Sky Vista Commons
9455 Sky Vista Pkwy
Reno, NV 89506
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yvette santana
2 months ago
The scenic surrounding located next to parks, spacious rooms, closets, bathrooms, enclosed patio and washer/dryer in unit, are all things that drew us to this complex. However, upon day one we quickly realized we moved into an infested apartment, not to mention a carpet covered with unidentifiable stains and layers of the previous owner's pet hair. Wolf and other ground spiders were crawling over all of our things within an hour. We slept in fear that night and we would continue to live in fear for the next 9 months that a spider would bite our crawling infant. Imagine living like this, I was afraid to get out of bed at night to use the bathroom for fear that I would step on spiders. I could never set my daughter down without first checking the floor for spiders, I had to watch that every moment she spent on the floor she wasn't picking up the spider traps they gave us or hadn't run across a spider. The last straw was when I found a wolf spider (pictured) crawling toward her as she sat and played with blocks. We had them come in to spray a toxin all over the apartment my daughter lived, played and touched, and despite that, the pictures show you what good that did. Everyday I vacuumed 2 times a day to control the problem and still on three occasions we found hundreds of hatchlings crawling and spreading and continuing the cycle. This was my life, so prospective tenants, especially those with young children BEWARE, and look somewhere else! Even so, we were good tenants, always paid our rent on time, which is why their treatment of us after we moved out was such a disrespectful slap in the face. In the process of trying to buy a home, we found out we had been sent to collections for an unpaid balance we didn't even know existed. We provided our forwarding address, the office had current emails and numbers, but because of an error on their part, they sent it to the wrong address. And rather than send us an email or give us a call to confirm the forwarding address, which would have been a reasonable courtesy considering they charged us $1680 for any inconvenience we caused them for cancelling our lease, we now have spent hours dealing with their lack of concern and cooperation to correct their error. We paid our balance in full upon the shady "verbal" promise (because they refused to provide it in writing and would not explain why) from the collection agency that it would be deleted from our credit report, further evidence that this was not an issue of us evading them or failing to pay, but they have set us back on our dream to buy a home for possibly another 90 days to correct their negligence. Tell me Sky Vista what is the "inconvenience" you have caused us worth? I hate companies that take advantage of people for monetary gain, so in closing, I hope the wolf spiders roaming your apartments eat your rotting souls.
Hannah Gaither
a year ago
Great neighborhood and location, decent amenities, decent prices. Management team is nice, yes I have noticed there is not a rent drop box for after office hours but they are also open on weekends.
William Close
3 years ago
I have lived here almost 13 years. I have never found any of the management teams to be rude. The "walking trail" they sometimes advertise was taken over by Motor bikes and 4 wheelers when they built the housing track. It was destroyed, as you might expect, so that "amenity" no longer exists. It's a good quiet neighborhood. There is an athletics field and park right across the street where they are building a new splash park. The lack of a drop box is inconvenient and the problem of people taking checks out might have been better solved by making a smaller opening.{ how much room does an envelope need?} My only complaint about management is that if someone makes a complaint against you management doesn't trouble themselves to confirm if its true before sending you a threatening letter. { I told a tenet that I shouldn't be assaulted by his dog walking from my car to my apartment and in a couple days of that received a noise complaint from the office for a time I'm not even home}
Esther Polly
3 years ago
Another brilliant idea from the management to screw tenants up by removing the drop off box and personally drop your payment or correspondence to them. I don't need to see their rude faces when I'm paying my rent. After my lease is up, I am out of here. Management here are rude, heartless two faces. People beware!!!
Shamoo S.
3 years ago
Management here do accept PITBULLS. As a victim of this vicious breed, I will rent some place else >(
Christopher Manzini
a year ago
Gustavo Montes
a year ago