Fairway View Apartments
6881 NW 173rd Dr
Hialeah, FL 33015
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xdfghj cvbn
11 months ago
after moving here from a HORRIBLE experience that i had at a previous apartment i have had the best time of my life, the staff is very friendly is completely renewed apartment washer and dryer inside i absolutely love this place!!!!! rent is not to pricy compared to other apartments in this area!!!! i was paying the same in my previous apartment i was living on the 4th floor and elevators never worked!!!! LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! everything is clean and maintained.... WAS LOOKING AT OTHER REVIEWS and this is what i have to say, is not too big but its just an apartment if you want a big place look for a house!!! THIS IS MIAMI!!!!!
Maria Claret Urribarri
9 months ago
I'm a single mother of 3. I have been here for 1 year now.. just renewed for another term.. and I have 5 other friends and family living in the community after they came to visit and saw what a nice place I found! ! I would recommend Fairway View to anyone who's looking for a central location with almost everything near by. High five to my community! !
Heikel Ramirez
3 years ago
This place is tiny, I mean tiny! For the price you pay it's way to small. The kitchen, living room and laundry machine are ideal for college students but not families. The area is nice and the parking lot/pool/gym is well maintained. My issues were that they "inspect" the apartment whenever they want. One time I was about to walk out so the door was unlocked but went back to pee, suddenly they were in my apartment! They didn't even knock first to see if I was home. What if I was in the shower and forgot my towel or something?? Then they said "oh the door was unlocked." The gate stays open once a car goes through for as many cars to follow and won't close until the last car passes for like 1 minute! My car was stolen from here also...If you have to move and need an apartment quick for at least year then there's always available apartments here
Alfonso Rodriguez
3 years ago
I was looking for a place on the website in order to post some comments about my rental community. I just wanted to say that my community Fairway view has made me and my family very happy. renting here we found a beautiful home that is affordable and everything we wanted and asked for, plus more. I wanted to make sure that you are aware of the quality of staff you have in the office, their professionalism had an end result that left your office with a satisfied customer. I will gladly refer Fairway view to family & friends, for me and my family I am ready to sign for one more year. Thank you.
Tunis Wilcox
9 months ago
A Google User
5 years ago
I haven't had any problems living here. There is excellent maintenance througout. Btw I never seen a roach contrary the other comment left here. Yes is a little pricy but so is everything in this area.
7 months ago
Maria Serritella
a year ago
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