La Jolla Crossroads Apartments
9085 Judicial Dr
San Diego, CA 92122
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Pierre Rodrigues
a month ago
PROS: Apartments are spacious. The gym is good. Pools are OK, but frequently needing better water. CONS: VERY BAD kitchen appliances (Dish washer and washer are Junk). Thin walls and ceilings. Everything vibrates with soft walking. Dogs everywhere despite being a NO PET community as they always claim. Wifi on lobby, gym and pools are a must have and totally ignored by land lord. The lease office are tendency of arrogance
ana plahotnii
in the last week
Unless you are bound by your job/school place RUN RUN RUN. In one day only 20 planes/navy jets/plane carriers passedby, day and night. Plus with the construction they have going on you feel you're like on a battlefield. We never had any unpleasantries with the office people. They are quite helpful (specially Maria), not in everything though. We have an issue with the upstairs neighbors. They are stamping pretty hard on the floors, our ceiling is shaking. We brought it to their attention, nothing was done. We have the feeling our neighbors upstairs are running a carpentry business cause its an ongoing noise of drilling and cutting stuff.
Zed star
in the last week
If you want to experience what it is like to live in a 3rd world country move in here.There are something like 1500 apartments with close to 8000 inhabitants surrounded by some of the busiest freeways and main roads you can imagine.And the Miramar air base is virtually next door.The gym would be lucky to cater for 50 people at once and the so called clubhouse shuts at 5.30pm every day.The leasing office is managed by poorly paid idiots doing the best that they are capable of.The 3 swimming pools are closed regularly for health reasons to remove fecal matter.The apartment walls are so thin you can hear the rats humping.Anyone with half a brain can gain access to the so called secure underground parking garages and break into or steal your car.And despite having a no pets policy dozens of dogs and other illegal animals have been smuggled in by tenants.You can only sign a 12 month lease because they want to jack your rent up every chance they get.There has been more than a few murders and criminals have been captured while living here.If this is supposed to be luxury living then I would hate to see what a dive looks like.Unless you a complete loser then give this place a miss.
John Y
a month ago
- Because of old laundry machine, you may need to take your favorite clothes to a laundry outside. If the laundry machine or refrigerator has some problems, they always replace it with very old and used one. For instance, I complained that the laundry machine ruined my clothes many times. They said in my face that they would replace it with new one or they would send a technical expert to check it several times. But they just didn't show up at the appointed times. It has been more than 6 months and I gave up. - You should pay around $100 for water and sewage of 1 bedroom apartment every month. You don't know the detail and just pay. - It's not easy to use shuttle bus because of Irregular departure time and long route. It sometimes departs earlier to pick up people from other apartments. - No auxiliary lock on the door which you can lock from inside. If you install with your money for your own safety, you need to restore its original state. - Some dog pooh on the beautiful lawn. - Water quality of swimming pool is very low. Sometimes, you will see some rash on your body. - Noise level in some apartments is very high, because of the congested load and construction site. - Maintenance office is not connected well with the management office. - Regarding maintenance, security, and parking, you should call unkind and slow outsourced company - For parking permit, you need to pay around $25 one-time fee. - Few parking spot for guests. There are only a few, but mostly taken by tenants. You will never use it for your guest. - Like car dealer shops, the employees has changed a lot. You may know why.
Zoe McCracken
a month ago
Renters beware! La Jolla Crossroads takes advantage of its customers with added fees and horrible services. I encourage all people considering La Jolla Crossroads to look else where. Don't get me wrong, I liked the apartment building. I and 3 other UCSD students lived in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom loft and the unit was beautiful. Unfortunately, this doesn't make up for its extreme shortcomings. The issues I had with the place are... Deposit: This is the first place I've lived in that actually charged the residents more than their deposit when they moved out! The complex charged us for a deep clean and carpet replacement. I understand the deep clean, as that's pretty standard. However, the carpet change was completely absurd. We lived there for little over a year, and the carpet was new when I got there, and we didn't leave any big stains, so what gives? According to the California government, "normal wear and tear to carpets, drapes and other furnishings cannot be charged against a tenant's security deposit." Yet, I see the apartment changes the carpets in most units when residents move out. Apparently, the average person at Crossroads does more than "normal wear and tear." Maintenance: They say that maintenance will come within 72 hours, which is a joke. Why make a promise they can't uphold? This is incredibly inconvenient when you have a clogged toilet or sink. They also tend to leave a mess when they leave. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful someone unclogged my sink. However, I would appreciate it if they didn't leave the contents that clogged my sink strewn across the kitchen floor. Service: Some of the people in the leasing office are extremely nice, which is why I feel so bad writing poorly of them. However, they're overall inconsistent, and some of the employees can be incredibly rude. When I wanted to give my 30 day notice, I contacted the leasing office, and the employee working their at the time gave me detailed instructions which I followed exactly. When I gave the leasing office my 30 day notice, I ended up getting chastised by another employee for following bad instructions, and they threatened to fine me. If I followed bad instructions, perhaps it was the person who was working's fault, not mine? I was able to talk my way out of the fine, but that doesn't make up for the poor treatment I received. I loved my time here, and thought the complex was beautiful. However, that doesn't compensate for how poorly I was treated. There are so many other great apartment buildings in the area, don't bother with La Jolla Crossroads.
Stefan G
a month ago
My car was broken into night 2 of me living there. I talked to the leasing staff, might as well been talking to a wall. They offered me a bottle of water. I had to drive with a broken window to Las Vegas that very same day for a trade show. No cameras, barely any protection for resident's property. They have one or two security people stretched super thin and ofcourse spending a couple bucks on cameras could have EASILY shown who did it and what car they got away in. I told the leasing people if they gave me $300 to put up cameras I can do it for them but there isn't a budget for protecting residents or their property but plenty of money to remodel that gaudy leasing office. Thought living in La Jolla was supposed to be better than this. Being down in the parking structure walking around it's pretty sketch at night it's like a slum. Stay classy crossroads.
Jenna Bailey
4 months ago
I hate this place. I hate this place. I hate this place. You'll notice the only good reviews are for a few of the maintenance guys and from people who have yet to actually move in. You should only live here if you like being woken up in the middle of the night once a week by flashing lights and ear damaging alarms, enjoy rude neighbors, a management team who doesn't care at all about their residents, a company who would rather spend thousands of dollars upgrading the lobby every 6 months than doing any upgrades on the actual apartments and people consistently parked in your designated spot. The walls are so paper-thin you can hear your neighbors breathing and something is constantly broke. Children run down the halls screaming at the top of their lungs at all hours (we've even had kids jump in our balcony). No communication between security, maintenance and management, if you want anything done you have to ask 20 times and go through 10 different people and they'll come into your apartment without notice. Anytime you need to call the font office, you get a voicemail and they don't call back for a week. Not to mention how unsafe this place is, they don't use unique locks for each apartment and we've actually had a stranger open our door with their key in the middle of the night! Someone in our complex held their family at gunpoint and we had the whole swat team show up, police cars are often lining the streets because of some issue. I've lived in almost 10 places the past 10 years and this is the worst I've ever experienced. Save your sanity and go live elsewhere.
Ryan Rusconi
a month ago
Units are nice, however the appliances quality, customer service and maintenance responsiveness is lacking. No connection between leasing and maintainance or energy billing for that matter. Prepare to have the rent raised by at least 1000 a year after year 1. No sense of community here really either.
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