Axis at One Pine
1 S Pine Island Rd
Plantation, FL 33324
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maria bahamon
a month ago
I would like to share my horrible experience at the formerly ( viera plantation) . First of all on a good note I must say that the floor plans are very spacious which is a great thing, but it is the only good thing. For instance not having a washer and dryer in the apartment its big inconvenience , and for some that do have the washer and dryer in unit unless you have a minimum of 4 hours to dry your clothes , then that's how long and draining it is for those machines to work. However they do have them onsite but if you would like to spend more than $20 dollars every time you do yourself a favor and just go to a laundry mat. On the next subject if you pay the extra $50 for garage parking that's a joke, there are roaches all over the place and you will enjoy the wonderful view of the trash overflowing and a wonderful smell coming from it. Also the gates stay open at all times what's the point?. If you have any maintenance issue just do it your damn self as this could take several days just to get something done as they are under staff, they even make them clean the pools. Next grab yourself some pop corn and be ready to see the police at the complex pretty much every weekend. If you have guest make sure you register unless you would like their car towed or even yours....people smoking weed at the pool is common and people bringing their dogs to the pool too which is very sanitary. oh I forgot ..the elevators smell like pee and there is dog feces everywhere you step =) last but not least people do not go into the office ..or if you do try to stick with only talking to Jessica ...or maybe even the new manager( not sure how she acts /is) but I can tell you that the next person is there has an extremely bad attitude and will do nothing but treat you like crap and demean you. it is a true story. the coming up renovations will take months and wont be fun.
Baby Robinson
7 months ago
Ever since new management came in, everyone is moving out. When my lease is up, so will I. They implemented a towing system. There were vehicle burglaries, they fine without warning for everything . Do not move in!!!!! The work orders are fulfilled late. There are spiders everywhere. It doesn't look clean . anymore. Management sucks! The photos they have posted o the site are not realistic as to how the grounds and apartment actually looks. The stairs are falling apart, the roadway/ pavement has holes and water floods. Parking is the worst . Staff sucks. It's dirty looking toward the back. (Building 3 and 5) .your car tires would be damaged how bad the pavement is. The stairwells are falling apart. In fact go to Yelp and you would see the real photos. Besides its obvious some of the photos were photo shopped on their site. Don't move in.
Qualesha Corley
9 months ago
When we first moved here it was wonderful clean the office staff was nice and informed been here 2 years and on its third and worst management company under ground parking went from $30 to $50 they now tow cars for everything parking on the lines expired tag even if it's a day etc... office staff knows nothing ask about the decals they are now requiring us to have to park in parking lot that now has no were to park decals they were available in a very small window and they didn't how that worked for ppl who missed the window but they'll begin towing cars Dec 15 with out a decal??? How????? They fired all the staff and now the grounds a dirty all the time not to mention they sent a lease renewal with two of the three names spelled as totally different names and tapes it to our door smh they've made it complex and unpleasant
A Google User
6 years ago
I have lived at Atrium for about 4months and this is a great place to be the managment office is very helpfull and very nice lots must have changed since October of 2007, the only concern i have is the drainage in the courtyard when it rains heavy. Friendly people wonderful area close to everything.
3 weeks ago
Reynier Del Toro
2 months ago
Cillia Rodriguez
8 months ago
Michael Marrero
3 years ago
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