Alta Congress
250 Congress Park Dr
Delray Beach, FL 33445
7 Google user reviews
Stephen Bogdan
2 months ago
I've lived in Alta Congress since it opened in Jan 2013 and have really enjoyed my time here. The location is perfect for working in Delray/Boyton/Boca and it's really close to the restaurants and bars on Atlantic Ave. Having brand new appliances has been great and any issue I've had has been quickly fixed by the kind staff. The huge pool, two gas grills and common/billiards room are excellent for having friends visit on weekends or during the week. I've also met a lot of people that live here that I now consider to be good friends. I don't have pets, but there are many happy dog owners all over the building. I would highly recommend Alta to any young professionals that would like to be close to the action in Delray, but also enjoy staying home and grilling a nice diner away from the noise and tourists near Atlantic Ave. Alta Rules!
Joseph LaCroix
2 months ago
I've bene living here for a year a half and moved from NYC. If you ask all the questions up front, you'll find no surprises in terms of fees or costs. In fact, there are often deals and discounts off of move-in prices if you ask. The rooms and fixtures are modern and I've experienced few problems. The problems I do experience are fixed relatively quickly by the maintenance team, who I've always found to be professional and all smiles. I hear very little noise from other rooms, and have my privacy. People are friendly and courteous. The pool is huge, and most people keep it clean and it feels like a fun place to be on the weekends, without being too loud usually. That said, there are younger people, and older. It's a mixed bag, but most people get along just fine. The gym is open 24 hours and while small, it has a lot of what you'd need from a basic gym. It's also fairly clean. The leasing office often puts on free events and has giveaways. Kim, Denise, Valerie, the whole team is available and helpful. Everyone knows them by name. When I wanted to upgrade to a specific room, they helped make it happen despite the typical hiccups that happened along the way. They also waived fees since I was a current resident. The location is perfect in my opinion. It's right near I-95, across the street from a brewery, and 6 minutes from downtown Delray. There's even a free trolley across the street that runs all day and early night. If they keep the prices reasonable, I plan on being a resident for awhile actually....
John Smith
3 months ago
Do not move here. Ive been year almost a year and cant WAIT to leave. This place STRAIGHT up lied to my face about the flooding, im watching the repairs to the base boards with giant fans blowing into the walls - WHILE I went to scope out the property with the leasing agent, and walked past them! I know what flooding repair looks like! I asked if it was from flooding- they said " NO i have no idea what your talking about"!! ( when I even read about the flooding reviews before i even got there). And they do mold inspections MULTIPLE times per month - leading me to believe its an ongoing battle??? MOST of the leasing agents are actually really mean, and I only deal with them when i have to pay rent etc, Very Very Very rude, seriously, not even kidding. ( the only male is actually nice) About 80% of the outlets DONT work - Not 1 in the kitchen - Im forced to make coffee and blend - in the living room. They nickle and dime you on EVERYTHINGGGG You GET 0 cell service, ZERO, I suggest setting up a skype number so you can have food delivery drivers call you - and even for emergencies. You get 0 service. Rent is INCREDIBLY high for what it is. paying $1800 for a 2 br. Drive 10min west and get a NICE townhouse or HOUSE for that price. Walls are PAPER thin and can hear every little sound from inside any apartment, including what shows ppl are watching, if your having a LIGHT convo in the kitchen/living room - expect anyone to hear CLEARLY your convo from the hallway. We have a game when we walk by different apartments to either guess what their cooking by the smell, or guess the show because we can hear so clearly. OHHHHH - they enter your apartment JUST about WEEKLY for different tests/inspections etc. ( no joke 3-6 monthly). Overall : the place has nice appliances - thats it . between all the other headaches - between repairs, the lies, the flooding issues, the 0 cell service, the terrible terrible attitude leasing agents, and just by having random people enter my place multiple times weekly is enough for me. I will NOT be renewing the lease - PLEASE spend 10 extra minutes - and find another townhouse or house, you WILL find a better place and better price for the SQft you get and with PRIVACY. because you can hear dishes being placed INTO the sink from the hall way. Please read the other reviews and dont take my word for it.
Mildrey Barragan
2 months ago
As a Business Owner, I understand how important are reviews and I think is only fair to describe my experience as a resident. I moved in almost two years ago and so far everything has been a positive experience. I love my apartment, all the upgrades that it offers, granite, dark cabinets, new appliances etc. I also love the way that my maintenance issues are taken care right away. Thank u Alta Congress!!!
Laura Smith
2 weeks ago
It looks nice but the property manager is very rude. They will evict half the people that end up renting there. The walls are super thin there as well!
Tony Joaquin
a year ago
My wife and I first moved in on October of last year. We loved the charm and style of the well kept grounds and the friendliness of the staff. Signing the lease couldn't have been easier (and not just because I'm a grade A control freak) The staff continues to impress us even after we've been here for a while, and trust me I'm a pain! The grounds are well kept! We even used the location as a backdrop for our wedding photos. The dog friendly environment is bar-none, the apartment style is sophisticated chic, and it's just a pleasure to call it home. The staff is AWESOME and we enjoy going to get a package. All in all if you enjoy sophistication and style, this is the best place to put your welcome mat.
Melissa Poage
a year ago
WATCH OUT!!! this overpriced apartment complex is all smiles while you're checking the place out but watch out....there's a mandatory $25 trash fee even though there are trash chutes on every floor for free, every time it rains (which is very often) the "so-called" luxury gym gets flooded and they have to close it, they messed up my paperwork for my billing, they charged me $500 extra to go month to month and they didn't review my paperwork when they finished it. I had to call them for several months to get them to fix it and it included an automatic almost 30% upcharge. These people only want what they want....they will jerk your chain around for as long as they can if there is money involved. Watch out!!! The Manager Kim and Denise are completely useless when you need something but they are more than happy to upcharge everything they can on you if they think they can get some more money!!!! Oh yeah and forget getting cell phone reception in the's not built for that. Good luck going outside every time you want to take a call.