University Crossing
2215 College Ave
Manhattan, KS 66502
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samantha davidson
a month ago
I must say, I'm not very pleased with this place and I haven't even moved in yet. The earliest I could move-in in August was the 19th, so I called to see if I could move-in during July, as the August move in date is only a few days before classes started. That was two weeks ago. I was told that they would talk to the leasing manager and she would email me anything that I need to sign or whatever. A week later, I called again to see how the process was going as I hadn't received an email. I was told that the leasing manager wasn't in that day, but that they would talk to her the next day. So today I called ( another week had passed) and was told by a girl that she would go talk to someone about it and call me back. An hour later, after not getting called back, I called them to make sure they had the right number and everything. A different girl informed me that the person I talked to before was giving a tour but was sure to call me back when she was done. So I waited...for an hour and a half. At 5:30, 30 minutes before they close, I decided to call...again. The first girl I talked to answered and told me that the leasing manger wasn't in that day but she had been texting her and emailing her. She said that manager was supposed to be in the next day and she would talk to her to see if it was possible. Shocked, I asked her if what was possible and she said if it was possible for me to move-in early. It sounded to me like the leasing manager had never even been informed of my desire to move-in early! I'm afraid to say I got a bit short with the girl on the phone, due to my extreme annoyance that even though it had been two weeks nothing had really changed. I'm sorry for that, but I'm extremely upset that I probably won't be able to move in early, since it is now June 20th and I wanted to move in on July 1st. Hopefully I will be able to move-in during the month of July, but if things keep progressively like they have, I probably won't be able to. I'm sure that this is a great apartment complex and that they are pretty busy this time of year. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and give them 3 stars in the hope that once I move-in everything will be great. I'll be sure to come back and explain how this situation turns out, so stay tuned. -I've come back to say how everything turned out. I definitely didn't expect it, but today (the day after I posted the above) I was emailed a leasing agreement for moving in on July 1st! I'm super excited to move in and very grateful that they were able to get me in at such late notice. I was probably just being impatient and slightly nervous since this is the first apartment I'll ever stay in. I'm sure this year is going to be great and i'm super excited (Did I already say that? Oh well, I am).
Morgan Sigman
2 months ago
My unit is a four bedroom standard. Honestly it is pretty nice besides the old tiling. Really old and dated. Our carpet is in good condition and its fully furnished. We have had items break and had to wait to have things fixed. For instance we had a work order in for a dishwasher at the same time something else had a work order to be fixed over a week later I had not heard anything and then our fridge broke. I was pretty upset at this point and emailed someone at the office named Aleah she was very professional got me taken care of and even called me to make sure I was happy with the end results. I have had bad experiences with roommates here (but I did not do their roommate match program so I can not say anything about that) Due to these bad roommate experiences some extreme circumstances I was very hesitate to resign. Once again I got to work with aleah and she was very patient with me did not pressure me at all. Been helping me on and off for over a month. She walked me through all of my options and showed genuine. concern. I did not want to lose the benefits of it being furnished, on the bus routes, pet friendly, individual leases, unlimited printing, tanning, pool, and having cable and internet cheaply included in utilities. Great for students. Prices for the two bedrooms are pretty high in my opinion and so is the pet rent, but after having a staff member take the actual time to make me happy and get me what I needed even staying after hours. I feel like if I had any issues I would be taken care of. I know my apartments condition is in good shape especially for not being an upgrade, but unsure about the others. Final side note to this company. Aleah is a huge attribute to your company and Is probably the main reason I resigned. I was so impressed both times I have had issue with the complex and had her helping out.
Andrew Hammond
8 months ago
I know that there have been some bad reviews but personally I've enjoyed my experience here. Maybe it's because I lived in other apartments before but I haven't had any issues during my time here. Staff is nice, sometimes it can be noisy but it's pretty decent here.
Allison Harwood
in the last week
Absolutely hate this place! They make it look good until you sign the lease and then they forget about you because they got their money!
Brandon Youk
a month ago
Renewed my lease for a second year because the workers are very friendly and helpful and the pool is always full giving it a great college atmosphere.If you have any maintenance issues talk to Rick he is the man!
Gaby W.
3 months ago
It is not so far located as it seems, also it provides bus. The apartments are very comfortable, and the staff very friendly. I love living here.
Sadie Manley
4 months ago
Way too expensive for the poor quality of the apartments. If something is wrong you're supposed to be able to put in a maintenance request to get it fixed; even after going to the office multiple times we have multiple issues with our apartment. (The maintenance team basically half asses everything and never finishes their jobs) One of my roommates and I have lived in other apartments at the UC and every apartment that we've stayed in has had issues with mold.They also say that internet is included in the price but you'd basically have to buy you're own if you want to be able to do anything. It seems like each year this apartment complex just keeps getting worse.
Trent Musick
8 months ago
Currently living here and I love it! The apartments came in very good condition and the few issues we had were resolved by maintenance very quickly. the staff here is very kind and is always quick to take care of anything we need. I was kinda worried about moving here after reading reviews but I am more than satisfied with this place and would definitely recommend it to others.
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