Barrington Lakes Apartment
2200 Hassell Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
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No Name
3 weeks ago
2 months of living here since we moved from Texas. 70's apartments with good maintenance, and conveniently located. Air conditioning in summer may not be great. Window air conditioning in my apartment is very old and loud. It's not possible to set any timers on the it, coming from texas I expected see atleast some good window air conditioning for what I'm paying for. It's not what you get what you pay for sure.
Etta Kitt
2 months ago
Within the last two years, I've been verbally and inappropriately harassed by two different male tenants. I made reports to management with little success and no follow up. Because it's private property, the police said management had to be involved but whenever the management office is called, they JUST stepped out of the office. Every time. This is not just my issue but neighbors as well. One of the tenants was allowed to stay but moved to a different building and the other remains so I have to take the proper precautions to avoid him. They put up a gate for protection but there are so many problems inside. I carry pepper spray inside my own gated community because when the gates open for actual tenants, other people roll in and use our pool and use the provided outdoor grills for cookouts or to fish. Management claim the parking lots are monitored so they can tow any vehicles without an apartment sticker and that is a joke. I end up parking three buildings away and count dozens of cars without stickers on my way to my home. I've called more times than I can count about his matter. My hallway often smells like dirty baby diapers, some tenants with dogs do not clean us their dog's poo and management spends more time, money and effort on sending out paper flyers for parties than fixing the huge potholes in the parking lot. I wish I would have known this before I looked into moving into this place. It's terrible.
prashant Gupta
3 weeks ago
#### Be Aware #### No more safe, increasing theft incident. I left my Key in door by mistake in night and someone taken, Now management asking $75 to just change the lock and $65 for keys replacement. They are making it business instead of helping residents.
Snien GNzah
5 months ago
Jeff had mentioned that he remembers my son & I from when we lived here at 2010 #101 about 6 years ago. I told him the reason we are back is because Barrington Lakes is BY FAR the best apartments I've ever had the pleasure of residing, and it remains true. The remodeling is amazing! Between that, the amenities, and the excellent management, I wouldn't consider anywhere else! So again, thank you SO much for all your help! I really appreciate the expediency and professionalism...not to mention these guys great personalities! :)
Tia Ashton
3 months ago
Washing machines have been malfunctioning for almost a month and no one can seem to repair them. Not having a hot water wash is unacceptable. It'd be nice if BL would stop adding more lame tenent parties and spend the money on the necessary upgrades. New tenets in bldg loudly verbal argue at any hour of the day and recently had a domestic altercation at 4am requiring the police to take the male into custody. Why do we have gates? The problem is now inside the gates. The parking is extremely limited yet more reserved spaces were created recently. The parking problem was exacerbated unless you want to fork over an extra $50/mo for a decent parking spot. I've lived here two years. Quality of this place is declining.
Deneb B.
8 months ago
What a wonderful place to call "home". I have lived here for 4 years now, and have enjoyed every minute of it. The lake is absolutely amazing. On a warm summer day we spend hours outside fishing! My daughter walks the walking trail with her friends every evening (such a safe environment.) We love watching the swans, ducks, and geese. They have mad such memorable photographs
G. Emazera
5 months ago
I wanted to thank you for sending Jeff over this past weekend to take care of my dishwasher. He was professional, knowledgeable, and an overall pleasure to deal with! He identified the problem right away, attempted to put in a new heating element, and when that didn't work, he returned on Sunday to install an new dishwasher. It is working great & I really appreciate his expediency! Especially on a weekend! So thank you, both, for taking care of the problem! Also, I think the painter that took care of my room was Nick (?) Hope I'm right (I'm not good with names sometimes!) He also took care of the ceiling to floor crack, filled it, painted it & all looks fantastic!
Rony Classen
7 months ago
This place is really Pricey, you can definitely find cheaper but the apartments are great. You only pay for one utility you also get access to the club house indoor and out door pool, mini gym, sauna that actually works so for the price your getting your money's worth. I have all stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops, wooden floors not just all carpet. So it evens out in the long run I love my apartment besides a minor issue we had while weather got cold the complex did everything to fix as soon as possible.
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