Alta Congress
250 Congress Park Dr
Delray Beach, FL 33445
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Elyse Schwartz
2 months ago
I absolutely love living at Alta Congress and highly recommend the property! I am resigning for a 3rd year. The staff are very friendly, professional and efficient. Even my neighbors and other residents are friendly! The building is in a great location and super close to downtown without having to sacrifice space. Great pool, beautiful sitting areas, gym, a huge club/resident room, a computer/ business room and even a dog park! Alta Congress also holds resident events like food truck nights and parties in the club room. If looking to move or a new place to call home, you won't be disappointed with Alta Congress.
Jessica Victor
a week ago
I love living here! Close to Atlantic Ave and downtown, but far enough away that it's also peaceful and quiet. Building is well maintained, staff is friendly and polite.
Arren Wade
2 months ago
We have resided here for 2 years. The best I can say is that "We've resided her for 2 years" unfortunately. It is not without its charms, but it's not up to what I expect of a "luxury" apartment complex. This is a 100% honest and truthful review of my experience, while living here over the span of 2 years. Positives: - Beautiful landscaping around the exterior and in both courtyards - Well-kept hallways with weekly cleaning staff - Washer and dryer are very nice, front-load, HE models - Central AC works flawlessly and staff replace filters for you regularly - Granite in bathrooms and kitchen is pleasing to the eye - A very clean paint/plaster job on all walls and ceilings, nice colors - Prompt and friendly maintenance - 3-minute drive to I-95, 10-minute drive to downtown Delray - 20 minutes to Target, Best Buy, Fresh Market, etc. - Complex is bordered by offices and a golf course Negatives: Noise - The doors inside and out of apartments are extremely thin and do not block any noise, whatsoever. You can clearly hear conversations, TVs, and music in the hallways, and when other tenants walk by, it will sound as if they are in your home with you. Guests will have zero privacy from you when they stay, and vice versa. The reverberation of footsteps, doors, and general life from other apartments is also very noticeable, to the point of disruption. Age of tenants - they appear to rent to MANY young tenants, probably ages 23-28, who come home late, are up most of the night, with friends coming and going, talking loudly in hallways and on their balconies, making a mess of the pool area on weekends, pumping music at all hours, and being generally disrespectful of peace and quiet, as well as allowing their pets to use the hallways as bathrooms, on occasion. (We sometimes joke that this is an undercover halfway-house for wealthy Boca brats who have gotten out of rehab and whose parents are footing the bills.) Security - the gate to the garage is frequently broken by people attempting to drive through it who do not possess the ability to do so (i.e. who are not paying tenants but are living with one - see my above remark about age of tenants) or by lightning damage (see next point.) A vehicle was recently stolen from the garage. Many residents with pets frequently leave ground-level doors "propped" so they don't have to take their keys when they walk their dogs, which has led to break-ins. Electricity and wiring. Power outages occur far more frequently than is reasonable. Usually these are brief, but disruptive, but occasionally they are an hour or more. Various breakers frequently flip, particularly for bathrooms and kitchen, and plugging into or removing plugs from an outlet will cause disruption to cable television. Other: The office staff is neither terrible nor great. Sometimes they are extremely nice, and other times they are absent or condescending. They don't notify you when a package is delivered, either, so you will need to keep track of that, yourself. Hopefully no one sends an unannounced fruit basket or frozen goods in a box without telling you. The valet trash service, while convenient, should be optional. It's rather silly that they charge this monthly to tenants with no option to decline it, considering that the trash chute is in the garage. The courtyard gas grills are very nice, but frequently broken or out of gas, and have non-functional swivel lamps next to them so if you don't bring your own light you won't be able to grill easily in the dark.
George Farmer
4 months ago
We were elated to find Alta, after an insufferably difficult time trying sign a lease at multiple properties around the Pineapple Grove area (we were “outbid” on an apartment after weeks of background checks and within hours of delivering two month’s advanced rent not once, but two times…). Alta is quite close to downtown, an easy 1.5 mile bike ride to restaurants/bars or 2.5 mile bike ride to the beach. Even Ubers to the beach only cost a couple bucks for the required minimum fare (which is cheaper than parking). Although we’ve had some ups and downs, Alta definitely provides the biggest bang for your buck in Delray. Jeff the property manager and his staff are extremely amenable and have gone above and beyond in all our interactions. They are the reason that we are resigning our lease. Anyone who’s rented a property knows that crappy landlords and property managers are a dime a dozen, so when you find a team that goes out of their way to place the residents’ needs above their own the way Alta's does, you stick with them! Would highly recommend to anyone not willing to settle for the tiny living spaces and outdated amenities at a number of comparable properties in the area.
Shelby McWilliams
6 months ago
My only issue is the cell service...$2000 a month and I can't make or receive phone calls. I never had a problem until the last two months. Amenities are nice. Everything is clean.Staff is very friendly.
Lisa Fortunato
8 months ago
Incredible!! I love living here and the management team is AMAZING!!! Especially Jeff the property manager. Always available to talk to and handles any maintence issues immediately. I highly recommend Alta Congress. Best place to live.
Meranda Skinner
7 months ago
Great people are nice! The apartment complex is immaculate! Very clean! Very modern but a homey feeling
Gregory Lewis
a year ago
RUN, DO NOT WALK, FROM Alta Congress! Terrible customer service - Very nice when selling you the place - Only want your $$$ once you move in. My family has lived here going on 2 years (and have paid the Increase in rent) and was in the middle of deciding if we were moving or staying and wanted to extend our lease by a couple months at the same rate - Instead they Charged us $250 more per month plus a $150 month to month fee - this is how they treat people who have faithfully paid on time for almost 2 yrs. We paid $2100/mo and could hear our neighbor Use the toilet every time (sounded like we were in the same room - it was that loud) Our son's room is by an exit door, which people used to walk their dogs and it would slam every time it was used and woke him up from naps and sleep at night. the halls and a lot of apartments would flood when it rains No security parking for first floor residents Besides being wildly over priced - They do NOT keep up on the amenities - They sold my wife and I on cool amenities and then quickly did away with them: - the coffee bar is Never stocked on the weekends (if it happened once or twice I wouldn't complain but literally every weekend) - the pool cues had no tips on them for months - the business office which they said you can print in color - only printed color 50% of the time and was out of toner and paper 80% of time - I ended up buying my own printer just to avoid the hassle of working with their office. - They had a cool playroom for kids in the gym and then got rid of it for a stretch room - so we had to get a gym membership - DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE PEOPLE
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