Superstition Canyon Apartments
1247 S 96th St
Mesa, AZ 85209
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Cindy Noe
in the last week
Very nice place to live!! Quiet! Nice landscaping and always clean! Apt is big and cozy! Private balcony! Side by side fridge, really nice cabinets! Full size washer and dryer! Parking close to apt! Alarm system! Close to everything you need! The staff is really Great! Very friendly and helpful!! Nice, safe, beautiful!!!
Ben Baird
in the last week
A great atmosphere with good staff. Feels like a small town neighborhood!
Alexander App
3 weeks ago
Nice pool and awesome hot tub! Found my soul mate in that tub ;)
Sabrina Coffman
11 months ago
I loved living here for 2 years, always felt safe, my apartment was great, and the staff was always super friendly. Only thing I will say is that my upstairs neighbors are a complete and utter nightmare so loud and will wake you up at all hours of the night and or morning... The walls are very poorly insulated because I can hear just about anything that my neighbors upstairs do... No exaggeration there and it's not pleasant. Also the overflow parking is verrrry scarce at night.
Aaron Childs
a year ago
A very quiet community with incredible staff. I have lived here for almost 3 years and wouldn't or should I say couldn't find a better complex to live in. The office staff is extremely proactive, the maintenance is on top of everything. This property is a newer community and yet they are always repaving, painting and even recently put in brand new grills. People in the community have...should I say a very friendly attitude. I think it's just a catchy thing that we have here. It's like being in the "Byrnes Family Circle of Trust", it's fun and yet very familiar feeling once you are here for a bit. It's an apartment and meanwhile most won't be here long....however if you are, you'll feel like you made friends and lived comfortably for the time. I STRONGLY recommend these apartments!!! One more thing...yeah the rent is a little more...BUT we'll worth keeping out the rif raf, if you know what I mean? :) I could write a ton more...however, no sense in giving away all the secrets. ;) 5 Stars for SURE!
M Sharp
2 years ago
I have lived here at Superstition Canyon for two years now and I get nothing but complements from my friends and family, they are always impressed on my beautiful my apartment and how homely this little community is. People here are not afraid to say "hello" as they pass by. I love the feeling of being in a community vs. an "apartment." The maintenance staff is great very quick every morning I see them out cleaning up which is nice to see that they actually care about this place and their job. Office staff is great always feel very welcomed when i come down to their office they even know my name and apartment # which is pretty cool, I am not just another number. I have never lived in a place like this and I'm proud to call this place my home.
A Google User
4 years ago
We have lived here for almost 2 years now and can not wait for our lease to be up! The staff is rude, there is dog poop everywhere, and the residents are rude. We have a handicaped parking spot for my child and people think it's ok to park there and the office will do nothing about it. Their maintinance staff will harasse you every chance they get for things they assume you did, and they are allowed to smoke on the property in front of tenants! This place may look nice but it's hell to live in!
A Google User
4 years ago
Don't waste your time with this place. Looked nice at first, but the luster quickly wore off. Rude and incompetent staff that will harass you for stupid little things, but can't manage to tend to any issue or complaint with any reasonable amount of brain power. There's a bunch of loud, idiotic neighbors that blare their ghetto music or sit out late at night nearly screaming while talking and partying. There's a bunch of people that have dogs that don't pick up after their feces. That's not to mention that there is VERY limited overflow parking which is never available because nobody uses their covered spots since it's too far to walk for your average mouthbreathing moron, amongst numerous other things! RUN, do not walk, away from this dump! "Luxury" is FAARRRR from this place, and for the money you can get a much nicer apartment elsewhere, especially since they try to raise your rent upon renewing your lease(happened to a couple different friends of ours!).
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