University Crossing
2215 College Ave
Manhattan, KS 66502
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Andrew Hammond
5 months ago
I know that there have been some bad reviews but personally I've enjoyed my experience here. Maybe it's because I lived in other apartments before but I haven't had any issues during my time here. Staff is nice, sometimes it can be noisy but it's pretty decent here.
Kylee Palmer
3 months ago
Worse experience of my life. I was trying to get information on a subleasing and it took 2 weeks just for the office to get back to me. They tackle on fees and will straight up lie to you. I lived there for 2 month and got at least 4 spider bites and will forever have a huge scare on my leg because they're water meters weren't put back together properly. On top of that I went in and told them about the water meters and to fix them, they covered them up with rocks. When I read a positive review I feel like it's someone uc has paid to write it no joke. They are desperate for new leases because everyone wants out of theirs.
Sadie Manley
2 months ago
Way too expensive for the poor quality of the apartments. If something is wrong you're supposed to be able to put in a maintenance request to get it fixed; even after going to the office multiple times we have multiple issues with our apartment. (The maintenance team basically half asses everything and never finishes their jobs) One of my roommates and I have lived in other apartments at the UC and every apartment that we've stayed in has had issues with mold.They also say that internet is included in the price but you'd basically have to buy you're own if you want to be able to do anything. It seems like each year this apartment complex just keeps getting worse.
Ben Young
5 months ago
University Crossing, while under heavy criticism, has exceeded my every expectation. The staff is as friendly as can be. The grounds are well kept, mowed very often, parking lots are cleaned frequently. Any concerns that may arise are promptly answered and resolved by staff. Maintenance, while it can take a little longer than I would prefer, always does an extraordinary job and will even go the extra mile to make sure your request has been properly resolved. Overall, I am very satisfied with University Crossing and am likely to renew my lease and extend my stay.
4 months ago
I enjoyed my stay at University Crossing. I especially liked the individual contracts, knowing I would pay my fair share of the rent. With cable, trash and internet included in your rent, your getting a great apartment for a reasonable price. When living in a college town, you have to expect "college type" housing. When I put in a maintenance work order, they usually came within two days. Management did not respond as quickly as I thought they should. Other than that, it was an overall great experience.
Trent Musick
5 months ago
Currently living here and I love it! The apartments came in very good condition and the few issues we had were resolved by maintenance very quickly. the staff here is very kind and is always quick to take care of anything we need. I was kinda worried about moving here after reading reviews but I am more than satisfied with this place and would definitely recommend it to others.
Kyle McCullough
5 months ago
The place is a mess. one of my windows has been broken since i got here, the carpet is ruined the stove always sets off the fire alarms(surprised they work), the tile floor in our moldy bathroom is SOFT! maintenance takes weeks to get to trivial tasks, though there are so many its hard to blame them. management is the problem, they got my email wrong and i didn't get any notification about rent until i got an eviction notice and i had to deal with that. i've had things stolen, there are always rowdy neighbors, i've seen fights in the parking lot... but hey they've got a pool filled with bugs and a stand up tanning bed
Alan Gross
5 months ago
It's incredible how the managment can literally do nothing, how terrible the internet reliance is, and how they just generally do not care about you and only see you as a number. Terrible experience, do not waste your money with these people.
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