Sky Vista Commons
9455 Sky Vista Pkwy
Reno, NV 89506
Silver Lake/Sky Vista
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William Close
reviewed a year ago
I have lived here almost 13 years. I have never found any of the management teams to be rude. The "walking trail" they sometimes advertise was taken over by Motor bikes and 4 wheelers when they built the housing track. It was destroyed, as you might expect, so that "amenity" no longer exists. It's a good quiet neighborhood. There is an athletics field and park right across the street where they are building a new splash park. The lack of a drop box is inconvenient and the problem of people taking checks out might have been better solved by making a smaller opening.{ how much room does an envelope need?} My only complaint about management is that if someone makes a complaint against you management doesn't trouble themselves to confirm if its true before sending you a threatening letter. { I told a tenet that I shouldn't be assaulted by his dog walking from my car to my apartment and in a couple days of that received a noise complaint from the office for a time I'm not even home}
Esther Polly
reviewed a year ago
Another brilliant idea from the management to screw tenants up by removing the drop off box and personally drop your payment or correspondence to them. I don't need to see their rude faces when I'm paying my rent. After my lease is up, I am out of here. Management here are rude, heartless two faces. People beware!!!
Shamoo S.
reviewed a year ago
Management here do accept PITBULLS. As a victim of this vicious breed, I will rent some place else >(