough, there are choices to add on storage units, car ports & garages for fair prices. Don't feel like taking your trash across the lot to the dumpster...don't worry about it because when you lease an apt at The Landings Valet Trash is just one of the services that comes with. If ever you have issues or any questions the staff in the front office is always professional and willing to do whatever it takes to make your issue better. the have on site maintenance if anything messes up in your apt and from experience i put in a work order for my fridge and same day the maintenance worker was there and the fridge was fixed. I guess what I'm saying is you get what you pay for when you move into The Landings. And one last thing, the security is out of this world. I sleep easy ever night knowing that i'm not only in a gated community but also because SAPD, Brooks CIty Base Security and other tenants look out for one another. Please do yourself a favor and walk into that office. I promise you won't want to leave!!
Nancy Mancha
a year ago
I hate this place! Management is horrible! They do not lookout for their tenants at all! They just care about taking your money. I have lived here for over 5 months and I feel like I have to tiptoe around just to be here. Yeah they are nice, but I could get this for the same price in the northside. Why didn't I go that way? Simply because I wanted to stay close to my family. First we have a crazy neighbor who works nights and if he hears any noise coming from upstairs in the morning he bangs on his ceilings making everything on my counter shake, sometimes knocking things over. It is ridiculous! We have had several complaints from him, well im sorry quiet time is from 9:00-6:00 a.m. I cant tiptoe around. Second the trash, yes it is nice that they have the pick up at your door, but I have gotten fined because I put it out early. Well hello I have an infant who has numerous of diapers and the trash does start to smell, so I put it outside! Another my keys to get into the gate never work! They say we need to reprogram them all the time. They reset everyones numbers that guest need to put into the call box so they can enter the gate without telling anyone! I had my guest putting in the wrong number! Now for the inside of the apartments. Our outlets never work! We were told if we make holes In the wall because we hang things we need to repair them. The deposit is 1500 (refundable) on top of the other deposits for damage if there is any. Or you pay 262 (nonrefundable) and it covers nothing. If there is any sort of damage or things that need to be replaced you pay on top of that. We had ants numerous of times and I have called 3 times asking for pest control and they said they would be out in the morning and come up and spray the apartment. Those days came and went. Well come to find out I had to go inside and turn in a hand written notice of the ant problem. My husband is allergic and they just didn't care. Parking is a joke. If you get here after six you have to park far just to get inside your apartment and that is everyday. The pool is a joke its so small. Wi-Fi at the clubhouse never works. I hate that they have to come do random inspections of your apartment from 9-5 m-f during a certain week. They don't do appointments so guess what you cant set your alarm at all until they check your apartment. There are so many rules here you might as well be in jail. That is how I feel. If you are considering moving here don't! Explore your options. The price is not worth it! There are other numerous things wrong with this place! It will soon go into the ground with the way they run things. PLEASE EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS AND LOOK ELSEWHERE. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! There are times where I love this place, but it has wayyyyy more cons then pros.
Cari Cortez
a year ago
Lovely apartments and great amenities, but, yes, the management is bad. They are really great about welcoming you in and obtaining your business. But, for the cost of living, I expected a little bit in the level of service from the staff. Not a lot -- just a little bit. I feel like the management just does enough or barely the minimum to scrape by. I would not recommend this place.
Gabrielle Patton
a year ago
I live in The Landings. THe apartment and the amenities are beautiful, but the management is awful. I have fleas in my house and I have only been here a week. I have no animals and yet Im being eaten to death by fleas. When I moved in the apartment was dirty, the blinds were broken, and the weather strip between the house and the back door is is chewed up by a dog that was prevously. here. I seriously CANNOT wait to move, and I've only been here 3 weeks. DONT DO IT.
estefania rico
2 years ago
I am a resident at the Landings at Brooks City Base. The apartment complex is a great place. Nice apartments, cool pool, beautiful furnishings but the management is horrible. Me and my husband had no warning call that our apartment was ready. we had to keep calling and calling and no one would tell us anything except that they would return us back with a respond but no call back was ever made. we had to find out that our apartment was ready on our own! which was very disappointing since this is our first ever apartment. Than on the day of signing papers since it was last minute thing we had to sign papers back and forth and it was just a mess. Since we are both new to the apartment experience we have no clue how things are suppose to work! so we are getting fined for things that no one from management even sat down to talk to us about. The worst apartment experience ever. i say find apartments that actually care about their tenants and not their money!
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