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Christopher john Browne
reviewed 12 months ago
I have operated an ammonium fertiliser plant larger than this. there appears to be a lot of misinformation. Anhydrous ammonia is not explosive under any circumstances. Ammonium Nitrate is also not explosive unless it is mixed with diesel or some other inflammable, and then detonated. For example, my local fertiliser supplier has 6 tonnes of bagged ammonium sulphate on the floor in the warehouse, open to the public and within a densely populated area, thus demonstrating this. However buying it requires a whole raft of forms etc, even foe me, a qualified industrial chemist with 50 years experience in the industry, to prevent access by terrorists. What is highly explosive however, is liquid Hydrogen, one of the two key raw materials. This is usually formed from natural gas or by electrolysis of water. It is then stored on site in pressure vessels as liquid. I can see these on the Google Map of the site. As such it is equivalent to rocket fuel and in fact was used as such in the space shuttle program. If the explosion had involved anhydrous ammonia and/or ammonium nitrate as the cause, nobody within at least a 1 mile radius would have survived, due to suffocation or choking from toxic fumes. Therefore I think this was almost certainly a terrorist attack in an attempt to gain access to significant ammonium sulphate solid. If just 20-30 kg (1/2 a bag) had been available and been used in the pressure cooker bombs in Boston, combined with diesel and detonators/mobile phones the death toll would probably have been hundreds. They are bound to have been disappointed with the result. The fact that nobody has claimed credit suggests the the mission is still not completed!
Jesse Nealon
reviewed 11 months ago
I'm surprised no one is talkin bout how this very well may hv been done as an act of terrorism. I've been sayin that it wasn't an accident since I first learned of this. Something in all the details made me just feel it. This was when everyone was convinced it was an accident. Just heard the other day their finding new evidence and making my intuition right on.
chiefseth givens
reviewed 10 months ago
did anyone read the first couple of reviews on this page right as the news was breaking? The very first one was sort of hinting that they were somehow responsible. [I read anti-civ literature in a way that someone else might read sci-fi so I recognized his tone right away] That comment was removed within 30 min or so. If he wasnt an actual "hot" anarchist [of some stripe] he was willing to risk making himself look like a suspect; all for the sake of a little hoax comment.
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