University Crossing
2215 College Ave
Manhattan, KS 66502
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Tanner Huntington
3 months ago
My apartment was very clean and nice upon move in. All the appliances and furniture looked and worked great. The staff and people in the office are always really nice and accommodating. They do what they can to help with any problem you may be having. The only problem I've had was with maintenance, but I believe recently they are under new management so hopefully maintenance requests will be fulfilled faster.
Charley Fine
a month ago
Had trouble before moving in, I signed my lease during their 'no deposit' promotion, but ended up having to pay first and last months rent (over $800) before I could move in. Then when I realized none of my other roommates had to do this I tried talking to the front desk staff (do not call UC the staff are very unprofessional and do not call back) I ended up being able to use that money to pay my first months rent ($440) and was expecting to have the rest of the money for second months rent, but somehow it has disappeared within their system. Also not sure if its just because the parking spaces are so small or what, but do not park close to the door of the apartment buildings. I have gotten dents and scratches all over the sides of my car.
Lisa Greenlee
3 months ago
This rental property is a fraud! I am a parent, and have had nothing but bad experiences with this apartment complex. Firstly, when my daughter moved out, she mailed the keys back to the complex, called to confirm that the keys were received, was told they were, and then we receive a bill for $145 for not returning the keys! She has tried to call numerous times to dispute the scam charges, and each time is told that the manager is "in a meeting", and calls are NEVER returned. Now, not even a month, but only two weeks after we received this fraudulent bill, they have turned the charges over to a collection agency! On top of that, the electricity fees for this apartment were unbelievably high. They do not give you a direct bill from the electric company, but rather serve as a middleman, passing their own bill on to tenants, which seemed to be outrageously high. Also, my daughter never felt safe in this place. Supposedly they have people on staff all night to ensure safety and security of residents. She had people pounding on her door late at night and no one from the office came to check on her safety or investigate the issue, despite the fact that she called and was told they would do so and would call her back to make sure she was safe. I would avoid this place at all costs!!
Amy Moore
5 months ago
This place sucks. Don't ever live here. Unreliable staff. Awful living space. Roommate "matching" process is awful. The amount of rent each person pays isn't worth the apartment. This place doesn't even deserve a one star rating.
Nick Martin
5 months ago
I have so many awful things to say about this place I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe with the gun bullets that were lodged in the side my building at 2am, or the eight car pileup in the parking lot from residents drag racing, but I think the worse is the mold all over my apartment including in the fridge when I moved in and throughout my residency. This might seem like a nice place when you tour and they show you the show models but once you move in it’s a different story. Upon move in our carpet had pet stains from the previous tenant, carpet was tearing in some places and had hair all over it. The rest of the apartment wasn’t much better oven/stove was filthy, fridge and kitchen had mold in it, shelfing broken in the closet, tiles coming off the wall in the bathroom with mold behind it. It didn’t even look like they even attempted to clean the place before we moved in. When we brought the mold to the attention to the staff they blew us off and made us clean the mold ourselves. Finally about six months into the lease after arguing with them I finally got them to come and cut out the drywall and fix the mold issue the right way. The mold wasn’t only unhealthy but it was also disgusting because it was in our kitchen cabinets where we needed to put food and other cooking items. The other huge problem we had upon move in was our dishwasher was completely out, they assured us they would have someone right out the replace it. It took three weeks before someone finally came into our unit and replaced it, and the only thing maintenance staff said was we were waiting for the shipment to come in. That’s understandable that they were waiting for their order of dishwashers to come in, but at least tell us that instead of every other day telling us maintenance will be right out and having us sit at the apartment waiting for them. The maintenance staff sucked. They left us without air conditioning twice over the weekend on 90+ degree days. Everything is a fight with them to get done maintenance wise. They have no snow removal in the winter even though they say they do, and do not keep true on their promises. That just all the issues I had that University Crossing had control of, but leaves out the constant partying of residents, multiple drug busts, drag racing in parking lot, and unlawful discharge of firearms in the parking lot. I will try to add some photos of everything described above if google will allow me to and University Crossing doesn't pay to have them removed.
Nick E
3 months ago
I also was told to pay $145 (which they later claimed was for not returning my keys, although I gave them to them months ago). I still have not received follow up on this, despite repeated emails and phone calls. Completely unprofessional and fradulent, and routinely violated their own policies. My roommate (who I never had the chance to choose, despite using their roomate matching system) was a druggie and a domestic abuser who would keep people up at 3am. UC did nothing about this, despite multiple court orders against him and repeated complaints to the management.
Tori Everett
4 months ago
I've been done with University Crossing for a while now, but I felt the need to inform everyone of how terrible the experience was that me and my roommate had. We never actually lived there, but we had a hard time getting ahold of anyone and I'm convinced no manager is ever working due to the fact that I've only been able to talk to a manager once. I ended up getting a subleaser without a problem. My roommate had a hard time finding one because whenever she asked someone, everyone knew how terrible the place was and had already been told not to live there. She ended up getting someone to go in to sublease and the guy at the desk told him it would be cheaper for them to just sign up for an apartment themselves, ruining the sublease. I had a terrible experience with them and feel cheated out of money and I am very upset with them. I will be sure to tell everyone that talks about wanting to look into UC should never go near it.
Allison Harwood
5 months ago
Absolutely hate this place! They make it look good until you sign the lease and then they forget about you because they got their money!
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