La Jolla Crossroads Apartments
9085 Judicial Dr
San Diego, CA 92122
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Jenna Bailey
2 months ago
I hate this place. I hate this place. I hate this place. You'll notice the only good reviews are for a few of the maintenance guys and from people who have yet to actually move in. You should only live here if you like being woken up in the middle of the night once a week by flashing lights and ear damaging alarms, enjoy rude neighbors, a management team who doesn't care at all about their residents, a company who would rather spend thousands of dollars upgrading the lobby every 6 months than doing any upgrades on the actual apartments and people consistently parked in your designated spot. The walls are so paper-thin you can hear your neighbors breathing and something is constantly broke. Children run down the halls screaming at the top of their lungs at all hours (we've even had kids jump in our balcony). No communication between security, maintenance and management, if you want anything done you have to ask 20 times and go through 10 different people and they'll come into your apartment without notice. Anytime you need to call the font office, you get a voicemail and they don't call back for a week. Not to mention how unsafe this place is, they don't use unique locks for each apartment and we've actually had a stranger open our door with their key in the middle of the night! Someone in our complex held their family at gunpoint and we had the whole swat team show up, police cars are often lining the streets because of some issue. I've lived in almost 10 places the past 10 years and this is the worst I've ever experienced. Save your sanity and go live elsewhere.
Goktug Aktug
2 months ago
OK complex. Close to everywhere, continuously landscaping cleaning remodeling. But it is too loud and too crowded. Rents are of course considering San Diego nowhere is affordable anymore. Lots of amenities and things to do. UTC shopping mall is one of the best in California and there's shuttle there too. Thousands of apartments to choose from
Asaf Levy
2 weeks ago
This is the worst complex in UTC and it is because the corporate office is run by thieves that will use any occasion to somehow take money from you.
How-To-Survive TV
3 months ago
I love it here. Yes the noises are loud but if you think about it where in Cali is there not loud noises. The Loft isn't in the south like I wanted it to but now that I've gotten used to the loft on the north u get a beautiful view. And There's more... There are three pools, two with Jacuzzis one is a wading(kiddy) pool that is safe for swimming lessons due to your 1-1 and 1/2 ft deep pool. Its like its own town. There's a supermarket, a deli, a barber, a salon, and so much more. There are also near by parks and grill areas near the pool. Anyone reading this and considering to live here, I hope a helped with the choice, this is a REALLY GOOD apartment.
Danielle Miller
5 months ago
Pros: good for the cost (it's low income housing, welcome to San Diego cost of living out of towners), good pools/grill areas, washing mchines in unit, despite a few maintentance issues maintenance came quickly and fixed everything or replaced what need to be replaced, cheap rent, good area (walking distance from the mall, a CVS, some good restaurants, a post office, running trail, library and large park, and a short drive or long walk to a few grocery stores, food places, and one of the best hospitals in the country). Cons: floorplans were designed by the most unqualified, idiot architect - have fun with two doors not being able to be open at once, placing furniture, and other subtle slightly annoying nuances. Kitchen appliances are AWFUL, they nickel and dime you in a legal but not very ethical way on bills (our water, trash, everything but wifi and electric seem to be not metered per apartment, but divided equally among all units in the building? We were charged for water/etc in a month we were gone for the entire month/few months, and at the same amount as when we are home and using the water). The no pet rule isn't applied at all or too many people don't understand that calling your unbehaved pet a service animal when it's not is demeaning to those of us to have a service animal (I do. The way you tell is if they have their harness on saying they're a service animal when out and about - this is day one of their training and certification stuff) - it also means you don't know what level of fleas or hair might be in your apartment when you move in because they obviously don't clean the place before you move in (our place certainly wasn't). however, it's a good place for what you're paying. I wouldn't mind living here another year if I didn't have to relocate cities. EDIT: YIKES! since moving out I had to deal with getting the deposit back and apparently they screw everyone over. The apartment was impeccable, barely lived in. The walls were never painted and nothing was ever hung on them. There was zero carpet damage and I even had a professional come in beforehand just to be sure. It took 4 appointments for a maintenance guy to actually SHOW UP for the inspection, and he walked around said it looked immaculate and no repairs would be needed, and left. No paper was given for repairs (law in california unless nothing needs to be done), and then $340 was taken off our deposit for "wall painting" and "repairs." Not only that but it took them 35 days to get us our check - that's illegal in California. They didn't even send it out until the 28th. If a landlord doesn't have a check in your hands in 21 days (no excuses) they have to pay you double the deposit. I'm heading to small claims court this week over this bs - but I don't live in San Diego anymore so you can imagine the hassle. Before this I would've rated them 4stars, but with this edit I rate them 2 star.
Ally VillafaƱa
4 months ago
4 stars, because they are increasing prices at a high rate. Club house from $100 to 300? ?? Not cool!! : ,(
John Y
6 months ago
Pros : - Beautiful building - Free shuttle bus - Delicious sandwich shop in the complex Cons : - No auxiliary lock on the door which you can lock from inside. If you install with your money for your own safety, you need to restore its original state. - Irregular departure time of shuttle bus. It sometimes departs earlier to pick up from other apartments. - Some dog pooh on the beautiful lawn. Originally, Pets are not allowed. But you can see a lot and their pooh around. - Water quality of swimming pool is very low. Sometimes, you will see some rash on your body. - Keep replacing broken laundry machine and refrigerator with old and used ones. Unlike its beautiful appearance, you will see some old equipment. - Noise level in some apartments is very high, because of the congested load and construction site. - Maintenance office is not connected with the management office. - Regarding maintenance, security, and parking, you should call unkind and slow outsourced company - For parking permit, you need to pay around $25 one-time fee. - Poor courtesy event.
Andrew Engbring
7 months ago
I have lived here for some time and haven't experienced any of the issues with the office or staff that I am seeing described in these reviews. Every concern I have had has been addressed promptly, and with respect. My complaints are the cheap construction of the cabinets, appliances, countertops, etc. But it's cheap living for La Jolla, you get what you pay for. Ive had several maintenance emergencies which were all death with fairly quick. The other issue is parking and this is a serious one. A three bedroom with a loft apartment can only purchase 2 parking spaces. Although there are some visitor spaces, I have NEVER seen one available. This forces people to park in the fire lane. They're building a parking garage now, hope its done soon!
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