University Crossing
2215 College Ave
Manhattan, KS 66502
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Audree Plankinton
3 weeks ago
Honestly, so much has changed in the last few months and I'm more than satisfied. They have gone above and beyond to make sure I'm taken care of! I put in a maintenance request close to midnight one night and the next day around noon they were there to fix it! I have a dog and they've been nothing but nice about having him here. There may have been a time that it wasn't as great but those days are long gone. VERY impressed. They've also made a TON of renovations and updating to the complex like the pool, fitness center, etc. Glad to have found this place! Excited for the community event tonight! :) Also, they are very clear about their pet policies so not sure why the others are complaining. You register your pet and there is no problem. Yes, most bully breeds are not allowed in almost any apartments in Manhattan. It's just what they have decided. You can't get upset that they have fined you for not registering your pet.
A Google User
5 months ago
My experience has been really great. It is a fun atmosphere with fully furnished apartment living. There is not a better value in town. I recommend University Crossing for anyone who likes social interaction, community events, and can also utilize a gym as well as a computer lab.
Alaina Littlejohn
4 months ago
I don't know how they can claim to be the best housing in anywhere. The maintenance is terribly slow, they send out emails about events 10 minutes before they end or better yet, they send an email telling you they've changed the locks on the apartments 2 WEEKS after doing so. They got angry with me when I decided to read my contract rather than just signing it (I still regret signing it anyways). It's just a nasty place, I'd recommend any other place. Edit: I have now received my SECOND package over a week late because it was "overlooked" by staff.
6 months ago
Be careful with these people. They will straight up lie to you. I inquired about having my dog with me and they said all dogs were accepted until they found out I have a 65 pound pit bull. Then it was "those aren't even allowed in the city and they are restricted from all apartment complexes." When I called the city to confirm this (which I knew was crap because I already live in an apartment complex in Manhattan) they said it was all dogs listed on a specific city ordinance. Okay, whatever. Looked it up and there are breeds on that list I see at UC all the time like German Shepherds. If you love your animals, do not live here.
Yero thecat
10 months ago
It's not really worth for what you pay for. The apartments are in terrible conditions. They suck all of your money from you. They also false advertise. My friend read their sign saying "pets are welcome" and then they give her a fine FOR having a pet. Yeah. No.
Brianna Chatmon
11 months ago
The only thing I loved about living here is that you could always meet someone new. Other than that the UC'S is a scam every year they raise rent but dont add new features. When I first moved into my apartment it was dirty and smelled like cig smoke and there were cig buds all over the floor and paint stains. My room hadnt been cleaned the previous person left trash behind and condoms. Which caused the most embarrassing conversation with my mother, because she couldn't believe that the UC'S had not checked the apartment and went through to clean each room. The most frustrating part is that they promised several times that the rooms would be clean (my former roommate called several times before moving in and requested that this be done,because of previous stories we heard from other students). Pass moving in everything literally broke within our home in about 3 months. Maintenance were slow moving and only showed up when you went to the office to yell at them. My first red flag about how horrible this place was.. is when our stove wouldn't turn on and they didn't come fix it for about a week, because they didn't feel it was a life or death emergency. The office staff was nice in person but over the phone they could get down right mean and nasty and have attitudes. Another issue that was a complete turn off was the rent and utilities. I lived in an upgraded apartment and the UC'S promoted that they would pay $30 each on our utility bill every month. When you looked closer at the contracts they only did it for the first month and left the rest to you. Not only were expenses high they charged you to pay your rent and also to pay for utilities. We had to pay an extra service fee every month which was a hassle. ANOTHER problem was paying full rent when we first moved in ( Moved in August 14th). Our rent was NEVER pro-rated that first month of August. The Apartment Director claimed that they charged full rent,because if they prorated the rent it would throw off the balance causing us to pay more money. 1. that doesnt MAKE any sense at all 2. They scammed us BIG TIME. There favorite line to us is "read the contracts" , but when your a college student you do not have the time to read very long boring wordy and complicated contracts. You want a safe place to live and be comfortable in. The staff and office put on a big show NEVER TRUST THEM. The apartments they show you are clean and in tip top shape. Ask to view a home from real residents and you will see how poor of quality everything is made out of. Noise level? HOT MESS if you are looking for somewhere quiet and comfortable to live forget about it. The police was a frequent sight and people got drunk EVERYDAY and were loud and obnoxious. I seen several physical fights occur outside and there were always screaming matches between residents and their company. The rodent issues is very REAL in the UC'S I've never in my life seen so many wild animals and BUGS( in apartments) roaming freely at night on the property. ANOTHER ISSUE IS THE ATA BUS. The UC'S are so scandalous they never paid for the red route for the ATA bus services. Meaning there was one tiny bus that went back and forth to campus on very inconvenient hours that everyone would try and cram on too. Which is crazy, because they were charging so much for rent and didn't approve any of their services or apartments. I HIGHLY recommend not living here and dealing with the drama. There are closer , affordable, and more cleaner options near campus. I wish I could give this place a ZERO.
Brently Palmer
6 months ago
If I could give it a lower star rating, I would. Roommate matching system is a joke. And while we are talking about jokes, the management is awful. The staff are nice, but this place is run very badly. Apartment was dirty when we moved in. It is just not worth the amount of money they charge. Cannot wait to move out and I am not recommending this place to anyone that I know.
Blaine Smith
11 months ago
Absolutely despise places like this. Lucky to have never lived there from what I am reading. Called to check on their short-term lease (<6 months) options that they advertise online at a given price. When I called to check they said they didn't have any 4 month units but they did have 6 month units available (what a crock) then told me any of these units would have to be an extra $75/month from the advertised price even though the online price is supposedly for the short-term lease units. Obviously a business based on the, "Just get them in the door and we'll take it from there" philosophy.
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