La Jolla Crossroads Apartments
9085 Judicial Dr
San Diego, CA 92122
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Mona Olyaee
a month ago
RENTERS BEWARE, THESE PEOPLE WILL STEAL YOUR DEPOSIT ILLEGALLY ON WEAR AND TEAR ITEMS. Read carefully, California does not hold the renter responsible for replacing things like carpet due to wear and tear. Think about it, you are a renter and you are paying to use that carpet. An owner is responsible for this, BY LAW. When you call them and try to dispute this, they say, "our carpets have a life expectancy of 5 years." Legally, that is the responsibility of the manufacturing company and they need to take that up with them. What does the warranty of the carpet have to do with you? This is their scam to collect your hard earned deposit money. I have lived their for 2 years and this is the type of treatment you get when you leave. HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Go to google, search for Small Claims Court Form SC100 - this is an extremely simple form even a baby can fill out. File suite against them in small claims...The address is listed on the forms. Make sure you put an extra empty envelope with a stamp and your return address because small claims court requires a "send back" envelope. Also a check for 50 dollar made out to City Clerk. If you need any help at all, don't hesitate to call the small claims advisory service which you can look up on google. THEY ARE FREE AND THEY WILL TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT TO DO. it is very easy to file a case in small claims and you shouldn't be intimidated at all. DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS! DONT BE LAZY ABOUT IT.
Wei Chen
a month ago
1. The price gets increased very much when renew contract. And there are no carpet cleaning and change when renewal. 2. Price for each contract is very different, even the same floor plan and similar conditions. You have to negotiate and spend time to find out. 3. Sales person before renting talks something different from the the customer service person after moving. This means their information and benefits are not consistent. They try to attract you moving in with any words you like. 4. Does not disclose information about discount unless you hear from somewhere else. 5. Lots of people having pets. 6. Typically one of the elevators is not functioning well. 7. Very limited guest parking, and very hard to find one available. 8. Most appliances are very bad quality. For example, kitchen appliances. 9. Customer service and maintenance are sometimes quick, sometimes very slow. 10. Sometimes UPS packages get lost if delivered in front of the door.
Christina K
2 months ago
I really like it here. I have been here about 4 years. The apartment sq. ft is the biggest in UTC. The maintenance staff is helpful and fix any issues quickly. Amenities are good. I live here mostly because the gym is big and awesome, very clean and well maintained, sometimes very busy though. and the gym staff is fun. The leasing office is helpful most of the time, except they are always changing the staff for some reason. The really tall lady, I think her name is Amy, is very nice. Cons: Sometimes the elevator is broken. Not enough guest parking. People smoking on their balcony. Too many people with dogs, and not cleaning up after them, I think it's supposed to be a no pet property.
jeremy chin
a week ago
Management is poor, parking design is terrible, fire alarms constantly going off, grills that don't work properly... then when you move out they don't inform you about paying up front the prorated days you need to move out. they just slap you with a 75$ late fee and claim some trash that its still rent and it is due on the first... kinda stupid if you don't know how many extra days you're going to need to move out don't you think??? Management was not helpful at all. not to mention how rent price increases steadily. place is a joke go down the street you'll be treated like a king.
John Y
5 months ago
- Because of old laundry machine, you may need to take your favorite clothes to a laundry outside. If the laundry machine or refrigerator has some problems, they always replace it with very old and used one. For instance, I complained that the laundry machine ruined my clothes many times. They said in my face that they would replace it with new one or they would send a technical expert to check it several times. But they just didn't show up at the appointed times. It has been more than 6 months and I gave up. - You should pay around $100 for water and sewage of 1 bedroom apartment every month. You don't know the detail and just pay. - It's not easy to use shuttle bus because of Irregular departure time and long route. It sometimes departs earlier to pick up people from other apartments. - No auxiliary lock on the door which you can lock from inside. If you install with your money for your own safety, you need to restore its original state. - Some dog pooh on the beautiful lawn. - Water quality of swimming pool is very low. Sometimes, you will see some rash on your body. - Noise level in some apartments is very high, because of the congested load and construction site. - Maintenance office is not connected well with the management office. - Regarding maintenance, security, and parking, you should call unkind and slow outsourced company - For parking permit, you need to pay around $25 one-time fee. - Few parking spot for guests. There are only a few, but mostly taken by tenants. You will never use it for your guest. - Like car dealer shops, the employees has changed a lot. You may know why.
Sohrab Alborzian
3 months ago
Can you imagine living here and paying your rent every month on time year after year and then every time the lease renewal is up they try to hike up the rates 15% which is understandable because it's a business. But here's the part that's not understandable. You go on craigslist and you find the same exact floor plan for 15% cheaper than what you're paying and first month free and when you call them and ask them that you want to get the same deal other people are getting and they don't have to give you carpets and paint your walls they reject you. it's so unfair and if they put themselves in your shoes they would totally feel the same way so why not just treat people the same if people are smart enough and aware of a deal that's out there why not just give them the same deal you're giving everyone else? Maybe cause they don't give a damn about their current tenants and how loyal their tenants have been to them. they just want to try to outsmart their current clients. Wake up La Jolla crossroads. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
Karthick Raja Chandrsekar
in the last week
Please! Don't go to this place!!! Although there is lot of problems like regular Lift problem, parking problem, poor response from administration, no proper maintenance) , I stayed here for 2 years due to it is close to my office location. In my 2 year stay, I never paid the rent late but while move out they charged me almost $450 as a final statement. This is ridiculous!!! and it is clearly visible these people are cheating ! I tried to reach them over email and stopped 3 times to leasing office no proper response from them. Without having conversation they send my file to collection department, I am going to fight with these irresponsible people.
Maria Mohamed
a month ago
This place is garbage. You cant smoke on your balcony or in front of your building. If you get caught you will here some bullshit from the guards. Telling you to get off the property to smoke. They also like to test the fire alarms constantly to the point that i dont know if should run or stay put. This place is also over priced.
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